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New Views of Saltcoats 

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Ardrossan Road Loc. of Swim Pool Shore Front Shore Front Ponds

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beach_5.jpg (17644 bytes) Windmill_Street.jpg (20801 bytes) Beach_Play.jpg (24707 bytes) Bowling_1.jpg (18238 bytes)
Ardrossan Road Promenade Windmill Street Playground Bowling Alley

 Bowling_2.jpg (22125 bytes)

braes.jpg (20325 bytes) Chapelwell_St.jpg (21047 bytes) Church_Ham_St.jpg (23756 bytes) church.jpg (23117 bytes)
Gone - Bowling Alley Braes Chapelwell Street Church Hamilton St Church

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Dockhead_St_1.jpg (26316 bytes) Dockhead_St_2.jpg (23995 bytes) Hamilton_Street.jpg (18267 bytes) windi_ha.jpg (19267 bytes)
Countess Street Dockhead Street Dockhead Street Hamilton Street  Windy Ha

 Manse_Street.jpg (21623 bytes)

metro.jpg (19863 bytes) Mission_Coast_Home.jpg (24071 bytes) Montgomerie_Park.jpg (11432 bytes) Old_Police_Station.jpg (22053 bytes)
Manse STREET Metro ( Regal ) Mission Coast Home Montgomerie Park Green St Polis Station

 Melbourne_Terrace.jpg (16058 bytes)

raise_st.jpg (23770 bytes) Salt_Cot_2.jpg (20665 bytes) Sydney_Street.jpg (15790 bytes)

Town_Clock.jpg (14887 bytes)

Melbourne Terrace Raise Street Salt Cot (LaScala) Sydney Street Town Clock

Salt_Cot_1.jpg (22276 bytes)

Salt_Cot_3.jpg (21024 bytes) station.jpg (30640 bytes) War_Memorial_1.jpg (21544 bytes) War_Memorial_2.jpg (17025 bytes)
The Salt Cot The Salt Cot Station War Memorial War Memorial







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