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Richmond Deaths (ex Death Certificates) 1855


William Richmond, age 68, September 1, 1855 at Loudoun Born in Galston

Parents: John Richmond (dec) and Sarah Jamieson (dec)

Spouse: Agnes King, 7 children, 5 living


Janet Richmond, age 33, March 14, 1855 at Kilmarnock Born in Kilmarnock

Parents: Robert Martin and Janet Smith (dec -possibly both the way it is written)

Spouse: Matthew Richmond, 3 children, all living.


John Richmond, age 51, July 14, 1855 at Dundonald Born in Oldrome, Dundonald

Parents: John Richmond (dec) and Helen Wilson

Spouse: Mary Murray - 3 children, two living


Margaret Richmond, age 84, March 23, 1864 at Kilmaurs

Parents: John Richmond (dec) and Agnes Love (dec)

No notation of marriage, but informant was Peter Candlish -son-in-law


Margaret Richmond, 2 yrs 1 mo (or 11 mos), November 2, 1855 at Muirkirk

Born In Muirkirk

Parents: James Richmond and Elizabeth Richmond

Cause of death: Scarlett Fever


Mary Richmond, age 71, August 22, 1855 at Galston,

Born in Sorn

Parents: Unknown

Spouse: Andrew Richmond, 7 children, 2 living


George Boyle Richmond, Age 26, December 10, 1855 in Kilwinning

Born in Kilwinning

Parents: Matthew Richmond (dec) and Mary Hume

Spouse: Isabella Walker

Left two children Mary Boyle age 4 and Matthew age 3


George Richmond, age 2 days, May 24, 1855 at Fenwick

Born in Fenwick

Parents: John Richmond and Janet Meikle


Janet Young, age 29, March 13, 1855 at Galston

Born in Loudoun

Parents: James Richmond (dec) and Margaret Jackson

Spouse: James Young, 6 children, 5 living


Hugh Richmond, age 84, March 20, 1855 at Galston

Born in Sorn

Parents: Henry Richmond (dec) and Margaret McGhee (dec)

Spouse: Margaret Dykes - 9 children, 5 living


James Richmond, age 52, March 10, 1855 at Dalry

Born in Kilmarnock

Parents: James Richmond (dec) and Agnes Brown (dec)

Spouse: Janet Muir - 9 children, all living


James Richmond, age 74, August 27, 1855 at Ayr

Born in Sorn

Parents: unknown

Spouse: Mary Campbell - 7 children, 1 living


Andrew Richmond, Age 76, March 29, 1864 at Mauchline

Parents: John Richmond and Jean Lindsay

Spouse: Jean Goldie


Anne Richmond, Age 9, July 27, 1855 at Galston,

Born in Galston,

Parents: David Richmond and Jean Smith,


Elizabeth Richmond, Age 52, April 27, 1855 at Kilmarnock,

Born in Old Cumnock,

Parents: David Richmond and Margaret Campbell



John Richmond, Age 47, November 12, 1855 at Kilmarnock,

Born in Kilmarnock,

Parents: J. Richmond and Elizabeth Higgins,

Spouse: Janet Millar, 8 children, 7 living.


Elizabeth Richmond, Age 71, March 2, 1866 at Mauchline,

Parents: John Newlands (dec) and Janet Clark (dec)

Spouse. John Richmond (dec)

Informant: John Richmond - Son.


Elizabeth Richmond, age 73, July 5, 1855 at Dreghorn

Born at Irvine

Parents:  Fathers first name unknown Morris, Jean Currie

Spouse: John Richmond - 6 children, all living.


John Young, Age 11 mos, May 1, 1855 at Galston

Born in Greenholm, Galston

Parents: James Young and Janet Richmond


James Anderson, Age 60, March 31, 1855 at Ayr

Born in Thornhill, Dumfries

Parents: Hugh Anderson and Janet Richmond

No spouse noted.


John Craig, Age 20 mos, February 19, 1855 at Dailly

Born in Dailly

Parents: Thomas Craig and Agnes Richmond


Mary Young, Age 53, June 27, 1855 at Kilmarnock

Born in Dundee

Parents: Francis Bain and Mary Richmond

Spouse: George Young - 13 children, 9 living


John Hay, Age 5 days, February 22, 1855 at Kilwinning

Born in Kilwinning

Parents: John Hay and Martha Richmond

Informant: Margaret Richmond, Grandmother.


Elizabeth Crawford, Age 81, Feb 17, 1855 at Loudoun

Born in Loudoun

Parents: Matthew Skellie and Ann Richmond

Spouse: Jas. Crawford,

No children listed.


Margaret Steel, Age 1 yr,11 mos., at Loudoun, Newmilns

Born Loudoun, Newmilns,

Parents: Hugh Steel and Bethia Richmond


Archibald Nisbet, Age 82, July 7, 1855 in Loudoun

Born in Loudoun

Parents: James Nisbet and Janet Richmond


Thomas Findlay, Age 12 yrs, 3 mos, January 27, 1855 at Sorn

Born in Sorn,

Parents: James Findlay and Margaret Richmond (dec)


John Hamilton, Age 34, December 11, 1855 at Stewarton,

Killed in Mill Accident.

Born in Closeburn

Parents: James Hamilton and Mary Halliday,

Spouse: Sarah Richmond,

Child: Sarah age 1

Informant: John Richmond, brother-in-law


William McGill, Age 18, February 7, 1855 at Dundonald

Born in Kilmaurs

Parents: James McGill and Jane Richmond

Unmarried. Killed in Fairlie Colliery in a Rock Fall


Jean Lachlan, Age 50, January 28,1855 at Galston

Born in Loudoun

Parents: John Nisbet (dec) and Mary Richmond (dec)

Spouse: William Lachlan

9 children, all living.






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