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Campbell Genealogy


Campbells of Skerrington, Ayrshire,   Parish of Old & New Cumnock

Genealogy and notes taken from "History of the County of Ayr" by James Paterson, vol 1

This starts with the latest generation first and goes back:

17th generation:  Robert CAMPBELL of Skerrington, born 19 Dec 1814; Married 25 Jan 1843 to Anne CARR, only surviving daughter of the late John CARR, Esq of Dunston Hall, county Durham.  Robert Campbell was a magistrate for Ayrshire.

16th generation:  Dugald-John CAMPBELL of Skerrington, married 25 Aug 1804 to Janet BAILLIE, fourth daughter of the Hon. William BAILLIE of Polkemmet, one of the Senators of the College of Justice in Scotland.  Their children: Charles, William (both died before taking the title), Robert (above), Dugald b. 15 Aug 1816, Margaret-Colquhoun m. to Thomas DURHAM WEIR of Boghead, county of Linlithgow, Susan-Dalrymple, Caroline, Jessy m. to Patrick-George SKENE of Hallyards, county of Fife, Isabella, & Mary.

15th generation: Eleanora CAMPBELL of Skerrington, m. Charles MAXWELL of Cowhill, Dumfriesshire.  Their children: Dugald-John CAMPBELL (above) and Wilhelmina MAXWELL (died without issue)

14th generation:  John CAMPBELL of Skerrington.  Died without issue and was succeeded by his sister (above).

13th generation:  John CAMPBELL of Skerrington, advocate, succeeded his father in 1725, and resumed designation of Skerrington.  He was admitted as a burgess of Ayr in 1739.  He married Wilhelmina AGNEW, daughter of Lieut-General Sir Andrew AGNEW, Bart. of Lochnaw, Governor of Tinmouth Castle.  In 1763 Mr. Campbell went to Little Cesnock {Cessnock} to reside, and changed its name to Skerrington, the original seat of the family.  His children:  John (above), Eleanora (above), Abigail, Grizel, Jean, and Anne. 12th Generation:  John CAMPBELL (succeeded in 1705) of Horsecleuch [reason for change will be explained in the 9th generation] spent most of his life in the army.  He married first Jean BOSWELL, eldest daughter  of David BOSWELL of Auchinleck, and secondly to Abigail RANKIN, daughter and heiress of William RANKIN of Bankhead.  All of his children were from his second wife.  Burke listes John  (above) and James.  Parish records of Cumnock also list another son, William, baptized 2 Feb 1705, who apparently died in infancy.

11th generation:  John CAMPBELL of Horsecleuch, in a 1644 charter received the remains of the estates of Skerrington and Horsecleuch.  He was twice married.  First to a daughter of GORDON of Skirmers, and secondly to Jean NICHOLSON, daugher of Thomas NICHOLSON, merchant in Ayr.

10th generation:  George CAMPBELL of Horsecleuch received the title in 1629, seven years after the decease of his father.  His property included

Skillingtoun and the two merk land of Horsecleuch.  He married Mary GORDON, of the family of Viscount KENMURE.  He died in 1640.

9th generation:  Charles CAMPBELL of Skerrington.  He is believed to have changed his designation to Horsecleuche, a property held by a distinct family, but possibly  connected.  In 1600 he is pursuing an Adam SCHAW of Glenmure for wounding him in the arm.  In 1603 BOTH Charles of Skerrington and Charles of Horsecleluch sat on the assize in a trial of John JOHNSTON of Lochhouse.  It is believed that shortly after this the two properties were merged.  As in 1604 Charles Campbell of Horsecleuche and Hew Campbell his brother are mentioned in the will of George LOCKHART of Bar.   In 1609 Charles Campbell of Horsecluech is one of the pursurers of Thomas JARDANE of Birnok for the slaughter of another Campbell.  In Dec 1622 he gives his own testament in the Commissary book of Glasgow.  Wherein he gives his spouse as Christiane CAMPBELL as executrix.  He gives John CAMPBELL, son of Willliam CAMPBELL in Over Glasnock, the lairdship of Glenmur.  Witnesses are Johne CAMPBELL of Schankistown, Charles CAMPBELL of Glasnock, Robert FARQR. of Gilmilnscroft.  Hew CAMPBELL, brother to umquhile George (Charles) CAMPBELL of Horscleuch as cautioner.  Christiane CAMPBELL is believed by Nisbet to be the daughter of Campbell of Shankston, but although probable, some doubt remains.     Children were:  George (above who inherited) William, whose grandson acquired Little Cesnock.  He died 18 Dec 1623, leaving a wife Margaret CAMPBELL.  In his will he is styled as William CAMBPELL, Cumnock.  Hugh       -      Elizabeth, died August 1628, unmarried   -    Sarah, married Hugh CAMPBELL, younger of Garallan

8th Generation:  Charles CAMPBELL of Skerrington was concerned in 1550 in the breaking of Hamilton Castle in order to release the former cannon of
Glenluce who had been charged with heresy.  He also appears to have taken an active part in the Reformation.  Paterson draws attention to errors in both
Nisbet and Burke saying they are in error in reference to the Laird of Skerrington.  Nisbet has him assume the designation of Horsecleuche and died
about 1590 or 1600, while Burke conjectures that he died before 1630.  I will quote Paterson here:"Now as we see that he succeeded before 1550, and
as he was then at least twenty, though more likely of maturer age, his death in 1630 would carry him to an unusually advanced period of life.  We know
that there was a Charles CAMPBELL of Skerrington in 1603; so that he could not in 1600, as Nisbet states, have been succeeded by his son George.  The
probability is that it was not himself who succeeded, as Nisbet sasy, 'about the year 1560-1570,' but another."

7th Generation:  Andrew CAMPBELL of Skerrington. He had several charters of land after 1534 and owned the Barony of Bargour.    He died without issue
before 1550 and was succeeded by his nephew, his sister's son.

6th Generation.  Alexander CAMPBELL of Skerrington.  He had a charter of the estate granted to him in 1509.  In 1512 he was granted remission , along
with William CRAUFURD of Lefnoreis, for being involved with the murder of the Laird of Corsintoune, at the kirk of Cumnock.  His wife was a sister of
John CAMPBELL of Cesnock, and daughter of the first Baron of Cesnock, of the Loudoun family, by Lady Janet Montgomery, his wife, who was the 
daughter of
Hugh Montgomery, first Earl of Eglinton.

5th Generation:  Andrew CAMPBELL of Skerrington.  Appears in a charter granted him in 1490 by Hodgison of Barshare, of the lands of Craigens.  He
is said to have been married to a daughter of the family of Kilmarnock.

4th Generation:  David CAMBPELL of Skerrington.  Said to have married a sister of STEWART of Haining.

3rd Generation:  Andrew CAMBPELL of Skerrington.  In 1460 he granted a charter to his son, David.

2nd Generation:  Andrew CAMPBELL of Skerrington.  Received a deed in his favor in 1360 from the Baron of Cumnock.  He is believed to have been the
Andrew CAMPBELL who was taken prisoner at the battle of Durham in 1346 when King David Bruce was defeated and captured.  This Andrew had  son David,
who is believed to be the father of the 3rd generation menitoned above, Andrew.  There is no clear lineage here given by Paterson.

1st Generation:  David CAMPBELL of Skerrington or Skellington, who in 1348 surrendered his lands for a new "infeftment".

General Information about the Campbells of Skerrington--This family claims to be descended from the same group as the Campbells of Argyll and Loudoun.
Sir Colin CAMPBELL of Lochow, grandfather of Sir Duncan, who married the heiress of Loudoun, possessed lands in Kyle considerably earlier than that
event.  This is evidenced by the charter of Newbattle, which states that "Sir Colin CAMPBELL, son of Gillespick CAMPBELL, made a donation of twenty
merks out of his lands of Symonston, in Kyle, to the abbacy of Newbattle, in the year 1290."  Paterson goes on to state that the early part of the
genealogy of the family is somewhat obscure and the first that it can be ascertained is in the writs starting with David CAMPBELL, above.

Campbells of Schankiston/Schankstoun, et al. Ayrshire

Genealogy and notes taken from "History of the County of Ayr" by James Paterson, vol 1

This starts with the latest generation first and goes back:


7th Generation:  John CAMPBELL of Schankstoun.  He is mentioned as a debtor in 1646 in the will of  Gavine STEWART, minister of Dalmellington.  He is
also mentioned in the wills of LOGAN of Logan and Janet M'CLELLANE, spouse of John CAMPBELL of Pollosch, in 1647.  The property of Schankstoun seems to
have passed, not long after this, into the hands of the Dumfries family.

6th Generation:  John CAMPBELL of Schankstoun succeeded his grandfather who died at Over Glasnock on 29 Dec 1612.  In 1618 he had sasine of the lands of
Clonginoch and Nedder Auchinglichie, lying in the lordship of Terringzean, Kyle-regis.  He also had the lands of Benquhat, Dennasken, and Mackubenesyd,
commonly known as Hingen-kailzaird, in the barony of Mertnam, Kyle-regis. Also Drumquhill in the lordship of Kilmarnock and barony of Sundrum which he
received from Hugh, Dominus Lowdon 29 Aug 1617.  He became a burgess of Ayr in 1618.  He had a brother, Hew who married Marie ROSS.
    John CAMPBELL "appears" to have married Margaret CRAUFURD, daughter of Sir George CRAUFURD of Leifnoreis, knight.  John CAMPBELL appears in many
wills, such as Jeane BOILL, Ladie PERSTOUN in the parish of Dalmellington in 1631.     In 1632, Hew CAMPBELL, brother of John CAMPBELL of Schankstoun, had
sasine of the Maynes of Schankstoun.     This John CAMPBELL of Schankstoun acquired the lands of Ovir Glasnok from Hew CAMPBELL of Horsecleuch, as heir of his sister, in 1633.
    John CAMPBELL of Schankstoun appears to have died between 1634 & 1636 and was succeeded by his son (above).
5th Generation:  John CAMPBELL of Schankistone was accused with others of "abiding" from the Raid of Dumfries in 1600.  In 1602, Hugh CAMPBELL, lawful
son of John CAMPBELL of Schankistoun had sasine of the south side of Pincloy, barony of Cumnock from George CAMPBELL, younger of Schankstoun and
Marion KENNEDIE, his spouse.     John CAMPBELL (above) married Isobel CAMBPELL, but from which family is unclear.  In 1618 she had a charter of liferent from her husband of the land
of Denasken in the barony of Mertnam, Kyle-regis.  He appears to have died in this time frame.  John had two sons: (1) Geroge, his heir, who predeceased him.  His wife, Marion KENNEDY
(KENNEDIE) was a daughter of John KENNEDIE of Baltersan.  They had a charter of the lands of Kylestoun, Over Burntoun in Carrick in 1603.  Kylestoun was
restored to the Kennedy family in 1604, however.  George CAMPBELL, younger, of Schankistone, was accused along with others, including MUIR of
Auchindraine in the murder of Richard SPENS, servitor to John, Earl of Cassilis, at the feud fight between Cassillis and Bargany at Pennyglen in 1601.  He had sasine of the lands of of Kinmein from John MURE of
Auchindraine in 1604.  He seems to have died in 1608 or early 1609.  George had the heir, John (generation 6), a daughter Margaret (who had sasine to
the lands of Tardiers), and another son. (2) Hugh, mentioned above who had part of the lands of Pincloy. John CAMPBELL, died 29 Dec 1612 at Over Glasnock.  Following are some
excerpts from his will which identify people with whom he was related or allied.  I will mention only the pieces/parts that involve names and relationships. He leaves money to John MUIR, younger of Hallowchapell
He names John CAMPBELL of Montgariswod, James CAMPBELL of Horscleuch, Johnne Mr. of Hallowchapel, and Hew CAMPBELL in Wodsyd to be executors.  He appoints Lord, Hew, Lord of Lowdoun as overseer of the administration. 
He  leaves money to his two sons, John and Hew CAMPBELL and to Charles CAMPBELL of Horscleuch.  Mentions funds left again to Johnnne MUIR, younger
of Hallowchapell. He leaves money to Issobel CAMPBELL, spouse to Andro CREICHTOUN in R and to her son, Rot. CREICHTOUN. To George CAMPBELL, son of John CAMPBELL in bordland To George CRAUFUIRD
To Hew CAMPBELL in Wodsyde To ____REID, youngest daughter of William REID in Craistoun To Mr. Charles CAMPBELL To George REID He names John CAMPBELL of Montgarriswod his apparent heir and charges him to
repair "ye mansioun place of Schankistoun".  He also tells him to leave his other property and dwelling places and live only in Schankistoun, because
"it is ye maist ancient duelling place."  He also gives him possession of a corn mill in Craufuirdstoun. Witnesses were: Mr. James CUNINGHAME, psone of Cumnock & Robert LOCKHART, notary
4th Generation: James CAMPBELL of Schankistone had sasine of the lands of "Mains of Scheilis, with the house" from William RANKINE of Scheilis.  In
that document he styled himself as "James CAMPBELL, sone and air apperand to John CAMPBELL of Schankistoun."

3rd Generation:  John CAMPBELL of Schankistone, was one of the "assize" on the trial of John GARDEN in Penbrek, Glenmuir for the murder of James REID
in Halfpenny Land in 1558.

2nd Generation:  Robert CAMPBELL of Schankistone was in involved in the murder of Patrick DUNBAR of Coristoune, at the kirk of Cumnock in 1512.  He
was denounced as a rebel, put to the horn, and all his goods escheated.  He had brothers, George and John, who were also denounced.

1st Generation:  John CAMPBELL of Schankistone.  His name appears in the Books of Adjournal in 1488.  In that year he was a witness to the summons of
John ROSS of Montgreenan to appear before Parliament.

In other notes, Paterson states that this property, which "now" (17 or 1800's) belongs to the Marquis of Bute is about a mile from Cumnock.  It was
owned from an early time by a branch of the LOUDOUN family.  He alludes that these Schankiston Campbells are a branch of this family.

Campbells of Garrallan--Ayrshire


Genealogy and notes taken from "History of the County of Ayr" by James Paterson, vol 1

Seventh GENERATION:  Jane DOUGLAS of Garrallan succeeded in 1819.  She married Hamilton BOSWELL (only son of John BOSWELL of Knockroon), Collector
of Taxes for Ayrshire.

Children:  Jessie, died young
                  Christian, married Alexander DUNLOP of Clover
                   John Douglas, m. Christian HAMILTON, daughter of Capt.
William HAMILTON of Dowan
                    Patrick Charles, went to New South Wales

6th Generation:  Patrick DOUGLAS of Garrallan  succeeded in 1776.  He was a surgeon in the West Lowland Fencible regiment.  He married (1) Margaret
CAMPBELL, daughter of a Campbell of Skerrington, and (2) Janet STEWART. Their only child was Jane, above, although which of the wives was the mother
is not mentioned.

5th Generation:  Hugh DOUGLAS of Garrallan, second son, succeeded in 1719. He married Katherine HUME, daughter of the Rev. Patrick HUME, minister of
Kirkmichael, in Dunfriesshire. Children:  Elizabeth, married R. NEILSON                   Hugh, a captain in the Dutch service.  Died before his
father without issue.                     Patrick--see above                     Margaret, married _____REID                     William, emigrated to America and settled in Virginia,
where his descendants remain.                     Penelope, marreid R. NASMYTH                     Charles, went to Jamaica, died unmarried.  He had
provided a situation for Robert Burns the poet on his estate when Burns
considered going to the West Indies.                     Katherine, married Alexander M'WILLIAM                     Archibald, died young

4th GENERATION:   Hugh DOUGLAS of Garrallan succeeded in 1676.  He married Margaret CRAUFURD, only daughter of CRAUFURD of Cumlarg.
Children:  John, died at Darien                     Hugh--see above                     Alexander

3rd Generation:  Margaret CAMPBELL of Garrallane succeeded her grandfather in 1648.  She married George DOUGLAS, son of George DOUGLAS of Waterside, a
descendant of DOUGLAS of Parkside. Children:  Hugh--see above                     Robert                     Margaret, marreid John CHALMERS of Bonnieton

2nd Generation:  Hew CAMPBELL of Garallane.  In 1609 he was one of the prosecutors of Thomas JARDANE of Birnok and son, notorious rievers, for the
murder of William CAMPBELL of Wellwood, who was attacked at the kirk of Douglas in 1597, severely injured, and died of his wounds in 1606.  Hew
CAMPBELL of Garallane is mentioned in wills in the area of Dalhanna, Glasnok, and Logan.  In 1605 he had sasine of the lands of Garrallan from
Hugh, Dominus de LOWDON, barony of Taringzeane.  At that time he was styled Hew CAMPBELL of Bogcorroche, son and nearest lawful heir of Hugh CAMPBELL of
Garallan.  He had a brother, William CAMPBELL who was a witness to the document.   Hew CAMPBELL married Elizabeth DUNBAR, daugther of John DUNBAR
of Bormuir on 7 Feb 1588.  In this marriage contract he received the property of Bogcorroch. Children:  Hugh, married Sarah CAMPBELL, daugher of Charles CAMPBELL of
Horscleuch.  However, died without issue before his father.                     John, married Margaret CAMPBELL.  He died before his father and left two children:  Hugh and Margaret.  Hugh died before
succeeding.  See Margaret above.

1st Generation:  Hew CAMPBELL, brother of John CAMPBELL of SCHANKSTON  received the lands of Bogcoroch (later called Boig) in 1556.  He received a charter of the lands of Garrallane from Sir Matthew CAMPBELL of Loudoun in 1562.  He died in 1602.  He married Katherine BAIRD
(her father unspecified).  Hew's will was witnessed by Thomas CAMPBELL of Middilwelwoode, from which Paterson assumes that the Campbells of Garallan
and Wellwood were "nearly related."  He was succeeded by his only surviving son (see above).





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