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South Australia


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Ardrossan is a popular holiday destination, offering a relaxed coastal position about 90 minutes drive from Adelaide.


Population is 1100, and we service the east coast of Yorke Peninsula, from Port Clinton to the north, and Port Vincent to the south.


The Yorke Peninsula is famous for high quality farmland, and Ardrossan is home to extensive bulk handling facilities, for the export of the grain.


Dolomite is mined by BHP, and shipped to their various steel making locations.


Cheetham Salt is Australia's largest salt producer, with an extensive facility north of Ardrossan.


Ardrossan boasts considerable facilities for a rural town its size.
A community owned hospital provides acute care, accident & emergency facilities, and brand new aged care facilities for 25 residents. 
3 doctors, and a number of visiting specialists provide primary health care. This facility is also owned by the community.
Many sporting clubs compete throughout the Yorke Peninsula.
Ardrossan is fortunate to sit about in the centre of the area, so travel is limited to about one hour each way in some cases. Those who live to the north or south can travel up to two hours each way to sporting venues.
The major sports played are Football (the real stuff, with the oval shaped ball - not the round ball game you call football) Netball, Tennis, Cricket, Lawn Bowls, Hockey and Golf (irrigated fairways, using reclaimed water) .


The Ardrossan Area School http://www.ardas.sa.edu.au/ provides education from reception through to year 12.


Additional information about the area is also available from our local internet service providers home page www.netyp.com.au









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