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Campbell Research

CAMPBELL: Where did the illegitimacy, consanguinty, with Ross of Hanyng originate?

 researched by Walter Farwell farwellwalter@hotmail.com


REGISTER OF THE GREAT SEAL OF SCOTLAND. Vol. III, (1513 - 1546), page 214, # 978; dated Dec. 19, 1530.--(Dame Elizabeth Creichtoun, spouse of deceased William Colville of Uchiltree, is reserved free tenements of 36 marc lands in Uchiltree.)

PATERSON's history of Ayrshire, KYLE section, page 625: Sir William Colville, died in 1502, leaving two daughters:
1. Elizabeth, married Robert Colvill of Ravenscraig
2. Margaret, married Patrick Colquhoun of Drumskeith.

REGISTRUM SECRETI SIGILLI REGUM SCOTORUM. Vol. One (1488 - 1529), pages 265, 266;dated Nov. 6 and Nov. 11, 1508.--(Matthew Campbell is granted letters of Tak from the King for 20 merks land in Ochiltree. The King holds them by virtue of ward through the decease of Sir William Colville of Ochiltree........These leases were to continue as long as the lands were the King's ward - and - until an heir entered them.)

REGISTER OF THE PRIVY SEAL OF SCOTLAND. Vol. II (1529 - 1542), page 418; # 1881; dated Dec. 28, 1538.--(A letter from the King legitimizing Jonet and Margaret Campbell, daughters procreated by Matthew Campbell and Elizabeth Creichtoun.)

My next train of thought regarded in what way was Matthew Campbell known to the king? - AND - when did a liaison between Campbell and Creichtoun take place? When was Jonet Campbell born?

1. ACCOUNTS OF THE LORD HIGH TREASURER OF SCOTLAND. Vol. IV (1507 - 1513).-- By presupposition, we can push back the acquaintance between Campbell and Creichtoun to 1508 when Campbell received letters of Tak for land in Ochiltree. The following (a), (b) and (c), show that Matthew Campbell was known to King James IV during the very last years preceding Flodden on Sept. 9, 1513. Were the two daughters born between 1508 and 1513?--
(a). Page 410, 1513: Matthew Campbell was servitour to the King's Grace.
(b). Page 253, Dec. 1511: There is an entry for the cost of the clothes worn by Matthew Campbell.
(c). Page 311, 1511: Matthew Campbell paid the boatmen of Cambyshkyneth when the King was over the water.

W H O  W A S  M A T T H E W  C A M P B E L L?

1. Register of the Great Seal of Scotland. Vol II (1424 - 1519), page 796; # 3679; dated Jan. 14, 1512.--Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudon, George Campbell and Matthew Campbell were brothers german.

2. Registrum Secreti Sigilli Regum Scotorum. Vol. I (1488 - 1529), page 283, # 1851, dated April 7, 1509.--Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, knight, is deceased.......#1712, dated Aug. 4, 1508: Sir Hugh Campbell is deceased; was the sheriff of County Ayr........#1718, dated Sept. 1, 1508: Hugh Campbell is the son and heir to Hew Campbell, knight, sheriff of Ayr, deceased.......#'s 1939 and 1672: Isobell Wallace was the spouse of Hew Campbell, deceased.

3. The Exchequer Rolls of Scotland. Vol. XI (1497 - 1501), page 199, 1499: --George Campbell of Loudoun, was the great grandfather of Hugh Campbell of Loudoun. (N.B.: This Hugh Campbell would be the one who died in 1508, who was the father of our Matthew Campbell.--W.F.)

4. Turning now to Paterson's history of County Ayr, Cuningham section, page 546, we read that George Campbell of Loudoun was the father of Sir Hugh Campbell who married Isabel Wallace and was sheriff of Ayshire.......With this, we now have four generations back for Jonet Campbell who married George Ross of Hanyng in 1529: (1) Jonet, (2) Matthew, (3) Hugh, and (4) George.....I do not know the matronymic for George's generation, nor the names of the parents of Isabel Wallace.

4. Was Matthew Campbell with King James IV at Flodden--where 10,000 of "the leading men in the kingdom of Scotland" were killed, along with King James?





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