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Descendants of Andrew Dean


 Anyone with connections to or with further information on this family line please contact the webmaster.

Generation No. 1

1. ANDREW DEAN was born Abt. 1800, and died Bef. 1875. He married SUSAN GRAY 24 August 1822 in Kilwinning, Ayrshire, daughter of WILLIAM GUY and SUSAN FREW.

More About SUSAN GRAY:

Name (Facts Page): also Shusan Guay

Children of ANDREW DEAN and SUSAN GRAY are:

i. JOHN DEAN, b. 14 September 1823, Kilwinning; d. Bef. 1829.

ii. JEAN DEAN, b. 30 August 1824, Kilwinning.

iii. JANET DEAN, b. 12 November 1826, Kilwinning; d. Bef. 1836.

iv. JOHN DEAN, b. 31 May 1829; d. Bef. 1834.

2. v. JOHN DEANS, b. 26 January 1834, Kilwinning.

vi. JANET DEAN, b. 10 July 1836, Kilwinning.

vii. MARION DEAN, b. 20 May 1838.

viii. JAMES DEAN, b. 18 June 1843, Kilwinning.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN DEANS  was born 26 January 1834 in Kilwinning. He married MARY GIBSON1 6 June 1856 in Kilwinning.

Children of JOHN DEANS and MARY GIBSON are:

3. i. MARY DEANS, b. 9 June 1856, Kilwinning; d. Bef. 1890.

ii. SUSAN DEANS1, b. 5 October 1858, Kilwinning1.

iii. ANDREW DEANS1, b. 28 June 1861, Kilwinning1.

iv. JAMES DEANS1, b. 28 March 1864, Kilwinning1.

v. JOHN DEANS, b. 26 May 1866, Kilwinning.

Generation No. 3

3. MARY DEANS   was born 9 June 1856 in Kilwinning, and died Bef. 1890.

More About MARY DEANS:

Fact 2: Domestic Servant in 1870

Occupation: Millworker

Child of MARY DEANS is:

4. i. JOHN DEANS, b. 10 November 1870, Main Street, Kilwinning; d. 4 November 1926, 15 Abbeygreen, Kilwinning.

Generation No. 4

4. JOHN DEANS   was born 10 November 1870 in Main Street, Kilwinning1, and died 4 November 1926 in 15 Abbeygreen, Kilwinning. He married (1) MARY DUNLOP 4 August 1890 in Byres, Kilwinning, daughter of MARY DUNLOP. He married (2) MARY THOMSON 20 August 1897 in Burns Tavern, Kilwinning, daughter of ROBERT THOMSON and CATHERINE GOUDIE.

More About JOHN DEANS:

Census: Green, Kilwinning

Fact 2: Foundry Worker in 1897

Fact 3: 2nd marriage to Mary Thomson

Fact 5: Bridgend, Kilwinning in 1897

Fact 7: death informant Abraham CONN, son

Fact 8: Father unknown

Occupation: Labourer

Residence: 1892, Union Place, Kilwinning


Burial: 1 January 1892, Kilwinning

Fact 2: Wool Millworker

Fact 3: died age 19, Heart Disease 2 months

Occupation: witnesses John Paterson, Sarah Graham


Census: Bensley, Kilwinning in 1897

Fact 2: witnesses Daniel Wales, Mary McAllister

Fact 3: Factory Worker in 1897

Occupation: Died age 65 of Cerebral Haemorrhage


i. MARY DEANS, b. April 18901; d. 12 July 1890, Abbeygreen, Kilwinning.

More About MARY DEANS:

Burial: 14 July 1890, Kilwinning

Occupation: died age 3 months of Marasmus from birth

Children of JOHN DEANS and MARY THOMSON are:

5. ii. ANNIE DEANS, b. Abt. 1900.

iii. POLLY DEANS1, b. Abt. 1900.


Fact 1: Died young (aged 4?) locked in a church.

6. iv. ABRAHAM DEANS, b. Abt. 1900.

7. v. CATHERINE GOLDIE DEANS, b. 30 August 1902, Abbey Green, Kilwinning; d. 15 July 1955.

8. vi. JAMES THOMSON DEANS, b. 16 January 1908, 15 Abbeygreen, Kilwinning; d. 15 January 1989.

9. vii. ROBERT DEANS, b. Abt. 1912.







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