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Old Views of Ardrossan 

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 Glasgow Street

Castle South Beach South Beach  



Port_of_Ardrossan.jpg (61992 bytes)

Ardrossan_Princes_St.jpg (70509 bytes) Ardrossan_Glasgow_St.jpg (81977 bytes) Ardrossan_Eglinton_Road.jpg (64165 bytes) Ardrossan_Railway_Sheds.jpg (60709 bytes)
 Port of Ardrossan  Princes Street Glasgow Street  Eglinton Road  

Railway Sheds


Ardrossan_Princes_St1.jpg (70004 bytes) Ardrossan_Docks.jpg (76185 bytes) Ardrossan_Arran_Pl.jpg (67550 bytes) Ardrossan_South_Cres.jpg (85665 bytes) Ardrossan_Fire_Brig.jpg (143723 bytes)
 Princes Street c 1895  The Docks  Arran Place South Crescent  

Fire Brigade 1940


Ardrossan_Princes_st2.jpg (94084 bytes) Ardrossan_Parade.jpg (103464 bytes) Ardrossan_predocks.jpg (99350 bytes) Ardrossan_Montgomerie_St.jpg (72585 bytes)  Ardrossan_Princes_St3.jpg (70688 bytes)
Princes Street           Parade Montgomery Street      Pre Harbour  

Princes Street


Ardrossan_South_Beach1.jpg (90668 bytes) Ardrossan_Arran_Pl1.jpg (94256 bytes) Ardrossan_Dry_Dock.jpg (80768 bytes) Ardrossan_Dry_Dock1.jpg (54746 bytes) Ardrossan_Aerial.jpg (110763 bytes)
South Beach Arran place Dry Dock Dry Dock  

Aerial View




This link goes directly to the OLD MAPS website for a detailed old map of the town around 1860. You can explore out to all sides by using the arrows at the top of the page. These maps are ideal for finding the locations of areas such as farms.


Books on Ardrossan

'Ardrossan the Key to the Clyde'  by William Kenetick  - Paperback 1993 3.50 Order 
'Ardrossan Harbour 1805 - 1970' by Catriona Levy - Paperback 1988 1.50 Order
'Ardrossan Shipyards'  by Catriona Levy - Paperback 1984 0.60 Order
'Old Ardrossan '  by R McSherry - Paperback 1996 6.99 Order

'The Parishes of Ardrossan and Stevenston'  by Roy Laughlan  - Paperback 1997









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