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Descendants of William Deans

For more information on this Deans Family contact Margaret Deans:     deans2@execulink.com


Generation No. 1

1. WILLIAM DEANS died Bef. 1789 in Newlands  

Child of WILLIAM DEANS is:

2. i. RICHARD DEANS, b. Pollokshaws, Eastwood.

Generation No. 2

2. RICHARD DEANS   was born in Pollokshaws, Eastwood. He married RABINA PHILIPSHILL 24 April 1744 in Eastwood, Scotland.


Need to get birth certificate for Richard and Richards siblings to get more info

According to 1749 scrap of paper Richard, William and James are sons of deceased Richard

so Richard's (son of Richard and Robina, Matthew's Grandfather) father was also named Richard and he was listed on scrap of paper as Richard of Eastwood - but there was a relative - William Deans of Newlands

Cousins of Richard seem to be Thomas Graham


3. i. RICHARD DEANS, b. 15 April 1757, Pollokshaws, Eastwood; d. Bef. 1789.

ii. JANET DEANS, b. 20 September 1745, Shaws.

iii. WILLIAM DEANS, b. 20 March 1748, Shaws.

iv. JAMES DEANS, b. 10 June 1750, Shaws.

Generation No. 3

3. RICHARD DEANS   was born 15 April 1757 in Pollokshaws, Eastwood, and died Bef. 1789. He married KATHARINE KIRKWOOD 23 January 1789 in Eastwood, Scotland.


Need to find out


4. i. MATHEW DEANS, b. 14 August 1796, Eastwood Parish, Scotland; d. April 1876, South Dumfries.

ii. RICHARD DEANS, b. 25 March 1791, Auldhouse in Burnfield.

iii. RICHARD DEANS, b. 3 August 1794.

iv. AGNES DEANS, b. 28 November 1798, Shaws.

v. RICHARD DEANS, b. 13 May 1801.

Generation No. 4

4. MATHEW DEANS   was born 14 August 1796 in Eastwood Parish, Scotland, and died April 1876 in South Dumfries. He married MARY CONNELL 16 December 1828 in Paisley, Scotland.


Obituary Paris Transcript: April 28, 1876

The late Matthew Deans: It will be seen by reference to our obituary that Mr. Matthew Deans, of Keg Lane, South Dumfries, died on Monday last, aged 80 years. The deceased emigrated from Scotland in the year 1836, coming from near the city of Glasgow. On his arrival in Canada he purchased the farm on which he died and has constantly resided there or since his first settlement. By industry he accumulated a fine property, and in his old age he was enabled to live a comparatively easy life. He had a family of 6 boys and 5 girls, only one death having occurred,and five boys hand five girls have grown up, are now living to mourn his loss. His aged partner still survives him. The deceased never sought public office, but he lived to see his eldest son, reeve of South Dumfries, and another a councillor of North Dumfries and his family highly respected in the community in which they reside. The funeral took place yesterday and was largely attended; the procession embracing between 70 and 80 conveyances, many coming a distance to pay a last mark of respect to one deservedly __________.

Children of MATHEW DEANS and MARY CONNELL are:

i. JOHN DEANS, b. 1843; d. 1889; m. ISABELLA MARSHALL.

Notes for JOHN DEANS: 

Obiturary: January 17, 1889 - aged 45 years, 4 months

John Deans - Last Thursday at 6:30 p.m., Mr. John Deans passed away. Death is always sudden and unexpected, and though Mr. Deans has been ill for some time, yet the news of his death on Thursday produced considerable surprise and universal regret around town. The deceased has been in poor health for about five years, and about five weeks ago was obliged to take to his bed, from which he never arose. His death followed so closely that of his lamented brother, James Deans (May 1888), has awakened much sympathy with the afflicted family. Mr. John Deans was born on the old homestead at Keg Lane, and has ever since lived there. He loved a quiet life and therefore refused to accept any municipal position, and devoted himself to his occupation. He was one of South Dumfries best farmers, and did his full share in introducing the best of stock in the neighbourhood. He was one of nine children, all of whom survive him exept James. Their names are: Richard Deans, Ayr; Wm. Deans, Galt; Mathew Deans, Barrie; Mrs. Scott, South Dumfries; Mrs. Allan, Seaforth; Mrs. Edgar, Ayr; Mrs. Tennant, Blenheim; and Mrs. McKay, Blenheim. He was married to the daughter of Mr. Anthony Marshall of Blenheim, by whom he had seven children, all of whom survive. He was an elder of River Street Presbyterian Church and was an honourable man and a faithful christian, and enjoyed the esteem of all with whom he was acquainted. The funeral took place on Saturday afternoon, and was very largely attended.

ii. RICHARD D. DEANS, b. 30 November 1829; d. 5 April 1923, Ayr, Ontario1; m. ELIZABETH TENNANT1.

iii. MARGARET DEANS, b. 7 March 1831; m. JOHN SCOTT.

iv. JAMES DEANS, b. 31 October 1833.

v. MATTHEW DEANS, b. 29 November 1835.

vi. AGNES DEANS, b. 31 October 1837.

vii. CATHERINE DEANS, b. 20 July 1837.

viii. ELIZABETH DEANS, b. 17 August 1839; d. 3 January 1905; m. WILLIAM TENNANT1.


From her obituary:

Death of Mrs. Tennant

A Former Well-known Resident of Blenheim Township

by a telegram dispatch from Carberry, Manitoba, the sad information of the death of Mrs. William Tennant was conveyed to her many friends in Oxford County and Brant Counties. Deceased was a daugther of Matthew Deans, Esq. of South Dumfries. She was born on the old homstead two miles west of Paris, about 62 years ago. She was married to William Tennant and for many years lived on the north half lot 13, 3rd Concession of Blenheim. Here she gained the love and respect of the entire neighbourhood by her many noble qualities of heart and mind. About 14 years ago the family moved to Carberry, Man. followed by the regrets and best wishes of their many friends here. Thither she carried her beautiful sunny character and by ceaseless deeds of self-sacrificing kindness to friends and strangers alike, came to be regarded as the "Mother of Carberry" Some time ago she was stricken by the trouble which subsequently ended her beautiful life. As became such a life, her end was peaceful and she slipped away mourned by the entire town, on January 3, 1905, about noon. The husband, four daughters and one son have the heartfelt sympathy of all.

ix. WILLIAM DEANS, b. 13 January 1846, South Dumfries; d. 14 June 1911, Galt1; m. JESSIE DEANS1.

x. ALLEN DEANS, b. 20 August 1847.

xi. MARY DEANS, b. 3 January 1852; d. 7 November 1931, Hamilton; m. THOMAS MCKAY.






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