? Agnus 15 Apr 1800 Recorded in Parish of Dailly 55 widow of John Miller Dropsy
? Jean June 28th 1766 Laigh Clunch 
a Child Gemmels Thursday 19th Decr Mary Drumboy     John Gemmels
Adam James 20 January 1826 Paisley
Adam Janet buried 5 December 1843  Paisley
Adam John 29 June 1822  Paisley
Adam John Tuesday January 26th 1762 Skyrniland 
Adams Agnes  January 11 1862 Kilbirnie 77  Labourer  Widow of William Adams  No parents names given  Elizabeth Adams
Adams Mary Hood  May 20 1857 Waterside St.Kilmarnock 2 1/2  Single  Robert Adams  Blacksmith   Mary Hood  Robert Adams  Father. 
Adams Robert Teusday 27th Octr 1778 Skerkiland     John Adams Elizabeth Fulton
Agnew Patrick  June 25 1856 Corsehill (?). Kilwinning  5 months Single Rosana Agnew  Dressmaker  Margaret Reid  Nurse 
Aird Mary  December 8  1861  Ochiltree 46  Shoemaker  Married to Quintin Aird Alexander Edgar  Farmer  Mary McLeod subsequently Gregg (dec) Quintin Aird  Husband. 
Aiton Margaret 30th Decr 1779 Whitehill 
Aiton Mary 11 Octr in 1812 Beanscroft 88 widow of Hugh Barr
Alcorn James  February 10 1862 Auchinleck 51  Coal Miner  Married to Mark Park  John Alcorn  Weaver (dec)  Sarah Lindsay  F.F. Murchoch
Alexand Waterside buried 4 June 1842 
Alexander  BOYD  11 Oct 1861  Esq. of Ballochmyle
Alexander  CLAUD  22 Jan 1855  Esq. of Ballochmyle
Alexander  John buried 12 August 1850  Farmer
Alexander  Mary 4th May 1824 Waterside Only married 13 weeks  wife of James Wallace
Alexander  Mrs. of Ballochmyle 1843
Alexander  WILLIAM MAXWELL  2 Mar 1853  Esq. of Ballochmyle
Alexander Ann d 10.8.1827 31y married to: James Wallace
Alexander Ann 10th October Damhead Farmer wife of James Wallace died after a five day illness Friday the 12th October 1827 
Alexander Ann  September 18  1861 Darvel 18 days  Single  Robert Alexander  Muslin Weaver  Ann (?) William (?)  Uncle. 
Alexander Anne 24 April 1820 Par?man Wife to Dav(id) Walker consumption 
Alexander Helen 1855 Stevenston  3  John Alexander Jean Pennell
Alexander James Sept. 23 1830 Auchlinleck Village 
Alexander Jane 8 Jan 1880 Stevenston age 20  John Alexander Jean Pennell
Alexander Janet 1849 Stevenston  2 John Alexander Jean Pennell
Alexander Janet July 1897 Stevenston 46 John Alexander Jean Pennell
Alexander John 24 October 1896 72 husband of Jean Pennell
Allan  John  19th September (1850)  Townhead Farmer
Allan Agnes  November 12 1856 Vennel St. Dalry 84 Widow (Pauper) James Kerr  labourer (deceased)  Janet Orr (deceased) Duncan Brodie (Occupier)
Allan Andrew  January 18 1859  Loudoun Parish  7 days Bayers (?) of Bankhead Farm  Single  James Allan  Landed Proprietor  Elizabeth Struthers  James Allan
Allan Andrew  August 1 1863 Newmilns   16 mos. Single  James Jack  Shoe Manufacturers Clerk  Agnes Crane Andrew Jack
Allan Anne 16th December Innkeeper Townhead of Fenwick 27 John Allan Fever  19th December 1826
Allan Gavin 22 of October 1822  John Allan Towne(n)d  Fenwick
Allan John  June 7 1862 Girvan 63  Cotton Weaver  Married to Mary McFadzean  James Allan  Cotton Weaver (dec)  - - - McMillan (dec) James Allan-Son. 
Allan Mary buried 21 May 1844  Daughter of John Allan Townhead
Allan Mary  April 2 1859 Holmhead (?) 54  Parish of Kilbirnie  Married  Samuel Wright  Weaver (dec)  Marion McHail  (dec). James Allan  Widower. 
Alston John January 14th 1806  Fenwick town Grocer
Alston Margaret 12th Kirktown wife of David Cuningham 15 January 1831 
Alston Susannah  June 14 1856 Newlands Farm. Loudoun 78 Widow James Hunter  Farmer (deceased)  Christian Logie (deceased) David Alston (son)
Amour Alex 14.10.1914 d Irvine age 66 husband of Jane Lindsay Brown
Andersen Janet 22 March 1822  Widow woman
Anderson  Elisabeth buried 16 Sepr 1852  Fennwicktown
Anderson  HUGH  24 Mar 1864  builder
Anderson ? 12 Dec 1837  Fenwicktown Smith Relic of John Anderson
Anderson Agnes 17th Kirktown  20th April 1830 
Anderson Agnes January 2 1860 Kilmarnock 77 Widow of a Carpet Weaver Robert Thomson Coal Miner (dec) Agnes Richmond rew Duncan (Relationship not noted)
Anderson Agnes Novr 13th 1802  Kirk wife of James Fulton
Anderson Anne 27th Dec 1828 Fenwicktown Thomas Anderson Elisabeth Campbell Consumption    29th Decr 1828
Anderson Anne 7th February 15 months Archibald Anderson Shoemaker Water in the Head.   9th February 1827
Anderson Elizabeth 23rd May Shoe maker in Fenwicktown Thomas Anderson 24 May 1827 
Anderson Gabriel 4th December 1847  Upper Fenwick
Anderson Gabriel 20th February 1826.   died in Kirkton   weaver
Anderson James  March 31 1855 Ayr Born in Thornhill - Dumfries 60  No spouse noted.  Hugh Anderson Janet Richmond
Anderson Janet Monday January 31st 1763 the Kirk  old widow woman
Anderson Jean 16 July 1839  Fennwicktown smith
Anderson Jean 30 July 1832  Upper Fenwick  Gabriel Anderson Sarah White
Anderson John buried 27th Feb 1847  Waterside
Anderson John May 17 1860 Dalry 82 Weaver Married James Anderson Weaver (dec) Jean Stewart (dec) Mathew Anderson Son. 
Anderson John March 8 1860 Kilwinning 28 Coal Pitheadman Single James Anderson Carter (dec)  Agnes - Surname unknown John ? Occupier
Anderson John 21 Febry 1822  Fenwicktown
Anderson John  May 17  1860 Dalry 82  Weaver  Married  James Anderson  Weaver (dec)  Jean Stewart (dec) Mathew Anderson  Son. 
Anderson John Decr 10th 1765 Daghilloch Agnes Muir
Anderson John Thursday the 17th day of January 1760 Daghilloch 
Anderson Margaret  January 21 1859 Darvel  about 75  Widow of a Mason (Master)  James Findlay  Customer Weaver (dec) Christian Wilson (dec)  James Anderson
Anderson Margaret 10th Nov Kirktown Weaver wife of James Shields 12th Novr. 1828 
Anderson Mrs buried 11 March 1848  Kirktown
Anderson Thomas Anderson  buried 10 October 1843  Upper Fenwick
Anderson William Todd 9 Sep 1866 Elba St. St Quivox  8 months William ANDERSON  Cotton Weaver Matilda TODD father
Andrew  Mary June 16 1872 Strandhead.Stewarton 29 yrs  married to Edward ANDREW (coachman)  James PARKER (occupation looks like Pioneer?)  Jean  _______ Edward ANDREWS (widower)  cause- congestion of brain
Andrew Ann 5.1773 age 36 wife of James Milligan
Andrew Margaret  April 7 1857 Beansburn (?) Parish of Kilmarnock 64  Married  John Gemmill  Labourer   Jane Richmond  William Wylie  Nephew. 
Andrew Robert 15 Septbr 1841 John Andrew Jean Hepburn
Andrew Young A child May 2d  1770 Gardrum Miln 
Armour  Alexander  7th November 1850  Fenwicktown
Armour  DAVID  23 Jul 1886  Bleaching Works
Armour Alexander buried 6 October 1847  Upper Fenwick
Armour Alexander 28 October 1841 Upper Fenwick son of Alexander Armour Margaret Reid
Armour Alexander 28th March 1814  Kirk Town Weaver
Armour Arch Brown 6.11.1909 d Mauchline age 31 Alexander Armour Jane Brown
Armour Elisabeth  22d February Tannacrieff 64 years.  24th February 1827
Armour Hector d 1853 Fenwick 79y married to Jean Tannahill
Armour James 18th Octr 1822  Tayler
Armour James 5 April 1812  Robert Armour Janet Curie
Armour James 31 Oct 1809  Chip hall Robert Armour
Armour James 25 March 1803  Chip hall Robert Armour
Armour Jane 18 Octr 1812  Clonfin Hector Armour
Armour Janet buried September 26 1847  Upper Fenwick
Armour Jannet 18 Sepr 1838  Upper Fenwick Daughter of 
Armour Jean d 7.10.1899 Fenwick Hector Armour Jean Tanahill
Armour Margaret Wedensday 27th July 1774 Pokelly    
Armour Mary March 11th 1766 fenwick town 
Armour Mary   8th    Alexander Armour and Agnes McMillan died in Upper Fenwick   10 June 1830 
Armour Matthew Julie 8th 1768 Fenwick town 
Armour Matthew March 21st 1768 Pokelly   youth
Armour Mrs 4 Janur 1848  Upper Fenwick
Armour Mrs buried 4th March 1847  Upper Fenwick Wife of Hail(?) Armour
Armour Mrs buried 4 March 1847  wife of Hector Armour
Armour Robert 14 May 1806  Chip hall Robert Armour
Armstrong  Lilias 15 Sept 1872 West Kilbride 4 years 11 months  single George Armstrong carter Agnes  Gemmill George Armstrong (father)   cause- Typhoid fever
Armstrong William 16 Jun 1820  Dailly 7 mths  child of Robert Bowel Hives
Arthur child Mar. 31 1831 Catrine  George Arthur's child
Arthur John buried 10 January 1849  Kirktown son to James Arthur
Arthur John  buried 17th August  son to James Arthur Upper Fenwick
Auld Agnes 1813 Ardrossan -North 
Auld Alex 24 Sept 1792  Stevenston
Auld Ann 27 May 1778 Boglemart
Auld David 19 March 1788  Corsecraigs
Auld David 4 Dec 1786  Stevenston  Robert Auld   Janet Howie
Auld David 7 Nov 1782  Stevenston coalheaver  Robert Auld
Auld Eliz 28.6.1864 Catrine  78 mother of Alex Hind
Auld George 23 Feb 1795  Saltcoats sailor
Auld George 3 Nov 1774  Stevenston Townhead  Michael Auld
Auld George 4 Aug 1776  Stevenston merchant in Saltcoats
Auld Isabel 28 Oct 1782  Stevenston coalheaver  Robert Auld
Auld James 19 April 1762 Stevenston cooper in Stev Thomas Auld
Auld Jane 27 Nov 1791  Stevenston sailor  Mathew Auld
Auld Jane 18 March 1748 Stevenston in Townhead of Saltcoat
Auld Janet 19 April 1770 Stevenston coalheaver  Alex Auld
Auld Janet 14 Feb 1749 Stevenston  Michael Auld Townhead of Saltcoats
Auld Janet  30 Aug 1772 Stevenston  spouse to Robert ESDALE
Auld Janet  22 Jan 1764 Stevenston  spouse to Thos JOHNSTONE
Auld John  October 13  1861  Ochiltree 62  formerly an Agricultural Labourer  Single  John Auld  Ploughman (dec)  Agnes Richmond (dec) James Auld  Brother. 
Auld Mary Stevenson infancy William Auld Susan Thom
Auld Mathew  29 March 1770 Stevenston sailor  Mathew Auld
Auld Robert 19 Jan 1788  Stevenston Alexander Auld
Auld Robert 25 Nov 1774  Stevenston wright James Auld
Auld Thos 28 May 1750 Stevenston cooper in Stev  Thos Auld by accident 
Auld William  24 April 1770 Stevenston coalheaver  Alex Auld
Auld William 12 April 1770 Stevenston sailor  Mathew Auld
Auld William 19/06/1832 81
Bain child 4 November 1839  Glasgow  James Bain
BAIRD  HUGH 6 Apr 1865  doorkeeper. 
Baird Andrew  September 21 1861 Muirkirk 32  Baker  Married to Elizabeth Deas (or Dear)  James Baird  Grocer (dec)  Jane Andrew  James Blas---and  Brother-in-law. 
Baird Jas 1.5.1919 d Beechgrove 75
Baird John 5th Septr 1841 Upper Fenwick Baker Consumption 
Baird Robert 15 Janry. 1814
Baird Rodman  Michael January 7 1861 Newton 1 Single John Rodman Iron Moulder Journeyman  Janet Baird John Rodman Father. 
Balfour Christina  October 8 1857 Bentinch (?) Trc 5 Single  James Balfour  Shoemaker (Journeyman) Elizabeth Reid  Father. 
Ball James 14 March 1840 Fenwick
BALLANTINE  JAMES  14 Nov 1869  Esq. M. D.
BALLANTINE James April 1820  Dailly  Widower Old Age
Banks Agnes May 22 1860 Dalry 47 Wife of a Tea Dealer Married John Richmond Farmer  Jean Howat (dec) Thomas Banks Husband. 
Banks Agnes  May 22  1860 Dalry 47  Wife of a Tea Dealer  John Richmond  Farmer  Jean Howat (dec) Thomas Banks  Husband. 
Barber John  November 15  1861  Ochiltree  83 Married to Jean Lennox  Peter Barbour  Agricultural Labourer (dec)  Jean Watson (dec)  John Barbour  Son. 
BARBOUR  Elizabeth 30 Jan 1872 Back Lane. Catrine 73 yrs  widow of William BARBOUR private soldier 43 Regiment Bernard KELLY  (deceased) Elizabeth  WYNNE (deceased) Elizabeth BARBOUR (neice) cause - Organic disease of heart
Barbour Mrs 7th January 1840 Wyllieland at an advanced age 
Barbour Robert  January 21 1859 Tannahill 21  Parish of Kilmarnock  Single  Farm Servant  Robert Barbour  Labourer  and Christina Reid  David Dick  Farmer. 
Barclay  GEORGE  5 Jan 1851  cashier
Barclay  GEORGE  7 Apr 1852  Jun.
Barclay  JAMES  8 Sep 1869  Esq. manager Catrine Bleaching Works
Barclay  JAMES  24 jan 1875  brewer
Barclay  JOHN  26 Jun 1847  Esq. manager Catrine Works
Barclay  Miss JANET  16 Dec 1886  "The Cottage"
Barclay  ROBERT  9 Oct 1868  Esq. manager Catrine Works
Barclay  THOMAS  21 Sep 1872  teacher, Catrine Works School
Barclay John  July 25 1856 Bank St. Kilmarnock 84  Engineer Widower  William Barclay  Dyke Builder  Janet Wilson  Andrew Barclay - Son 
Bark Janet 1st May 1821 Oldhall 10 months.  William Bark
Barr  Mrs.Crialsheugh buried 12 Nov 1852  wife of James Barr
Barr Agnes Thursday Aprile 8th 1762 Fenwick Town 
Barr Ann Decr 30th 1773 Gardrum miln     John 
Barr Baby  April 6 1857 Main St Kilwinning 40 minutes  Single  William Barr  Coal Miner  Agnes Richmond  William Barr - father
Barr Christina 10.4.1894 Stair 72 wife of John Brown
Barr Hugh 14th November 1811  Beanscroft Father of Mrs Brown
Barr James buried the 6 April 1848 husband of Mary
Barr James 7 November 1838 Milton parish of Campsie 13 last month.  Teacher
Barr James Saturday June 25th 1763 Bagray miln 
Barr Janet May 17th 1775 arness       
Barr Janet Monday June 29th 1762 guardroom miln 
Barr John 8th September 1817  Gill burn main Labourer
Barr John  September 16 1862 Kilwinning  18 months  Single  James Barr  Coal Miner  Margaret Richmond  James Barr
Barr Margaret buried 30 March 1848  Monkland - Kilmarnock Daughter to James Barr
Barr Mary 13 April 1848 Monkland Kilmarnock   wife of James Barr
Barr Mary 15 March 1837  Monkland Kilmarnock Daughter of James Barr Agnes Browne
Barr Mary Tuesday 5th March 1782 Fenwicktown
Barr Mrs buried 16 December 1846  wife of McLeod Barr March Bank
Barr Mrs buried 6th January 184(3) Gillies Kirktown
Barr Mrs 4th Febry 1818 Geardrum Mill 80
Barr Robert Teusday the 15 of June 1761 Bagra mill 
Barr Thomas Wedensday 8th Novr 1779 Raith muir  
Barr Thomas Wedensday January 27th 1762 Guardroom miln 
Barr Walter buried 24 July 1852  Kilmaurs Quarrier
Barr Walter  28th January Gardrum Miln Consumption  1st February 1830
Barr Walter March 12th 1768 Gerdrum Miln  
Barr William 3d August Old Hall farmer  6th Augt 1828 
Barrs Katrine Octr (blank) 1769 Fenwick a child Thomas Barrs in Fenwick 
Barrs Walter 15th Decr 1773 Gardrum miln     John Barrs
Beancroft James d 1.3.1805 Fenwick  21y
BEATON Isabel 27.4.1900 Catrine 81 2nd Wife of Jason Miller 
BEGG  Janet 30 Dec 1872 Mill St.Catrine 81 yrs widow of James BEGG factory clerk John STEVENSON farmer (deceased) Jane URIE (deceased) James BEGG (son 124 Cumberland Glasgow) cause- frailty
Beggs Agnes September 9 1860 St. Quivox 36 Wife of a Mason Married James Brown Farmer (dec) Elizabeth Edgar (dec) James Beggs Husband 
Beggs Agnes  September 9 1860 St. Quivox 36  Wife of a Mason,James Brown Elizabeth Edgar (dec) James Beggs  Husband 
Bell Agnes 30 December 1837  Blackwood Daughter of David Bell Elizabeth Miller
Bell John 24 November 1840  Grassyards
Bell Mrs buried 3 July 1846(?)  Rothsay
Bicket Agnes 8th January 1831 Fenwicktown wife of Robert Young 13th.Consumption 
Bicket Alexander buried 13 February 1843  Blowerie
Bicket Anne 19th Octr 1825 Bruntland David Bicket Consumption 
Bicket child 14 March 1840  John Bicket Elizabeth Mitchell (dec)
Bicket Child 8th October 1821  Fenwick Town Grocer John Bicket
Bicket Daved 25th August 1814 Bruntland
Bicket David Teusday 18th Decr 1781 Fenwicktown 
Bicket Hugh 1st April 1820 Fenwick Town 8 Hugh Bicket Water in the head. 
Bicket Hugh 27th May 1807 Blacks hill
Bicket Hugh 4th July 1781 Kirkland
Bicket Ja?ne  22 September 1838  wife of John Bicket
Bicket James 14 April 1817 Fenwick an infant shoemaker John Bicket
Bicket James August 21st 1770 Skirniland   
Bicket Janet d 18.8.1883 80y married Alexander Borland
Bicket Janet 18th May 1817 Black? Hall parish of Kilmarnock
Bicket Janet 11th Feby 1812 7 Hugh Bicket Agnes Borland
Bicket Jean married David Muir (1st)
Bicket Jean 30 Janry 1832 Fenwicktown  the late John Bicket Margaret Alston Consumption 
Bicket Jean 8th Brae Widow of the late Robert Fergu 12th September 1828. 
Bicket Jean 30th November 1807 John Bicket Margaret Alston
Bicket Jean March 28th 1769 Lamlaird  James Wilke
Bicket John d 29.7.1882 82y married (twice) 
Bicket John 29th October 1805 Brae 90
Bicket Margaret d 9.3.1846 Fenwick  10y single Alexander Borland merchant Janet Bicket
Bicket Mary 18th October Fenwick Town Hugh Bicket Agness Borland  20th of October 1828 (Aged 2 years - Linale Pock) 
Bicket Mary Friday March 14th 1762 Ben bough 
Bicket Robert  d 30.8.1871 26y  -Preacher of the Gospel
Bicket Robert d. 27/3/1912 Stevenston in his 69th year husband of Janet Jeffery
Bickets Agnes Monday 5th Octr 1778 Skerliland     Hugh Bickets
Bigars James  November 27 1857 West Shaw St Kilmarnock 4  Single  James Bigars  Coal Miner  Mary MacPherson  John Baire - uncle
BIGGAR  Rev. JAMES BELL  8 Oct 1870  Annan (late of Catrine)
Biggar Margt June 7th 1773 aged ninety five years 
Biggart John Monday Aprile 30th 1764 Thorn 
Black James  20 Jul 1891  fancy boxmaker, Glasgow
Black John  28 May 1866  Bleaching Works
Black Christina October 9 1860 Riccarton 6 days Single William Black General Jobber Elizabeth Lamberton William Black Father. 
Black Elizabeth  May 8  1861 Kilmarnock 26  Wife of Robert Black (watchmaker)  John Young  Weaver  Elizabeth Gregg (dec) Robert Black  Husband. 
Black Jean Wood  October 11 1857 Burn  Galston 8  Single George Black  Farmer (dec) Mary Bertram (dec) John Bertram - grandfather
Black Margaret  August 16  1861 Newmilns 25  Muslin Weaver  Married to Robert Black  John Walker  Muslin Weaver  Sarah Richmond (dec) Robert Black  Husband. 
Blackburn Elizabeth  December 10  1861  Old Cumnock 23  Iron Miner  Married to John Blackburn  James Young  Boxpainter Elizabeth Gibb  John Blackburn  Widower. 
BLACKLEY Thomas  31 Mar 1865  late teacher
Blackwood John  9 Jan 1875  Esq. Surgeon
Blackwood Agness Jany 16th 1786 Kirktown
Blackwood Elisabeth 25 Novr 1815  Kirk town
Blackwood James  November 24 1855 Muirkirk Born in Muirkirk 78 Spouse: Marion Ferguson - 7 children - 2 living  Hugh Blackwood (dec) Jean Boyce (dec)
Blackwood James 11th July 1821 Kirktown 79
Blackwood James Octr 9th 1771 Daghillock     Child James Blackwood
Blackwood Margaret Friday the 10th of April 1761 Crafordland 
Blackwood Mary Thursday 19th 1767 the Kirk  spouse to William Wyllie
Blackwood Richard  March 14 1856 Park St. Kilmarnock 43 Coal Miner Married  Thomas Blackwood  Coal Miner  Margaret (?) Johnstone  Hugh Blackwood(brother) 
Blackwood Thomas Febr 3d 1770 Laigh wilieland   
BLAIN  FRANCIS  13 Aug 1890  late Red Lion Inn
BLAIN  JOHN  16 Dec 1878  carrier
BLAIN  JOHN  23 Jul 1889  Jun., carrier
Blair Agnes 26 April 1805 Fenwick town an old woman
Blair John 22nd August 1804 Black byre
Blair Mary  August 17 1859 Bankfoot 78  Coylton  Married  Alexander Drinnan  Labourer (dec) and Elizabeth Nichol (dec) Alexander Blair  Son. 
BLAIR Thomas 8 Jun 1820  Dailly 54  unmarried Dropsy
BLANE  ALEXANDER  26 Oct 1867  doorkeeper,  Catrine Works
Boid Child Saturday July 10th 1762 Cullerie  John Boid
Bonar Dennis  January 29 1862 Kilbirnie 1  Single  Neil Bonar  Labourer  Mary Menailes  Neil Bonar
Bone Agnes  August 8 1859 Greenan 36  Married  Farmers Wife  Peter Robertson  Farmer  Henrietta MacLaren  John Wylie  Schoolmaster. 
Bone Catherine Holmes  November 20 1856 New Street.Dalry  18 months Single David Bone  Currier (Master) Jane Jamieson David Bone
Bone John 27.9.1850 Mauchline age 5 William Bone Ann Brown
Bone Marion 13.1.1861  Mauchline age 28 William Bone Ann Brown
Bone Wm 1.6.1873 Auchencloigh Sorn age 73  husband of Ann Brown
Bordland Elizabeth Tuesday January 5th 1762 Horsehill  Relict of John Cummin
Bordland James Monday September 21st 1761 Horsehill 
Borland Agnes 5th September sixteen months.  Grocer Alexander Borland Janet Bicket 6 September 1827
Borland Alexander  d 25.12.1875 74y merchant Fenwick married Janet Bicket
Borland Arthur July 15 1860 Mauchline 30 Weaver Married John Borland Weaver (dec) Janet Sloan (dec) John Weir Nephew
Borland James d 24.1.1883 Fenwick  23y  single Robert Borland Jean Wilson
Borland John d 9.6.1891 Fenwick 36y  single Robert Borland Jean Wilson
Borland Margaret Upper Fenwick Daughter of Alexander Borland Jane Bicket
Borland Margaret 23d October 1825.  Grocer Alexander Borland
Borland Margaret Jany 5th 1786 Horse hil 
Borland Robert  May 27 1857  Titchfield St Kilmarnock 46  Carpet Weaver  Married  Hugh Borland  Shoemaker (dec) Mary McMillan  John ??hir  Brother-in-law. (Could be McW or Ma - very hard to read) 
Borland Robert d 1.11.1864 Fenwick 10m single Robert Borland Jean Wilson
BORLAND  Robert Nov. 20 1828
BOSWELL  Lady JESSIE JANE  1 Mar 1884  of Auchinleck House
BOSWELL  Sir JAMES  4 Nov 1857  of Auchinleck House, Bart.
BOSWELL Mrs Dec. 6 1830 Barglachaw  John Boswell's wife
BOWIE James 24 September 1875 Wheat Sheaf Inn Cumnock  64yrs  innkeeper widower of Annie SMITH William BOWIE  farmer decd Catharine MORTON decd George FINDLAY - nephew
BOWMAN  Rev. THOMAS  22 Jun 1882  late U. P. Church, Catrine
Boyd  James died on the 29th Decm,buried 3 January 1853 Esq of Berryhill
Boyd  John buried 11th February 1852  Fenwicktown
Boyd  Robert 31 Oct 1872 at Montgomerie Tarbolton 3 Yrs James Boyd ploughman Margaret Hopkins James Boyd (Father)  cause- Tonsillitis
Boyd  Thomas April 26 1872 Straiton  1 day  single Alexander BOYD Ploughman Margaret DAVIDSON  Alexander BOYD (father)  cause- ? at birth
Boyd  William 20 Feb 1872 Townfoot Old Cumnock 24 yrs farm servant married to Jane Walker John Boyd farm servant (deceased) Elizabeth Houstan Daniel Dunsmore (His X mark cause- Phthisis
Boyd Adam 7th March 1822  Minister of this Parish Revd. William Boyd
Boyd Agnes 5th December 1824 Kirkton
Boyd Agnes Thursday November 27 1760 harlaw 
Boyd Agness March 24th 1784 Fenwick
Boyd Andrew Monday 17 January 1767 fenwick town 
Boyd Child Monday 12th Feby 1776 nether raith     Thomas Boyd
Boyd Elizabeth  September 23 1863 Kilmarnock 15  Single  John Boyd  Bonnet Dresser  Margaret Brown  Robert Brown
Boyd James d 3.1.1760 Raithmuir 48y late farmer
Boyd James  30th October Hairshaw Toll   31st October 1828 
Boyd James 14 June 1891 Stevenston 85
Boyd James 16th January 1809 Fenwicktown
Boyd James Monday the 11th of May 1761 Rusha
Boyd James Saturday the of January 1760 Raithmuir 
Boyd Janet Agust 14 1765 Wendsday Kirk  spouse to William Taylor
Boyd Jannet - Jean Saturday the 29 of March 1760 Langdyk  a widow of Robert Boyds
Boyd Jean 1 July 1837  Brax
Boyd Jean Novr 15th buried here on the 17th 1804  Nest parish of Kilmarnock Wife to Robert Muir
Boyd John 25 March 1832 Stevenston  3 mths/17 days James Boyd Mary Pennell
Boyd John 31 July 1808 20th year Minister of this Parish Revd William Boyd
Boyd Margaret 25th August  Berryhill  James Boyd Agnes Young Scouler Croup  27th August 1830
Boyd Margaret 9th October Brunt land in this Parish 98 born in the parish of Dreghorn 11th October 1827
Boyd Margaret 25 March 1824  Fenwicktown widow of Thomas Boyd
Boyd Margaret 9th of December 1821  Townhead of Fenwick Widow of Robert Wardrop
Boyd Margt Teusday Novr 12th 1771 Blackwood     spous to John Brown
Boyd Marion 5 July 1895 Lowell Mass.U.S.A 40 James Boyd Mary Woodside
Boyd Mary 24 Augt 1838  Upper Fenwick Daughter of James Boyd Mary Yo(ung?)
Boyd Mary 8th May 1832  Fenwicktown wife of David Walker
Boyd Mary 1/06/1828 Clunch wife of John Steel 4th of said Month 1828 
Boyd Mary 18 Nov 1850 Stevenston  6.1/2 James Boyd Mary Pennell
Boyd Mary March 14th 1787 High Arness  Spouse to Alexander Brown
Boyd Mrs 24th January 1817 Glasgow William Frazer
Boyd Robert 29th Do 1773 Long dyke       
Boyd The Revd. William Boyd Friday the 17th October Manse  Minister of this Parish 81st year of his age and 47th of his Ministry   Friday the 24th of October 1828
Boyd Thomas 10th July 1805 Loanfoot
Boyd William 1st October Kilmarnock 82 years 4th of said month 1826. 
Boyd William 9th June 1813 Manse 27th year  Revd William Boyd
Boyds Mary Saturday June 4th 1774 Blackfowld     James Boyds
BOYENTON  Mrs William Feb. 7 1829
BOYENTON child 1829 Jan. 19 William BOYENTON's child 
Boyle Jane d Fenwick 52y wife of James Fowlds mother to John Fowlds
Brackenridge Charles December 10 1855 Kilwinning Born in Kilwinning 16 months Charles Brackenridge Ann Armour Cause of death: Whooping Cough and Teething 
Breckenridge David February 24 1860 Riccarton 2 years/4 mths Single James Breckenridge Labourer Agnes Richmond James Breckenridge Father. 
Briton Agnes  July 21 1856 Campbell St. Riccarton 36 Married Robert Gibson  Ploughman (deceased)  Catherine Picken John Briton (Husband) 
Brodie Ann  March 29 1861  age 10 months Samuel BRODIE  coal miner Ann AGNEW   Diarrhea
Brodie Duncan  Jan. 2 1859  Dalry  age 65 years  spouse not given Archibald BRODIE (dec) laborer Mary McCALLUM (dec)  debility from chronic liver disease
Brodie Elizabeth  January 22 1856 Glencairn St. Kilmarnock 38 Married: Robert Brodie Francis Bain  Shoemaker Mary Richmond Robert Brodie (husband )
Brodie Janet  Jan. 16 1857 Cumnock Church yard age 14 months Peter BRODIE  iron miner Janet PATTISON  Hooping cough
Brodie Janet  Jan 22 1859  age 20 years  wife of coal miner  William RAE  coal miner Margaret McCULLOCH  hydrocephalus
Broun James Monday June 7th 1762 Rowallan officer James Broun small pox 
Broun Janet Saturday Septr 10th 1763
Brown  Agnes Decr 15th 1767 Damback   James Brown
Brown  ALEXANDER  Jun 1871  clerk, Catrine Works
Brown  Andrew 24 Nov 1872  Catrine 4 months  single Hugh Brown collier Margaret Moore Hugh Brown (father)  cod convulsions 24 hours
Brown  David 18 Dec 1872  Wood St. Catrine 44 yrs cotton weaver  married to Jane Smith David Brown cotton weaver (deceased) Margaret Gilmour (deceased) David millet (Inspector of Poor-Newton)  cod Bronchitus 20 days
Brown  David Wedensday 2d Febry 1780 Muir a youth
Brown  Hugh 25 Feb 1872  Ford St. Catrine 5 yrs single Hugh Brown ironstone Miner Margaret Moore Hugh Brown   cod dropsy
Brown  James Sept. 8 1828 shoemaker 
Brown  JAMES  17 Feb 1868  Bleaching Works
Brown  JAMES  Feb 1879  late doorkeeper
Brown  Jane 19 March 1872 Darlington. Stewarton 26 yrs  single James Brown bonnet dresser deceased Margaret ORR William Brown (uncle) BROWN cod Phthias Pulmojalis? for 6 months
Brown  Margaret 15 Nov 1872 Whiskeyhall. Tarbolton 66 married to Thomas Brown(farmer) William Campbell farmer (deceased) Janet Sawers (deceased) Thomas Brown (widower) cod heart disease anasarea?
Brown  Mrs buried 17 Septr 1852  Fenwicktown
Brown  William Turk   22 Jan 1872  Stewarton 7 months  single Robert Brown labourer Jane Reynolds cod Gastritus
Brown A still born child August 19th 1769 Townhead  James Brown's
Brown Adam  March 16 1855 Kilmarnock Born in Kilmarnock 9 months James Brown Margaret Train
Brown Agnas Decr 21st 1770 Blacklaw  Spouse to William Wallace
Brown Agnas Octr 11th 1769 Hillhead  Peter Gemmil
Brown Agnes 22.8.1884 Mauchline 76 wife of Jas Logan
Brown Agnes 10.6.1869 65 wife of Andrew Smith
Brown Agnes 9.12.1893 Ochiltree 45 wife of Henry Howat
Brown Agnes d 18.12.1770 60y 2 wife of William Wallace
Brown Agnes Monday 14th July 1777 Muir yet     child
Brown Agnes July 6th 1771 Muiryet     James Brown's
Brown Alex 7.6.187? Catrine age 68 husband of Eliz Wilson
Brown Alexander Tuesday June 1st 1762 Ardness 16 years ?  Alexander Brown
Brown Alexr  Thursday Janry 14 Hillos hill  David Brown
Brown And 17.9.1864 Ochiltree 21  husband of Cath Campbell
Brown Andrew 14.12.1882 Ochiltree 72  
Brown Andrew Wednesday October 31 1764 Briar? Bass? 
Brown Ann 8.5.1858 Mauchline age 52
Brown Ann 16.12.1827 Ochiltree age 37 Wife of Jason McCosh
Brown Ann 22.10.1907 Catrine age 84
Brown Annie 21.10.1902 Catrine age 10 Jason Brown Helen Murray
Brown child Feb. 22 1830 Cumnock  Thomas BROWN's daughter
Brown Christina 6.2.1871  Sorn age 22  Jas Brown (father)
Brown Daniel Friday 14 June 1765 Hillhous hill  David Brown
Brown Dav 18.4.1909 Catrine age 86  husband of Jan Lindsay
Brown Dav 27.5.1861 Catrine 18 David Brown Jan Lindsay
Brown Dav 9.7.1954 Catrine  Jason Brown Helen Murray
Brown David 13.4.1893 Ochiltree 35  husband of Sarah Sloan
Brown Duncan 12 January 1810  March bank infant Grandson to William Fraser
Brown Eliz 3.6.1913 d Coylton age 66 wife of John McWhirter
Brown Eliza Burns 17.3.1892 78 wife of William McIllvean & niece of Jean Armour Burns (Bonnie Jean)
Brown Euphan Wedensday 28th Octr 1774 Crawford land bridge  John Brown
Brown Gavin  d 25.3.1823 b 1.3.1817
Brown Gavin 25 March 1823 Fenwicktown Weaver John Brown Water in the head 
Brown Grizel 31.8.1837 Sorn age 72 wife of Alex Mair
Brown Helen 22.3.1869 Sorn 64 wife of Ivie Sloan
Brown Hugh 11.6.1861 Ochiltree 25 John Brown
Brown Hugh  24.12.1909 Ochiltree 65 James Brown Ann Dalgleish
Brown Infant 23d January 1826.  North Grassyards Thomas Brown
Brown Isabella  March 15 1856 Wallace Street.Galston 24 Single John Brown  Cotton Weaver Elizabeth Richmond John Brown(father) 
Brown James  January 23 1856 Glencairn Sq. Kilmarnock 16 Single James Brown  Calico Printer  Sarah Dempster  James Brown(father) 
Brown James 19.10.1851  fr Hoodston 41  husband of Ann Dalgleish
Brown James  d 13.6.1874 Fenwick b 18.8.1866 married to Ellen Orr
Brown James 7 April 1691 Fenwick  50
Brown James buried 11 July 1849 Whinpark farmer
Brown James 10 Janry 1839 Kirktown 79 years of age 
Brown James 19/04/1828 Kirktown James Brown Mary Hamilton 20 August 1828 
Brown James 7th December buried here 11th 1805  Whinpark parish of Kilmarnock
Brown James March 1st  1805 Beanscroft A youth  Allan Brown
Brown James Wedensday 10th August 1777 Damback    
Brown James Tuesday 29th Jany 1778 Causey foot       
Brown James Thursday July 2d 1765 hillhous hill  youngest son to David Brown
Brown James 14th Feb 1765 Town head 18 years of age  James Brown
Brown James  January 15 1862 Newmilns Single  2 yrs & 10 weeks  George Brown  Muslin Weaver  Susannah Hunter. George Brown  Father. 
Brown James Brown  August 30 1859 Darvel 55  Married  Muslin Weaver  Hugh Brown  Muslin Weaver (dec)  Janet Morton (dec)  Mathew Brown
Brown Jan 16.5.1843 Sorn 86 wife of George Fulton
Brown Jan 29.11.1876 Stair  age 98 wife of John Douglass
Brown Jan 3.3.1881 Mauchline age 71 wife of John McKean Jason Brown Agnes Wyllie
Brown Jane 12.2.1895 Mauchline 78  aunt to James Lambie
Brown Jane Lindsay 3.5.1916 d Irvine age 69 wife of Alex Amour
Brown Janet d 1842 72y married: David Muir
Brown Janet Upper Fenwick widow of the Late David Muir Kirktown buried 23 February 1842
Brown Janet 5th of June 1813  Hershaw mill
Brown Janet 4th July 1781 Grassyards  spouse to James Murchland
Brown Jas 12.3.1880 Sorn 76
Brown Jas 15.2.1855 Mauchline 81 husband to Agnes Wyllie
Brown Jas 17.2.1858 age 61  clerk 30 yrs Catrine Bleaching Works husband of Margaret Hood 
Brown Jas 10.2.1941 Catrine age 85  husband of Helen Murray
Brown Jean d 1845 Fenwick  b 1795 married to William Cameron
Brown Jean 30th May 1774 Kirktown       
Brown Jean July 29th 1768 Fenwick town  
Brown Jeannie 22.10.1858 Mauchline 28.11.1844 Mungo Brown
Brown Jeannie 16.2.1875 Catrine  age 42 wife of William Murray & daughter of Brown/Hood
Brown Joan 5.1.1917 72 wife of John Hall
Brown John  August 12 1855 Galston Born in Galston 16 hours David Allan Brown Anne Jamie 
Brown John 23.12.1859 Stair 42 husband of Christina Barr
Brown John Sept 1818 fr Keyshill 78 husband of Sarah Reid
Brown John 14.11.1855 Glasgow 79
Brown John 2.3.1839 Mauchline 85 husband of Jan Wallace
Brown John 12.4.1865 Brunockston 87 husband of Mary Kerr
Brown John d in inf Ochiltree  Andrew Brown
Brown John 8.10.1890 Ochiltree 77
Brown John 22.5.1909 Ochiltree 70 David Brown Sarah Sloan
Brown John b 1827 Catrine 1831 Jason Brown Margaret Hood
Brown John b 1834 Catrine d 1836 Jason Brown Margaret Hood
Brown John d 1776 48y married  father of Jean Brown
Brown John d 1786 22y brother to Jean Brown 
Brown John d 1859 Fenwick  b 1820 married to Mary Cameron
Brown John d 1874 Fenwick  b 1854 single John Brown Mary Cameron
Brown John  d 28.10.1808 b 4.9.1807
Brown John  d 2.7.1857 b 16.4.1778
Brown John 29th Janry. 1814  at Kilmarnock
Brown John 29th September 1808  Fenwick town John Brown Jean Todd
Brown John 16th December 1805 High Gean ford an infant  John Brown Agnes Calderwood
Brown John 30th 1786 Nether Raith  
Brown John Wedensday 16th Febry 1780 Muir
Brown John Thursday 12th June 1777 Nether raith       
Brown John Friday 18th Decr 1774 Damback    
Brown John 24th April 1773 Muiryet 
Brown John Wedensday January 11th 1764 High Arness 
Brown John  September 20 1862 Kilwinning 79  Cart Wright  Married to Isabella D- - - - (cannot read the writing)  Thomas Brown  Carrier (dec)  Janet Steven (dec) William Brown  Son. 
Brown John  October 20 1863 Galston 63  Woollen Manufacturer  Married to Elizabeth Richmond  Peter Brown  Cotton Weaver (dec)  Elizabeth Paterson (dec) John Brown  Son. James McMinn
Brown John K 13.8.1877 Sorn b 23.9.1803
Brown Lillias 5.5.1875 Mauchline age 72 Jason Brown Agnes Wyllie
Brown Margaret 29th Octr. 1814  Beans Croft Allan Brown
Brown Margaret 18th of May 1810 Clonfin aged 91  Widow
Brown Margaret 2s August 1809 Fenwick town  wife of James Fulton
Brown Margaret Wednesday 13th May 1778 Colary       
Brown Margaret Feby 11th 1771 Darwhilling  Spouse to James Brown
Brown Margaret Decr 11 1769 Crawford bridgend 
Brown Margret March 25 1765 hurleshoch 
Brown Margt 7.2.1901 Stair 79 wife of Thos McEwan
Brown Margt  21.2.1868 Mauchline 2nd wife of Alex Woodburn
Brown Margt 6.9.1869 Catrine 32 Jason Brown Margaret Hood
Brown Marion 22.8.1822 Mauchline age 17 Jason Brown Agnes Wyllie
Brown Marion  d 28.7.1870 Fenwick b 25.10.1805
Brown Marion Saturday 6th Jany 1776 Fenwick town       
Brown Martha  November 14 1856 Darvel 92 Widow Hector Campbell  Farmer (deceased) Elizabeth Borland (deceased) William McNair,  Grandson 
Brown Martha Jany 30th 1768 Fenwick Town 
Brown Mary 15.4.1890 Mauchline 49  wife of George Robertson
Brown Mary  20.4.1862 Ochiltree 24 Andrew Brown
Brown Mary 24.1.1848 Ochiltree 5 John Brown
Brown Mary 24.8.1895 d Speirston 36 James Brown Ann Dalgleish
Brown Mary 6.12.1913 Catrine age 70  wife of Wm McWhir
Brown Mary  d 5.6.1879 Fenwick  b 26.9.1800 married to Andrew Watson
Brown Mary 28 July 1838  Highgardrum Widow of William Shedden
Brown Mary 17 November 1811  Kilmarnock
Brown Mary 8th February  1804 Aitken head
Brown Mary Wednsday May 2d 1764 Hill house hill David Brown
Brown Mary Ann Hay  March 14 1859 Strand St Kilmarnock 42  Widow of a Carter  Adam Andrew  Miller (dec) and -  Alexander Speirs  Lodger. 
Brown Mary Graham 6.2.1917 Catrine age 73 wife of Alex Walder
Brown Matt 7.5.1887 d Glenlogan Home Farm 46 son of James
Brown Matthew d 7.11.1827 Fenwick  74y Andrew Brown
Brown Matthew  8th November 73 a native of this parish died in Mains of Craig 10th November 1827
Brown Matthew 15th April 1822  Posninnan Thomas Brown
Brown Matthew 16 March 1821 East Grassyards 75
Brown Mrs buried 27 January 1848 1847  wife of Allan Brown of Beans Croft
Brown Mrs buried 23 February 1847  Harelaw Toll
Brown Mrs buried 26th August 1844  Harelaw Toll
Brown Mungo 16.7.1855 Mauchline 3.5.1809
Brown Noah 23.4.1962 Catrine Jason Brown Helen Murray
Brown Robert 15 Sept 1872  HouseMuir?. Stewarton 78 yrs farmer widow of Margaret Brown  Alexander Brown mason(deceased) Sophia Grieve (deceased) Andrew Brown (son)  cod Apoplexy 2 days
Brown Robert d 20.4.1815 Fenwick 90y married to Marrion Kerr
Brown Robert 20th April 1815  Moorend
Brown Robert Monday the 28 of April 1760 Crafordland park(?)  John Brown
Brown Robt 26.1.1905 Ochiltree 49 husband of Mary McMeckan
Brown Sabina  9.5.1907 Mauchline 81 aunt to James Lambie
Brown Sarah 11.3.1865 Mauchline Mungo Brown
Brown Sarah 13.10.1898 Ochiltree 13 Robert Brown Mary McMeckan
Brown Sarah 28.2.1848 Ochiltree 3 John Brown
Brown Sarah 7.1806 d Greystoneknowe wife of Matthew Fowlds
Brown Sarah 4th July 1806  Little Grassyards a widow woman
Brown Sarah Teusday 24th April 1778 Black fowlds    
Brown Sarah Saturday March 8th 1760 north grasyeards 
Brown son Tuesday Aprile 20th 1762 Hillhousehill  David Brown
Brown Thomas buried 27 May 1847  Harelaw Toll
Brown Thomas 5th July 1813 Beanscroft 23rd year
Brown William  March 14 1856 No.1 Pit of Holmes Colliery.Galston 32 Married:Coal Miner Alexander Brown  Alexander Brown Elizabeth Bell Alexander Brown(father) 
Brown William buried 21 April 1843  Auldwalls
Brown William 21 August 1811 Kirk town 92d year Inn keeper
Brown William Monday December 21 1761 Rowallan James Brown this boy was killed by the Lint Mill 
Brown William Wednesday Novr 7th 1759 Blackwood  John Brown?
Brown William Friday Nov 27 1759 Blackwood  John Brown?
Brown Wm 17.8.1859 Mauchline 15.7.1840 Mungo Brown
Brown Wm 8.7.1901 Ochiltree 51 David Brown Sarah Sloan
Brownlee Martha  March 29 1863 Kilmarnock 72  Shoemaker  Widow of William Brownlee  James Willock  Shoemaker (dec)  Mary Crawford (dec) James Brownlee  Son. 
Brownlie Thomas  April 15 1864 Mauchline 7 John Brownlie Elizabeth Crawford 
Brunton John 29 March 1856 Stevenston
Brunton John 11 June 1891 Stevenston John Brunton Elizabeth ?
BRYAN  DAVID  23 Feb 1875
BRYAN  Mrs. WILLIAM  9 Nov 1867  druggist
BRYAN  WILLIAM  Aug 1848  teacher
Bryce Daniel April 6 1860  Dalry 50 Labourer Married John Bryce Labourer (dec) Mary Lilly (dec) Catherine Bryce Widow (X)
Bryce Daniel  April 6  1860 Dalry 50  Labourer  Married  John Bryce  Labourer (dec)  Mary Lilly (dec) Catherine Bryce  Widow (X)
Bryce John September 26 1860 Riccarton 3 years5 mths Single James Bryce Tailor  Janet Richmond James Bryce Father. 
Bryden  Elizabeth 16 July 1872  at Annbank 16 months James Bryden carter Hannah Higgins James Bryden (father) cause- diarrhoea
BRYDEN Hugh 21 Nov 1820  Castlehill 7 yrs  son of James Mortification
Bryden Mary  May 20 1857 Fowles (or Fowler) St.Kilmarnock 28  Single  Samuel Bryden  Sewing Agent   Philadelphia Veitch Affleck  Samuel Bryden  Father. 
Bryson Isabella 17.1.1887 Sorn age 81 wife of Mungo Mair
Buchanan  ARCHIBALD  6 Feb 1841  Esq of Catrine Bank
Buchanan  ARCHIBALD  12 Jun 1890  Esq. of Curriehill
Buchanan  DANIEL  20 Jun 1887  mechanic, Catrine Works
Buchanan  Mrs. of Catrine Bank  5 sep 1856
Buchanan Margaret Nelson (or Wilson)  October 20 1856 Troon  22 months Single Thomas Buchanan  Seaman - Merchant Service Catherine Buchanan (also maiden name) Catherine Buchanan(mother). 
Buntin Janet 10th February an old woman died in Fenwicktown 12th Feby 1828 
Buntin Jean 23d January 1826.  Fenwicktown
Buntin William 18th Novr 1825 21 John Buntin drowned off the coast of Irvine
Buntin  Charles October 10 1860 Riccarton 18 Collier Single Parents names unknown James Reid Guardian. 
Buntine Agnes Thursday 23d Janry 1772 Dykes    
Buntine Elisabeth 25 Feby 1807 Fenwick Aged 81 
Buntine Marrien November 29th 1804 aged 35
Buntine Mary 27 December 1838 Glasgow Daughter of John Buntine
Buntine Mary 6th April 1808 Fenwick town John Bunt(ine?)
Buntine Thomas Teusday december 17th 1766 fenwick town 
Buntines child Monday Aprile 16th 1764 Fenwick  Weaver Wm Buntines
Burns Agnas June 10th 1769 a young woman died of the Small pox 
Burns Alexander 6th November 1824 Fenwicktown youth. 
Burns child Mar. 18 1829 George BURNS child 
Burns child July 7 1831 Mains Auchlinleck  Robert BURNS child
Burns child Nov. 25 1829 George BURNS' child 
Burns Child Wedensday 11th Feby 1773 Hill     Thomas Burns
Burns James 18th July 1804  Fenwick town John Burns
Burns John 17th March 1808 Fenwick town
Burns John 31st Decr 1779 Hill
Burns Margaret d 2.1853 Fenwick 77y married toJohn Fairlie
Burns Mary buried 14th November 1842  Fenwictown
Burns Mary 29th April 1810 Fenwick town John Burns
Burns Moses  January 12 1856 Borsten. Dalry  9 months Single Moses Burns  Iron Miner Catherine Burns (also maiden name) Moses Burns (father)
BYRON Elizabeth  April 1 1861  age 76 years widow Alexander CAMPBELL (dec)  farmer Catherine KELLEY(dec) Informant - Sarah BYRON  Anascarca
C?rss James 19th December 1792   Dalmusternock
CAIRNS  ALEXANDER  17 Sep 1868 Catrine  waterman
Cairns James  May 2 1857  Kilmarnock 33  Coal Miner  Married  James Cairns  Labourer   Agnes Johnston  Thomas Baird  Father-in-law. 
Calderwood  Mrs 7 May 1850  Blackbyre
Calderwood Agnes d 5.8.1847 Fenwick 39y married to James Gilmour
Calderwood Agness 18th Jany 1786 Burn widow woman
Calderwood Hugh 14 January 1837  Clonfin Farmer
Calderwood James 23 June 1838  Laigh Blackbyre farmer
Calderwood James 26 June 1818  Infant Laboureir Robert Calderwood
Calderwood John May 1840
Calderwood Margaret 4th April 1817 Blackbyre 24th year of her age 
Calderwood Margret Friday 9th Feby 1776 Todhill    
Caldow George  Jan. 15 1857  age 75  Cotton weaver  general disability widower James CALDOW (dec)  cotton weaver Elizabeth CASSILS (dec) Informant - John CALDOW. Son
Caldow Hugh  March 20 1862 Auchinleck 20  Cotton Weaver  Single  John Caldow  Cotton Weaver Margaret Hall  John Caldow- Father. 
Caldwell George  June 25  1861 New Cumnock 11  Single  George Caldwell  Farmer  Mary McKerrow  George Caldwell  Father. 
Cameron Andrew 31st of March 1822 Townhead of Fenwick Andrew Cameron
Cameron Helen September 19 1860 West Kilbride 5 minutes Single Niel Miller Tailor  Ann Cameron.  Ann Cameron Mother
Cameron Janet  Jan. 25 1856 Auchlinleck Church yard  age 2 3/4 years Alexander CAMERON  rail laborer Easter HOGGSON  Scarlatina
Cameron Mary d 1892  b 1816
Cameron Mrs buried 3 May 1845  wife of William Cameron Largside
Cameron William d 1868 Fenwick  b 1789 married to Jean Brown
Cameron William d 1895 Fenwick  b 1829 married to Agnes Wall
Cameron or Gray Sarah January 6 1861 Galston 2 Single No parents names given Thomas Baird Occupier 
Campbel Margret May 8th 1769 Burnhouses Grouger 
Campbell Annie 2 Feb 1872 Wood St. Catrine 21 months single  illegitimate Sarah CAMPBELL (mill worker) Sarah CAMPBELL (mother) cause- Tabes Mesenterica
Campbell ARTHUR  about 1872 Catrine  Sen. Esq. of Catrine House
Campbell ARTHUR  about 1885 Catrine  Jun. Esq. of Catrine House
Campbell Elizabeth  25 Jan 1872  Newtown. Catrine  60 yrs   single Archibald CAMPBELL. forester (deceased) Elizabeth YOUNG (deceased) Agnes CAMPBELL (sister)  cause- chronic bronchitis
Campbell JOHN  14 May 1866 Catrine  plasterer
Campbell WILLIAM  2 Jul 1882  Catrine Works  late spinning foreman
Campbell Agnes 24th April 1811  Kirk town
Campbell Agnes  January 31 1862 Mossback 72  Widow of Thomas Campbell  David Paterson  Margaret Trainer  ??? Paterson
Campbell Allan 3 dec 1872 Riccarton 47 yrs coal miner married to Agnes Wilson John Campbell coal miner (deceased) Mary McDill (deceased) Agnes Campbell (widow) cause- supposed asthma (not certified)
Campbell Cath 17.5.1871 Ochiltree 62 wife of Andrew Brown
Campbell Christian 23 August 1804  Chip hall
Campbell Elizabeth 1st October 1830 Upper Fenwick  Shoemaker & Labourer wife of Thomas Anderson Consumption  2nd October
Campbell Elizabeth December 6 1860 Loudoun 66 Muslin Weaver Single John Campbell Master Blacksmith (dec)  Ann Richmond (dec) John Campbell Nephew. 
Campbell Flora 17 Sept 1872 Galloways Row Hurlford 3 1/2 yrs single John Campbell coal miner Mary  Waters John Campbell (father) cause-Bronchitis
Campbell Henry buried on the 14 Decm 1842  a Vagrant
Campbell Hugh August 26th 1825.  Kirkton
Campbell Isabel 7th October 1821  Laigh Clunch wife to John Steel
Campbell Jane February 25 1861 Kilmarnock 28 Clerk Wife of John Campbell Hugh Andrew Baker  Elizabeth Richmond John Campbell Husband. 
Campbell Janet 19 July 1872 Academy St Riccaton 10 mths single John Campbell coal miner Agnes Richmond Agnes Campbell cause-teething
Campbell John  April 1 1859 Stair 88  Married  Farmer  Andrew Campbell  Farmer (dec) Margaret Miller (dec) Andrew McGill
Campbell Margt d Sept 1912 Ochiltree 64 Cath Campbell
Campbell Mary 15 Sept 1872 Galloways Row Hurlford 12 yrs single John Campbell coal miner Mary Waters John Campbell cause- Phthisis
Campbell Mary  July 31 1859  Riccarton 17  Single  William Campbell  Coal Miner Martha Thomson  William Campbell  Father. 
Campbell Mrs 16th Febr 1803  Hag house Widow of Mr Campbell
Campbell Mrs Thursday 16th Septr 1779 Midlanacrich
Campbell 15 Jul 1820  Cairnhill 4  child of Campbell Drowned in a field
Cand? Jean Saturday 19th August 1780 spouse to James Gilmour
CAREY James 25 Nov 1858 Strand St. Kilmarnock 9 months  single Henry CAREY  Spirit Dealer Margaret McKAY father
Carhie  Agnas Aprile 24th 1770 Haresha spous to Steven Wallace
Carlyle James 25.9.1961 Mauchline 74 husband of Margaret Weir
Carnduff Andrew  April 3 1856 Soulis St. Kilmarnock 43  Shoemaker Married  James Carnduff  Nailer  Elizabeth Templeton  Elizabeth Carnduff Sister  
Carr unchristened female March 16th 1765 Guardrum Miln  Walter Carr's
Carsell Margt Monday April 5th 1772 Todhill      
Carson Agnes  October 26 1863 Kilmarnock 49  Wife of John Carson  Edward Smith  Blacksmith (dec)  Mary Smith (M.S.) (dec) John Carson  Widower  
Carswell Jean 31 January 1809  High Clunch Widow
Carswell Mary 21st May Muirgel Aged 83.  Widow of the late John Tod 24th May 1827
CASSALS Elizabeth Mar. 6 1833
Cassells John  September 7 1859 Douglas St Kilmarnock 70  Widower  Muslin Weaver  James Cassells  Customer Weaver (dec) Elizabeth Jones (dec)  Edward Cassells
Chalmers Alyson Saturday 7th June 1777 spouse to the Revd Mr James Halket Minr        
Charles Miller McIntyre  March 15 1859 2 West Shaw St Kilmarnock  8 months  Single  David McIntyre  Block Printer Mary Hussey. Mary McIntyre  Mother (X)
Child still born Tuesday Decr 20th 1763 Townhead  James Browns Brown
Christina Whyllie d 8.2.1888 80y
Clacham Archibald 6 Novr 1840  son of John Clacham in Roadingdykes
Clackhan John buried 23 June 1844  Broadmoss
Clark  JOHN  19 Oct 1870  drowned in the "Cambria"  (late Catrine Works)
Clark  Margaret July 20 1872 Wood St. Catrine 61 yrs  married to John CLARK (silk weaver) William PATRICK Iron turner (deceased) Elizabeth MARSHALL (deceased) John CLARK (widower) cause- Apoplexy
Clark  WILLIAM  30 Mar 1850  Catrine Works  jobbing mechanic
Clark Agnes 4th October 1808 Brax James Clark
Clark Catherine 5 July 1858 Fort St. Kilmarnock 33/4 years  single Patrick CLARK  Calico Printer Theresa COLLINS father
Clark David 6th July 1825  Kingswell Toll
Clark Helen  Jan. 19 1859  age 60 years  widow John DRUMMOND deceased Isabella MORRISON deceased Informant - Mary Ann CLARK  Dropsy
Clark Isobel 14th February Colary Widow of the late James Picken 17th February 1827
Clark James 10th Laighmoor Robert Clark Consumption   15th Decr 1828
Clark James December 14 1860 Kilmarnock 7 Single George Clark Engine Keeper  Marion Richmond George Clark Father. 
Clark James October 25 1760 Croylburn  John Clark
Clark Janet 4 Janry 1839 Greenhill a Daughter of Robert Clark Helen Craig severely burned 
Clark Janet 16 February 1804 Croil burn 22 Robert Clark
Clark John  January 16 1856 Galston 4 Single Thomas Clark  Coal Miner Anne Wilson  Thomas Clark(father) 
Clark John buried 12th May 1848 Greenhill
Clark John 4th March 1826 Tarbolton
Clark John 13th October 1815 Brax James Clark
Clark John  March 28 1863 Kilmarnock 18  Single  Robert Clark  Watchmaker  March McFedries  John Clark
Clark Margaret 12 Janry 1804 Croil aged 19  Robert Clark
Clark younger James Febry 20th 1769 Toe burn 
Cleland James  August 27 1859 Darvel 89  Widower  Muslin Weaver John Cleland  Customer Weaver  (dec) Agnes Breckenridge (dec)  John Cleland
Cleland John  August 10  1861 Darvel 69  Muslin Weaver  married to Mary Craig  James Cleland  Muslin Weaver (dec)  Jean Mair (dec) Cleland  Son. 
CLIMIE  Janet Oct 28 1872 Stewart Place.Catrine 36 yrs  widow of Hugh CLIMIE (flesher) John MORRISON farmer servant (deceased) Janet GIBSON now married to John McARTHUR (plate layer) Janet McARTHUR (mother)  cause- an overdose of Sult of Sorrel.self-administered. supposed suicide
Cochran Andrew  October 24 1862 Darvel 12  Single  Hugh Cochran  Muslin Weaver  Helen Richmond  Hugh Cochran
Cochran Morton Jean  August 17  1861 Darvel 51  Muslin Weavers Agent  Married to Alexander Morton  Hugh Jamieson  Carpet Weaver (dec)  Margaret Jamieson (M.S.) Hugh Morton  Son. 
Cochrane  John Thomson Oct 27 1872 Patna 10 months  single David COCHRANE coalminer  Elizabeth  THOMSON David COCHRANE (father)  cause- water in the head
Cochrane William December 13 1860 Kilmarnock 21 Iron Moulder Single William Cochrane Carpet Weaver (dec) Elizabeth Thomson (dec) Robert Cochrane Brother. 
COCKBURN  Elizabeth June 6 1872 St. Cuthbert St. Catrine 16 yrs mill worker single James COCKBURN bleacher  Jane  BONE James COCKBURN (father)  cause- Consumption
COCKBURN  Janet Dec 20 1872 Bridge Lane. Catrine  80 yrs  widow of James COCKBURN (labourer) John McCOWAN sawyer (deceased) Helen RANKINE (deceased) James COCKBURN (son. St Cuthbert St. Catrine)  cause- Valvular heart disease
Connell Margaret  April 10 1856 Main St. Stewarton 18 Single Archibald Connell  Bonnet Dresser  Mary Dicken Archibald Connell (father) 
Connell Marion  January 31 1859 Main St Newmilns  6 months  Single  John Connell  Muslin Weaver  and Jean Cuthbertson (dec)  John Connell
Connery Mary Jane  December 17  1861 Old Cumnock 38  Mary was a Staymaker  Widow of Joseph Connery  James Brown  Shoemaker  Sarah Milligan  James Brown  Father. 
Cooper Charlotte 14 Novr. 1820 Townhead Wife to Robert Wyllie
COU  Agnes Dec. 18 1828
Cowan  ANDREW  16 Oct 1852 Catrine  late joiner
Cowan  DAVID  22 Jul 1856  Catrine Works  warehouse
Cowan  JAMES  5 May 1869  Catrine Works  late joiner
Cowan  ROBERT  12 May 1859 Catrine  joiner
Cowan  WILLIAM  14 jAN 1881 Catrine  WEAVING TENTER
Cowan Elizabeth September 21 1860 Catrine 25 wife of a Agricultural Labourer Married William Monteith Coal Miner  Jane Muir James Cowan Husband. 
Cowan Jane August 7 1861 Girvan 4 Single Jane Cowan Muslin Sewer Jane Cowan Mother (X)
Cowie John  August 23 1855 Loudoun Born: Unknown 72 Spouse: Janet Mair -12 children  7 living  James Howie (dec) Agnes Findlay
Cowper  William buried 22 May 1852 Kirktown  Labourer
Cox William  July 31 1862 Darvel  7 days  Single  William Cox  Muslin Weaver  Agnes Scade  William Cox
Craig  James buried 15 August 1850  Raiburn farmer
Craig  Rev. WILLIAM JEFFERSON  11 Apr 1884 Catrine  E. U. Church
Craig Agnes 20 Feb 1821 Kilgramy age 7  Neill Craig Worm Fever
Craig Agnes d 16.5.1842 Broadland - Stewarton 67y married John Lindsay
Craig Agnes  April 17  1861 Riccarton  2 1/2 months  Single  Thomas Craig  Coal Miner  Agnes Ritchie  Thomas Craig  Father. 
Craig Agnes Janry 15th 1767 Blackwood 
Craig Alexander  19/3/1862   Coldingham 63  innkeeper
Craig Andrew 16/08/1845 46  farmer
Craig Andrew 22/02/1848  Beith 48  merchant
Craig Andrew 2/01/1852  Dalry 52  of Kirkland
Craig Andrew 1/12/1866  Dalry 67  Rosebank Cottage
Craig Andrew  Monkton 67  farmer  29/5/66
Craig Catherine 11/05/1963  Main St Beith 63
Craig Daniel  New Cumnock 61  Pathhead
Craig David  21/8/1848  Townhead of Kilmarnock 48  bleacher
Craig Elizabeth  Saturday the 23rd June Labourer wife of Robert Barthoun Childbed 26 June 1827.
Craig Hilton Mye  19/11/65  Kelso 66
Craig Hugh  10/4/1858 58  merchant Kilmarnock
Craig Isabella  No other information given. 
Craig James 14/12/1845  of Deanston 46
Craig James  26/1/1846   Lochmaben 46  merchant
Craig James 10/08/1850  Raithburn 51  farmer
Craig James  27/10/1854   Kilbirnie 55  farmer
Craig James 18/12/1856  Raithburn 57  farmer
Craig James  27/10/1854  Kilbirnie 59  Millside
Craig James  15/12/1860  Damside 61  formerly farmer
Craig James  17/6/1863  63  Kirkford of Stewarton
Craig James buried 15 December 1846 Graystane Know
Craig James 17th March 1806 Raith burn 82
Craig James 2d April 1809 Little Nether Raith
Craig Jas 4.4.1911 Catrine 54  teacher husband of Agnes Millar
Craig Jean  Kilwinning 56  druggist and grocer
Craig Jean  April 20  1861 Riccarton  2 months  Single  John Craig  Railway Porter  Jean Service  John Craig  Father.
Craig John February 19 1855 Dailly Born in Dailly 20 mos Thomas Craig Agnes Richmond 
Craig John 30/01/1848  British Linen Company 48  accountant
Craig John  16/7/21852  Lochrutton 52
Craig John  10/3/1855  Kilncroft 55  farmer
Craig John  15/9/1855  Dunlop 55
Craig John 10/9/1858  New Cumnock 58
Craig John 11/10/1805  Stonecalsey  Symington  farmer
Craig John 22/03/1860  Maybole 60  grocer and shoemaker
Craig John   22/1/1862  Kelton 62
Craig Joseph  28/10/1860  Castle-Douglas 61  grain-dealer
Craig Lieut.-Col. Thomas 10/05/1834 Glasgow 57
Craig Margaret  22/12/56   Newton of Beith 57
Craig Mary 09/10/1967  Whang Street 67
Craig Mary was buried 2 May 1842 73 Toll keeper Kilmarnock wife of James Todd
Craig Miss Barbara  28/10/53  Irvine-died 54
Craig Miss Mary 26/05/1967  Kelso 67  sick-nurse
Craig Miss Penelope 16/03/1957  High St Irvine 57
Craig Miss Sarah 09/04/1966  Maxwelltown of Dumfries 66
Craig Rev. George 10/02/1866  Kelso 66  Hilton Mye
Craig Robert 8/08/1852  Hamilton St  Saltcoats 52  grocer
Craig Robert 26/06/1858 58
Craig Robert 6/05/1862  Dalry 62
Craig Thomas  21/2/60  Loudoun 60  farmer
Craig William 22.1.1876 Greystoneknowe 86y  farmer
Craig William  13/5/53  Kilwinning 53  farmer
Craig William  3/9/56  West Kilbride 56  teacher
Craig William  27/11/65   Ardrossan 66  steamboat-steward and spirit-merchant
Craig William 15 December 1805  Kirk town William Craig
Craig or Fulton Margaret  6/5/62   Laighmuir 63
Craig or Lang Jean 12/02/1961  Pudavonholm 61
Craig or M'Callum Barbara 21/07/1946  Beith 46
Craig or Moore Agnes  13/3/53   near Ayr 53  wife of David Moore
Craig or Morrison Margaret M'Culloch  wife of Rev.George 
Craig or Murray Isabella  15/3/58  Kilncroft 58
Craig or Porteus Isabella 26/04/1965  Kilmarnock 65
Craig or Roy Jean  4/5/60  Kilmarnock 60
Craig or Sharp Mary  30/11/46  Stevenston 46  carter  wife of Robert Sharp
Craig or Spence Margaret 16/06/1959  New Cumnock 61
Craig or Steel Janet 16/06/1947  Burnhead 47  wife of Alexander Steel
Craig or Stevenson Agnes 06/09/1964  North Woodside 64
Craigs Jean 24th May 1774 Raithburn     James Craigs
Cran Elizabeth  April 8  1861 Kilwinning 74  Muslin Sewer  Single  Alexander Cran  Lint Miller (dec)  Isabella Munro (dec) James Cran  Brother. 
Crawford  HUGH  11 Feb 1873 Catrine  late of Catrine Bazaar
Crawford  JAMES PAUL ("PAUL ROOKFORD")  13 Feb 1887 Catrine
Crawford  Jane Niven Nov 6 1872 Lochcraigs Farm House. Stevenston  23 yrs  wife of Thomas CRAWFORD (farmer) Hugh SMITH farmer Jane  SMITH Hugh SMITH (Father) cause- cunsumption
Crawford  John March 16 1872 Montgomerie. Tarbolton 21 yrs  shoemaker  single John CRAWFORD  post messenger_   Agnes  DUNLOP John CRAWFORD (father) cause- consumption
Crawford  MUNGO  22 Dec 1874 Catrine
Crawford  Mungo May 25 1831 Catrine 
Crawford Elizabeth  Feb 17 1855 Loudoun Born in Loudoun 81 Spouse: Jas. Crawford - No children listed.  Matthew Skellie Ann Richmond
Crawford Janet  January 2 1863 Mauchline 37  Married to Andrew Crawford  James Andrew Miller (dec)  Margaret Cowan (dec) rew Crawford
Crawford Janet Mar. 25 1829
Crawford John Jan. 14 1830 Catrine 
Crawford John Robertson 4/06/1817 Crawford Lodge 79
Crawford Thomas 8th January 1817 High Tanacrief An old man 
Creelan William 13th June 1824 Fenwicktown 16 Weaver Charles Creelman?
Creelman Charles 10 July 1840  Fenwicktown weaver
Creelman Jane  January 21 1856 Welbeck St.Kilmarnock 33 Married:William Creelman Matthew Wilson  Weaver Mary Gemmil William Creelman (husband)
Creelman Jean 26 Jan 1841  Fenwicktown Daughter of the late Charles Creelman
Creelman Jean 5 September 1820 Fenwick town Charles Creelman Water in the head 
CRICHTON  JOHN  1 Sep 1867 Catrine  of the Cross Keys
Crosbie  Janet 8 April 1872 Patna domestic servant single Thomas Crosbie flesher Mary Hutchison Thomas Crosbie (father) cause- Phthisis Pulmonalis
Crucks David March Seventh 1771 Temple Town Parish of Kilmarnock      
Crucks Margaret December 22 1767 Bank dyke  
Cumnock Margaret  July 13 1855 Dundonald Born in Oldrome 2 months 3 weeks Samuel Cumnock Margaret Bennie 
Cuningham David 6/12/1832 Kirktown  8 said month 1832 
Cunningham Alexander 23d March  farm of Croilburn 26 years.   shepherd  26th March 1827
Cunningham Barbara 8 Sep 1866 Peebles St. Newton Ayr 68 single John CUNNINGHAM decd  Cotton Weaver? Janet LEES Agnes GALLOWAY- sister.
Cunningham Helen 14 July 1778  Stevenston  George Cunningham
Cunningham John 26 March 1872 15 Saint Marnicks? Street Kilmarnock 23 yrs  engine fitter married Isabella CALDERWOOD James CUNNINGHAM  ploughman decd Mary TEMPLETON  Robert CALDERWOOD brother-in-law 
Cunningham John 25 Jan 1777  Stevenston saltwatchman? In Saltcoats
Cunningham Margaret  26 Sept 1750 Stevenston John Cunninghame salt officer
Cunningham Robert 17 February 1804  Craig ends David Cunningham
Cunningham William 13 March 1795  Stevenston  David Cunningham
CUNNINGHAME Adam  26 April 1747 Stevenston
CUNNINGHAME Frances  23 Sept. 1749 Stevenston  Salt officer? John Cunn
CUNNINGHAME George 13 Jan 1768 Stevenston  sailor in Stev. son to George Cunn
CUNNINGHAME Hugh  28 May 1765 Stevenston  sailor
CUNNINGHAME Janet  21 Feb 1754 Stevenston  John Cunninghame salt officer
CUNNINGHAME Janet  27 Jan 1761 Stevenston sailor spouse to Alex WRIGHT
CUNNINGHAME John  9 June 1758 Stevenston David Cunninghame shipmaster
CUNNINGHAME Margaret 15 May 1762 Stevenston widow in Saltcoats
CUNNINGHAME Mary 17 Feb 1754 Stevenston David Cunninghame shipmaster in Saltcoats
CUNNINGHAME Robert 17 September 1749 Stevenston sailor in Saltcoats
CUNNINGHAME William 22 Sept 1763 Stevenston shoemaker in Saltcoats
Curie William 6th of October 1811 
Currie  A child 19th November 1840  Fieldhouse Robert Currie
Currie  ANDREW  26 Dec 1886  Catrine Works  late cashier
Currie  Charles B buried 17th May 1851  Stewarton Tailor
Currie  George Sept 28 1872 Wood St. Catrine  6 months   single  illegitimate Margaret CURRIE (mill worker) Margaret CURRIE (mother)  cause- acute bronchitis
Currie  Robert buried 21st October 1850  Brown  Allan Brown
Currie Ann 25 Sepr 1786 Raithmill  Spouse to John Seminton
Currie Christina 7 September 1839  Upper Fenwick Daughter of James S. Currie Agnes Young
Currie David  27 Decr (November lined out) 1830  Roadwy dykes  one of the Elders of the Secession of this parish
Currie David 30 Decr 1813  Craigends farmer
Currie Elisabeth buried June 5th 1802  Blair Craig widow of John Brown
Currie James 21 Oct 1820  Dailly about 50  married Cancerous Affliction
Currie James February 1832 Stewarton  James Currie
Currie James 14th July Lint Brae parish of Stewarton 18th July 1827 
Currie James 9th November 1813 Podose infant John Currie
Currie Janet   22d  Burnhouses parish of Kilmarnock   here  Widow of the deceased John Brown  24 February 1830 
Currie Jannet Aprile 15th 1786 Land Brae Stewarton James Currie Janet Stevenson
Currie John  April 15 1857  age 55 years farm laborer married but spouse not given John CURRIE (dec) farm laborer Mary DODD (dec)  chronic bronchitis
Currie John 3d September 1821  Podose
Currie Margaret 4th February 1812  Podose John Currie
Currie Mary 2 Augt 1838  Gree Daughter of William Currie Janet Harvey
Currie Mary July 15 1860 Troon 48 Wife of a Seaman Married Thomas Aitken Shipmaster (dec) Mary Hunter (dec) David Currie Husband. 
Currie Matthew 5 November 1841 Crofthead of Gree 85 Farmer
Currie Mrs 11th September 1841 Crofthead Gree Matthew Currie
Currie Mrs 25 November 1840  Stewarton Widow of the late James Currie
Currie Robert 5th June 1839.  Gree son of William Currie Janet Harvey
Currie Robert 15 Febry 1837  Lintbrae- Stewarton
Currie Robert Fiday 16th March 1781 Raith Muir 
Currie Thomas 24 May 1803  Stewarton
Currie William January 21st 1806 Podose 52
Currie William Teusday 28th April 1772 Blair       
Curry  -----  27 Jun 1821  Glenmuir age 27  unmarried Consumption
Curry Elizabeth Thursday January 28th 1762 soldier  John Curry
Curry Helen January 18th 1770 spouse to William Buntyne
Curry Marg Novr 28th 1769 Burnhous Gruger  spouse to John Gemmil
Cuthber William buried 29 Decm 1847  Kirktown
Cuthberson William Thursday July 5th Grugar 
Cuthbert Andrew 3 March 1841  Kirktown
Cuthbert David 20 March 1841  Kirktown a child of the late David Cuthbert Janet Donald
Cuthbert infant son 2 Janry 1823  David Cuthbert Junr
Cuthbertson Ann 16 July 1817 weaver Wife to Hugh Wright Child bed. 
Cuthbertson Elizabeth Friday 30th May 1777 this Vilage    
Cuthbertson Elizabeth Thursday Janry 9th 1772 Raithmuir        spouse to Fulton James
Cuthbertson George d 27.12.1845 Fenwick 45y William Cuthbertson
Cuthbertson James 25th February Burnfoot 63 years.  Farmer 28th February 1827
Cuthbertson James 3d of June 1808 Langside aged 81 
Cuthbertson James Tuesday Aprile 13th 1762 Mosside Killmarnock paroch 
Cuthbertson Jean d 9.1.1853 ? Fenwick  8y single William Cuthbertson Barbara Galt
Cuthbertson Jean 1st January Chiphall Grocer Wife of Hugh Thomson 5th January 1830 
Cuthbertson Margaret Janry 4th 1804 Chip Hall Robert Cuthbertson
Cuthbertson Matthew 22 January 1812  Langside James Cuthbertson
Cuthbertson Mrs 27 September 1848  Kirktown
Cuthbertson Mrs Nov 24 1848 Kilmarnock
Cuthbertson Robert 23d Jun 1822  Grocer and Spirit Dealer
Cuthbertson William d 23.4.1833  Fenwick   67y farmer Toponthank - Kilmarnock William Cutherbertson
Cuthbertson William d 6.3.1853 Fenwick 59y William Cuthbertson
Cuthbertsone Mary Friday March 27th 1772 Townhead of Warnock land        spouse to John Sterling
Cuthbertsons  Ann Wednesday 26th Decr 1781 Town end of Warnock land  child John Cuthbertsons Agnes Gillis
Dale ? buried 23 Febr 1847  Rowallan A child of David Dale
Dale James buried 24 May 1847  Glasgow
Dale William 2 Sept 1872. Campbell St. Riccarton 15 yrs apprentice tinsmith single Hugh Dale engine keeper Margaret Armour Hugh Dale (father)  cause- Phthisis
Dalgety Black Simon d 1.1905 b 1.1842
Dalgleish Ann 22.11.1888 d Auchtermuchty 77 wife of James Brown
Dalgliesh Janet 24th November Greenhill wife of Robert Clark  28th Novr 1826. 
DALGLIESH  Elizabeth Sept. 10 1832
DALGLISH  Mrs. ROBERT  4 Feb 1890  Sorn  postmistress
Dalrymple child Apr. 26 1830 Andrew DALRYMPLE's child 
Daly Janet Gebbie  November 14 1857 Orchard St Galston  7 weeks  Single  Michael Daly  Cotton Weaver Janet Duncan  Father. 
Dalziel  Gavin buried 28th December 1850  Crawfurdland
Dalziel Andrew 12 September 1837  Hurlsheugh son of Gavin Dalziel Martha Currie
Dalziel Jane  March 11 1862 Auchinleck 68  Farmer Widow of John Dalziel William Murdock Mason (dec) Agnes Campbell (dec) James Murdock
Dalziel Mrs buried 29th December 1846  A vagrant
Dalziel William 27 March 1838 Fennwicktown aged 
Davidson  John 1 Jun 1872 Wood St. Catrine 1 Month  single illegitimate  Elizabeth DAVIDSON (domestic servant) Helen DAVIDSON (grandmother)  cause- Erysepelas
Davidson  JOHN  20 Mar 1860  Catrine Works  dresser
Davidson  Walter buried 31st July 1852  Stuart Muirend Land
Davidson Andrew 17 Dec 1820  Kilgramy 60  married Inflamation Bowels
Davidson Claude 10 April 1838   Muirend a child of Walter Davidson Margaret Davidson
Davidson Janet Auchlinleck age 11 years Hugh DAVIDSON shoemaker Agnes TEMPLETON  (dec) 
Davidson Joseph  April 18 1857 age 75 coal miner  married but spouse not given James DAVIDSON (dec)  coal miner Margaret McMURTRIE (dec)  paralysis 6 weeks
DAVIES  WILLIAM  Jan 1871 Catrine  bookseller
Deaghin Janet  March 13 1859 at Chappell Well Street Saltcoats  20 months  Single  John Deaghin  Railway (?) Servant Hannah Miller  John Deaghin  Father (X). 
Deal Isobel Saturday 30th Octr 1779 kirktown 
Deal Mary Friday February 17th 1764  of the Kirk 
Deans Agnes  September 28 1857  Low Glencairn St Kilmarnock 45  Widow of a Labourer  Parents unknown  Thomas Russell  Sick Inspector. 
Deans Elizabeth  December 11 1862 Kilbirnie 6  Single  Robert Deans  Iron Miner  Elizabeth Hood (or Wood) Elizabeth Hood (or Wood) Mother. 
Dearie William  April 3 1856 Low Glencairn St. Kilmarnock 30  Calico Printer Single  Archibald Dearie  Shoemaker  Mary Donahie  Archibald Dearie(father) 
Dempster Infant Sept. 1 1828 child of J Dempster 
Dempster Mary  November 13 1856 Peasweep. Dalry  2 1/2 years Single  Robert Dempster  Iron Miner  Margaret McPherson  Robert Dempster (father)
Derbie Janet  May 8 1863 Kirkton 14  (Fenwick) Single  Hugh Derbie  Shoemaker  Janet Richmond  Hugh Derbie
Derbie Jean buried 1st February 1847  Kirktown Daughter of Hugh Derbie
Dick John 22.7.1910 Stair 6mths grandson of John McWhirter & Eliz Brown
Dick William 11 November 1841  Upper Fenwick
Dick? Margaret Thursday Desember 1 1759 ?haws
Dickie Alexander  7 Febry 1837   Waterside Woolspinner
Dickie David 16 Augt 1837  Kilmarnock
Dickie David January 14th 1826 Horsehill Peter Dickie Croup 
Dickie David 11th September 1821  Horsehill
Dickie George June 17 1860 Irvine 66 Widower George Dickie Blacksmith (dec) Margaret McClatchie (dec) ?? Dickie Son. 
Dickie James 14.6.1773  Horsehill 45y husband of James Dickie
Dickie James d 14.6.1773  Horsehill 45y husband of Margaret Gemmell
Dickie James June 26th 1773 hors hill    
Dickie James 12th (Septr) 1771 Horsehill     Child John Dickie
Dickie Jean 28.7.1884 Fenwick.  82y wife of Matthew Gemmell
Dickie Jean d 28.7.1884 82y wife of Matthew Gemmill
Dickie John labourer
Dickie John 6th May 1812  Fenwick town Alexander Dickie weaver
Dickie Mary Dunlop  March 26 1864 Kilmaurs 3 James Dickie Mary Raeburn 
Dickie Matthew 20th May 1837  Waterside son of the late Alexander Dickie Margaret Wyllie
Dickie Thomas 26 December 1812  Town head Alexander Dickie weaver
Dickson  James December 13 1860 Kilmarnock 14 months Single William Dickson Labourer  Margaret McNairn William Dickson Father. 
DOAK  JOHN  6 Apr 1886 Catrine  Catrine Works
Docherty Patrick  August 6  1861 Kilwinning  5 months  Single  William Docherty  Coal Miner  Margaret Campbell  William Docherty  Father. 
Donald Andrew 7 Jan 1857 Alton, Loudoun 77
Donald Andrew July 19 1860 Kilmarnock 5 years/8 months Single John Donald Cabinet Maker  Margaret Anderson John Donald Father. 
Donald James 26 Oct 1852 Loudoun 36 Andrew Donald Margaret Morton
Donald Janet 27 Mar 1852 Loudoun 27 Andrew Donald Margaret Morton
Donald Margaret October 18 1860 Loudoun 71 Widow of an Agricultural Labourer Mathew Morton Landed Proprietor (dec) May Richmond (dec) John Donald Son. 
Donald Robert  April 4 1857 Broomhill Kilwinning 42  Farmer  Single  William Donald  Farmer  Ann Craig (dec)  William Donald - brother
Donald Robert Sept. 10 1832
Donald Widow Sept. 10 1832
Donaldson Susannah  February 12 1855 Maybole Born Clagher or Clogher  Co. Tyrone - Ireland 72 Spouse: Alexander Donaldson - 5 children - 3 living  Charles Lisk Susannah (no maiden name given)
Dougall Robert  August 29 1855 Ayr Born in Newton 1 yr 6mos Robert Dougall Agnes Buchanan (dec)
Douglass Hugh 7.4.1893 d Drongan Cott 73 John Douglass Jan Brown
Douglass John 1.2.1853 fr Carston 81  husband of Jan Brown
Drema infant child 14 Febry 1823  Hors-hill Peter Drema?
Drummond James October 24 1832 Fulton Upper Fenwick 73 John  William Drummond Jean Anderson 27/10/1832
Dryburgh Robert  March 13 1859 6 Green St Kilmarnock  13 months  Single  Robert Dryburgh  Blacksmith Ann Richmond  Robert Dryburgh  Father. 
DUFF James 18 May 1820  Dailly 6 mths  infant son of John Croup
DUFFUS  THOMAS  24 Jan 1858  Catrine Works  mechanic
DUNCAN  JAMES  31 Mar 1868  Catrine Works  mason
DUNCAN  Mary 12 Nov 1872 Saltcoats 87 yrs widow of Robert Duncan (carter) Crawford farmer (deceased) Lillias Crawford (deceased) wit:Archd Duncan (son)  cod fracture of neck of ? nine years.Old  generally
DUNCAN  ROBERT  7 Jun 1869  Catrine Works  mason
Dunlevy James  November 21 1856 Soulis St. Kilmarnock  6 months Single John Dunlevy  Labourer Jean Kennedy John Dunlevy(father)
Dunlevy Jean  September 22 1863 Kilmarnock 27  Labourer  Married to John Dunlevy  Kennedy  (dec) mother unknown  James Dunlevy
Dunlop  Adam buried 29th August 1850  Thorn Farmer & Horse Dealer
Dunlop Agnes buried 15th July 1845  Bringend Kilmarnock
Dunlop Alexander 3 Apr 1863 Benthouse, Fenwick 70 farmer married: Janet Taylor John Dunlop farmer (decd) Mary Young (decd) John Dunlop - nephew Suicide by strangulation
Dunlop Alexr Sepr 16 1765 horsehill 
Dunlop Child 25 Janry 1806  Skirnieland David Dunlop
Dunlop Child 8th Do 1773 Wals town     James Dunlop
Dunlop David buried 30 Augt. 1842  Gree Farmer
Dunlop David 16th May 1807  Skirniland David Dunlop
Dunlop David 12 April 1812 David Dunlop Janet Stewart Measles 
Dunlop David 8th May 1809 Hag hous 12 years  James Dunlop
Dunlop David March 10th 1774 Craigens       
Dunlop Elisabeth 18th November 1813 Craigends a young women Robert Dunlop fever
Dunlop Elizabeth 8 December 1837  Laighmuir Daughter of Hugh Dunlop Jean McKay
Dunlop Francis 31 December 1826 Crooksmill Parish of Kilmarnock 84    2 Jany 1827
Dunlop James buried 24 August 1844  Mearns
Dunlop James 18/10/1826 Haghouse 27th October 1826. 
Dunlop James 1st March 1806 Stewarton Infant  Andrew Dunlop Margaret Steven
Dunlop James 5th Febry. 1818 Gree ninety  Farmer
Dunlop James Wednesday Novr 24th 1759 Gardrum Miln 
Dunlop Jane  March 5 1864 Kilmaurs 73 Unmarried Robert Dunlop (dec) Margaret Wyllie (dec)
Dunlop Janet  7th December shoemaker wife of William Steel  Consumption  9th Decr 1826
Dunlop Janet 30th June 1807 Brierbush 20th year 
Dunlop Jean Feb 20 1841  Kirktown Daughter of the late Matthew Dunlop Jean Fulton
Dunlop Jean 23 June 1828 Bringan parish of Kilk Farmer William Dunlop 25th June 1828 
Dunlop Jean 3d July 1824  Pokelly Well Robert Dunlop
Dunlop Jean 26th September 1810 Brae 95
Dunlop Jean 2d Febry 1787  Kirktown Matthew Dunlop Jean Fulton
Dunlop Jean Wednesday 14th Feby 1782 Benthouse
Dunlop Jean  Wensday the 25 of February 1761 Clonfin 
Dunlop John 13 Sep 1863 Highfield, Fenwick 83 Farmer married: Agnes Paton John Dunlop farmer (decd) Ann Craig James Dunlop - son General debility
Dunlop John 4 May 1864 Warnocland, Fenwick 75 farmer married: Jean Graham John Dunlop farmer (decd) Mary Young (decd) George Dunlop - son mental faculties gone for several years
Dunlop John 5th September 1840  Margaret Currie son of David Dunlop
Dunlop John 12th August Raithill 84 Farmer He was a Widower his wife Anne Craig died about 38 years ago   14 August 1830
Dunlop John 3d September 1824 Fenwick 13 widow of John Orr Taylor
Dunlop John May 13th 1771 Tay burn       
Dunlop John Tuesday June 8th 1762 Fenwick kirk Alex Dunlop small pox 
Dunlop John Saturday March 19th 1761 Wallstown  Robert Dunlop
Dunlop John Brown 13 April 1837  Midland son of Francis Graham
Dunlop Julia buried 28 March 1848  High Todhill Daughter of the late James Dunlop in Brierbush
Dunlop Margaret 17 September 1842  Daughter of Matthew Dunlop in Craigendunton
Dunlop Margaret 1st November Kilmarnock Widow of the late George Galt  4th Novr 1828 
Dunlop Margaret 1st February 1820 James Dunlop Martha Young
Dunlop Margaret 16 January 1793  Kirktown Matthew Dunlop Jean Fulton
Dunlop Margret Aprile 3d 1769 Toe Burn 
Dunlop Marien 18th February 1817 Fenwick 80 years  late weaver Widow of William Buntin
Dunlop Martha 25th August Farmer in Hill wife of James Murchland Consumption   28th August 1830
Dunlop Martha 31st August 1824 Fenwick
Dunlop Martha 15 April 1804  Benthouse  Widow of John Young
Dunlop Mary buried 4 April 1848  Warnockland Daughter to John Dunlop
Dunlop Mary Gree buried 26 June 1847 
Dunlop Mary buried 11 July 1844  Floak
Dunlop Mary 31 December 1840  Brierbush Daughter of the late James Dunlop Jane Orr
Dunlop Mary 8th Augt 1838  Well Daughter of James Dunlop Margaret Dunlop
Dunlop Mary Teusday 20th Octr 1778 Benthouse       
Dunlop Mary  May 27 1863 Midland (Fenwick)  66  Farmer Married to Francis Dunlop  George Graham  Farmer (dec)  Jean Brown (dec) George Dunlop
Dunlop Matthew Feb 18 1841  Upper Fenwick son of John Dunlop
Dunlop Matthew 30 May 1822  Causway foot
Dunlop Mrs buried 2nd June 1851  Upper Fenwick
Dunlop Mrs buried 21 April 1843  Widow of the late Robert Dunlop Burnhouse
Dunlop Robert 23 Fbry 1841  Floak parish of Mearns son of Robert Dunlop Jean Currie
Dunlop Robert 7 April 1818 Burn hows an old man 
Dunlop Robert 6th of August 1810 Artnock
Dunlop Robert Teusday 30th March 1773 Walston parish of Kilmarnock       
Dunlop Robert January 15th 1765 walstoun  Robert Dunlop
Dunlop Robt 26.4.1876  Catrine 46
Dunlop un-named  15 June 1856 Old Foundry Row. Wallacetown 1? of an hour  single Robert DUNLOP  Coal Miner Mary HENDERSON father
Dunlop William buried 8th November 1847  Bringend parish of Kilmarnock 
Dunlop William 23 June 1838  Kilmarnock farmer
Dunlop William 14 August 1838 son of the said James Dunlop Margaret Dunlop
Dunlop William Novr 3rd 1767 Kirktown? Glasock 
Dunlop Junr James 24 May 1815  Gree
Dunn Dan March 14th 1771 Rowallan    James Dunn
Dyer George  May 7 1856 Welbeck (?) St. Kilmarnock 4 Single George Dyer  Calico Printer Maryann (not given) George Dyer(father)
DYET Elizabeth  20 Nov 1760 Stevenston spouse to John Dyet
DYET John 5 March 1816  Stevenston weaver in Stev
DYET John  26 Dec 1772 Stevenston brazer
DYET John  23 Feb. 1770 Stevenston  John Dyet
DYET Magdalen 16 Dec 1799  Stevenston Thomas Dyet
DYET Robert 12 April 1774  Stevenston brazer
DYET Robert  17 March 1761 Stevenston  Robert Dyet Janet PINKERTON
DYET Robert  24 July 1772 Stevenston  Robert Dyet
Dykes Janet d 3.1808 Fenwick married to John Tannahill
Dykes Janet 8th March 1808  Kirk town Wife of John Tannahill
Easdon Jean  January 3 1856 Darvel 38 Married Robert Muir  Muslin Weaver  Christian Lawson  James Muir (brother)
Eaton Janet 1st April 1815 Field Hous wife to Robert Currie
Edgar Christian (female) November 25 1855 Muirkirk Born in Muirkirk 55 Spouse. James Rennie - no children listed  Robert Edgar (dec) Agnes Findlay (dec)
Edward Carvell  March 8 1859 40 Ships Cook Married  Hugh Campbell  Nailer (dec) no mothers name given  J. McNabb  Master of the ship.  on ship "Colin Campbell" of Belfast
ESDALE David 2 Oct 1787  Stevenston coalheaver in Stev  William Esdale
ESDALE James 1 March 1762 Stevenston William Esdale coalheaver in Stevenston
ESDALE John 6 May 1782  Stevenston Coalheaver William Esdale Jnr
Esdale John 17 May 1837  Fennwicktown
ESDALE Robert 29 Jan 1781  Stevenston coalheaver Robert Esdale
ESDALE Robert Dec 1787  Stevenston coalheaver  Robert Esdale
ESDALE William 26 Feb 1790  Stevenston coalheaver in Stevenston
ESDALE William 22 April 1820  Stevenston collier in Stev
Fairlie John  d 29.5.1859 Fenwick 82y for upwards of 55y schoolmaster of this par & elder of this church married toMargaret Burns
Fairlie Margaret d 26.12.1816 Fenwick  2y6m schoolmaster single John Fairlie Margaret Burns
Fairlie Margaret 26 December 1816 3rd year Schoolmaster Mr. Fairlie
Fairlie Marion Pollock d 3.10.1842 Fenwick 33y schoolmaster  single John Fairlie Margaret Burns
Fairlie Marion Pollock 3 day of October 1842 Coatbridge Schoolmaster Daughter of John Fairlie Margaret Burns his wife Fenwick
Fairlie Mary Ann 19 April 1837 School master Daughter of Mr John Fairlie Margaret Burns
Fairlie Mary Anne d 19.4.1837 Fenwick  17y schoolmaster  single John Fairlie Margaret Burns
Fairlie Armstrong George  August 27 1857  Parish of Kilmarnock  7 months  Single  John Armstrong  Miner  Janet Wilson  Thomas Hendry  Sexton. 
Falconer Jean  September 4 1857 Henrietta St Galston 50  wife of a plasterer Charles Campbell  Bleacher (dec) ?? Cumming (dec)  Husband. 
FARQUHAR  Miss JANE GRAY  25 Mar 1884 Catrine  Gilmilnscroft
Farquhar Agnes   13 July 1830 1830   Fenwicktown    Wife of William Dalziel
Farrel Margaret  July 18 1855 Galston Born in Galston 26  Spouse: Samuel Farrel (dec) Left William  4 and Katherine  2  William Ram (dec) Catherine Bryden (dec)
Faulds Agnes d 21.2.1753 56y 
Faulds John d 15.9.1758 91y
Fawlds Jean first of Febr 1802 Burn head Spouse to James Taylor
Fenton Christina  February 10 1856 Robertson Place. Kilmarnock  9 months Single Thomas Fenton  Calico Printer  Sophia Park  Thomas Fenton(father) 
Ferguson Adam 18 Dec 1775 Craisland - buried Crosbie Churchyard farmer
Ferguson Alexander 17 Apr 1852 Roanhill
Ferguson Allan 23 Aug 1865 Craigbank. New Cumnock 27  Coal Miner married to Jean McWHINNIE  James FERGUSON (deceased) Coal Miner Anne HAMILTON James FERGUSON (brother)
Ferguson Ann 27 Jan 1872 3 Dunlop St Kilmarnock 48yrs widow of George FERGUSON (labourer) John? DONACHIE  labourer decd Rebecca CRAIG John DONACHIE - brother
Ferguson Ann 12 Nov 1827 at Lavemill
Ferguson James 6 May 1856 Ayr Barracks 25  Private Royal Ayr Rifles  single James FERGUSON decd Weaver Elizabeth NAIRN Ian? FERGUSON (brother)
Ferguson James 13 June 1856 St Quivox House of Refuge 80  Molecatcher  widower unknown  William HILL (Sub-Inspector of Poor. St Quivox)
Ferguson Jane 11 Aug 1850  Irvine
Ferguson Janet 15 Feb 1850 Old Rome
Ferguson Janet 2 May 1769 Craisland - bur Crosbie Adam Ferguson farmer
Ferguson Janet  January 3 1860 Kilmarnock 21 Single Edward Ferguson Clothier  Sarah Cowan (dec) Edward Ferguson Father. 
Ferguson Jean 31 Jan 1850 Old Rome
Ferguson Jean Agust 17th 1787  Kiln in this parish Widow
Ferguson John 26 Jan 1843 Dundonald  William  a waggoner
Ferguson John 6 May 1825.  Tannacrieff
Ferguson Margaret 24 Jul 1820  Mitton  married  G McCULLOCH Consumption
Ferguson Margaret 31 Jan 1840 Lavemill spouse was Thomas Mathieson
Ferguson Marion  July 16 1856 Borland. Parish of Kilmarnock 62 Married James Rankin  Farmer Helen Ferguson  George Littlejohn (relationship not noted)  
Ferguson Mary 9 Jan 1818 Leithmill spouse = James Andrew
Ferguson Mary April 18 1860 Kilmarnock 26 Wife of a Cabinet Maker Married Archibald Mitchell Cabinet Maker  Jean Richmond Arch Mitchell Father. 
Ferguson Mary Elizabeth 20 May 1872 Bellfield Gates Riccarton 11 yrs single Robert Ferguson coachman servant Janet Hamilton (deceased) Robert Ferguson cause- inflammation of bowel
Ferguson Robert  September 5 1857 Tanyard Kilwinning 77  Coal Miner  Widower  Alexander Ferguson  Coal Miner (dec) Janet Ralston (dec) Alexander Ferguson - son
Ferguson Robert 26 Novr 1814  Brae
Ferguson William 12 August 1865 Burnside parish of Beith 66 widower of Janet FLEMING  Robert FERGUSON  Farmer Elspeth PATON Elspeth FERGUSON - daughter
Ferguson William 13 Sep 1842
Ferguson William 2 Feb 1786 Fullartoune - bur Crosbie a smith
Fergusson James  9 Sep 1866 River St. St Quivox 89  Slater  widower of Janet HAY William FERGUSSON decd Farmer Marion HARPER David FERGUSSON - son
Fergusson James 15 October 1864 Low Mainholm - St Quivox Parish aged 66  Coal Miner married to Ann HAMILTON Allan FERGUSSON decd Pit Manager Mary JACK decd Samuel Taylor-neighbour
Fergusson Margaret  December 20 1863 Cumnock 2  Single  John Fergusson  Iron Miner  Elizabeth Pollock  John Fergusson
Fergusson Mary  22 October 1864 Low Mainholm - St Quivox Parish 93 widow of Allan FERGUSSON - Pit Manager William JACK  decd Carrier Jane JAMIESON decd William FERGUSON - grandson
Ferrels Peter  March 7 1857 Byers Kilwinning Single  20 months  Iron Dresser  Thomas Ferrels  Janet Rilley  Thomas Ferrels
Findlay  FRANCIS  16 Jan 1854 Catrine  joiner and cabinetmaker
Findlay  FRANCIS  25 jan 1880  Catrine Works  cashier
Findlay child 1832 Sept. 4 son of George FINDLAY 
Findlay Hugh May 2 1860 Darvel 31 yrs/5 mths/12 days Shoemaker Journeyman Single William Findlay Muslin Weaver (dec) Isobel Montgomery John Findlay Brother. 
Findlay Jean Tuesday December 29th 1762 Church Officer  Spouse to Matthew Houat
Findlay John  Oct.7 1857 age 45  innkeeper George FINDLAY (dec)  farmer Ellen SAMSON (dec)  Delirium Tremens
Findlay Margaret  July 26 1856 Crooksholm (?). parish of Kilmarnock 13 Single  Alexander Findlay  Coal Miner  Janet Richmond  Alexander Findlay(father) 
Findlay Thomas January 27 1855 Sorn Born in Sorn 12 yrs & 3 mos James Findlay Margaret Richmond (dec)
Finlay Jean d 27.12.1761 70y
Fiscal Ellen Gebbie  January 14 1862 Darvel 79  Single  John Gebbie  Blacksmith (Master)and ??? Merchant (dec)  Janet Richmond (dec) John Stirling  Nephew. 
Fisher  John 1 May 1872 Newstreet Riccarton 13 Years single Robert Fisher pitheadman Sarah Tannock (deceased) Robert Fisher (father) cause- Phthisis for 3 months
Fisher  Sarah 7 Jan 1872 21 mths Riccarton single Robert Fisher pitheadman Sarah Tannock (deceased) Robert Fisher (father) cause- teething fever for 3 months
FITZPATRICK Margaret 2 Jan 1821 Currah.Dailly  Hugh Fitzpatrick
FITZSIMMONDS  WILLIAM  21 Feb 1862 Catrine  Catrine Bleaching Works
Fleming  child Feb 1821  Dailly  Nursery James Fleming
Fleming  ROBERT  9 Mar 1862 Catrine  draper
Fleming Elizabeth 25.6.1811-23.10.1896 Catrine wife of Hugh Miller
Fleming Jean 25 March 1806 Glasgow Jean MacInon
Fleming Martha 21 January 1811  Kirk town
Flemming Robert  January 6 1859 Darvel  3 months  Single  Thomas Fleming  Carrier  Agnes Mair  Thomas Fleming
Fletcher Jean  June 12 1863 Kilwinning 72  Shoemaker  Widow of George Fletcher  James Richmond  Tailor (dec)  Mary Wylie (dec) Mathew Richmond  Brother. 
Fletcher Joseph  February 12 1856 Strand St. Kilmarnock  14 months Single Andrew Fletcher  Surfaceman Jane Sloss (or Stoss) Andrew Fletcher(father). 
Fletcher William  April 7  1861 Kilwinning 35  Shoemaker Journeyman  Married to Margaret Jack  George Fletcher  Shoemaker (dec)  Jean Richmond.  Mathew Richmond Uncle
FLINN  JOHN  5 May 1864 Catrine  grocer
Flinn Mary  May 8  1861 Kilmarnock  20 hours  Single  Hugh Flinn  Labourer  Mary McGarvie  Hugh Flinn  Grandfather (X)
Forgsholl? Elizabeth Tuesday the 13th of January 1761 the kirk 
FORSYTH Margt  3.11.1842-27.5.1883 Catrine 2nd Wife of Jason Miller 
Foulds Andrew  7/9/1843  of Clerkland 47
Foulds Hugh  6/12/1865   Lochrighills 66
Foulds John Tuesday May 11th 1762 Kirk stile 
Foulds Matthew 24 September 1820 Grassyards Weaver Dropsy 
Fowlds  Andrew buried 13th May 1851  Kirktown Collector of Road money
Fowlds  John Wodensday 26th July 1780 Crielshough 
Fowlds Agnes Teusday the 27th of July 1761 Blaklaw Stewartown paroch 
Fowlds Alan March 19th 1770 Grassyards Twin Child of Matthew Fowlds
Fowlds Allan  8/5/1842  Kilmarnock 47
Fowlds Allan  9/6/1847  Kilmarnock 47  seedsman
Fowlds Andrew  7/5/1851  Fenwick 52  cooper
Fowlds Andrew Aprile 4th 1769 Crielshugh 
Fowlds George 26.11.1830 Fenwick 18y Matthew Fowlds Mary Smith
Fowlds George 26th Greystaneknow Matthew Fowlds Mary Smith  29 November 1830 
Fowlds Helen 17 October  1840 Upper Fenwick being Widow of the late John Fowlds in Harelaw
Fowlds James 13.2.1748 Laighmuir 69 husband of Mary Taylor
Fowlds James d Fenwick 78y husband of Jane Boyle  father to John Fowlds
Fowlds James  d 13.2.1748 Laighmuir 69y married to Mary Taylor 
Fowlds James d a 78y mo Jane Boyle d a 52y; 
Fowlds James 21 Novr 1805  Creels Heugh Andrew Fowlds
Fowlds James Decr 28th 1769 Grasyards    A Twin Son to Matthew Fowlds
Fowlds Janet Teusday 8th Decr 1772 ?hou?    
Fowlds John 11 September 1849 Upper Fenwick
Fowlds John 23/01/1847  Auchans 47  gamekeeper
Fowlds John d 5.?.? husband of Janet Gemmell
Fowlds John 5th Sepr 1812 Herlaw 85
Fowlds John Thursday the 20 of March 1760 grasyeards 
Fowlds Margaret  3d March 1825 Dropsy 
Fowlds Matthew 1820 Fenwick 58y weaver Greystonknowe husband of Mary Smith Matthew Fowlds Sarah Brown
Fowlds Matthew 1791 Greystone-knowe  Mason & Wright husband of Sarah Brown
Fowlds Matthew d 1820 weaver Greystonknowe 58y husband of Mary Smith  son of James Fowlds & Mary Taylor. 
Fowlds Mrs 16th May 1849  weaver Graystone Know wife of Matthew Fowlds
Fowlds Junr John 4th of September 1803  Herlaw
Fowlds or Fawlds John  17/5/1860   Dyke Mill 60
Fowlds or Reid Margaret Wallacetown 30/06/1867 67
Fowlds or Waterston Flora  23/10/1865  Fenwick 66
Fowlis Mary Janry 21st 1765 hurlchoch
Fraser Mrs Abigail Stewart 18 November 1840  Marchbank died Riccarton Widow of the late William Fraser
FRATER(?) Christian Jan. 28 1829 wife of James TEMPLETON
FRAZER  JOHN  7 Apr 1860 Catrine  builder
Frazer Elizabeth August 13th 1774 Crawfordland     William Frazer
Frazer John 1st October 1804 March bank 1yr 7mths William Frazer
Frazer John Novr 13th 1767 Gardnerm Crawford ?  William Frazer 
Frazer Margaret 1812   58y wife of John Gemmell
Frazer Margaret d 1812 58y wife of John Gemmell
Frazer Margaret 2 November 1812  Fenwick Town wife to John Gemmel
Frazer William 3rd July 1810 Marchbank advanced age
Frew  William 13 April 1872  at Annbank  2 years William Frew coal miner Agnes  Baird Archibald Frew (uncle)   cause Hooping cough
Frew Agnes 10 Jan 1774  Stevenston coalheaver spouse to David Marshall
Frew Alex  26 Aug 1812 Stevenston  John Frew servant in Grange
Frew Ann Howie 02-May-01 48 wife of John Robertson Crawford 
Frew Catherine 7 May 1818  Stevenston David Frew
Frew David 13 March 1814  Stevenston coalheaver in Stev
Frew Isabella  March 3  1861 Kilwinning 69  Coal Miner  Married to David Frew  Robert Arnot  Coal Miner (dec)  Janet Mitchel (dec) David Frew  Husband (X)
Frew James 14 Oct 1781  Stevenston a smith  William Frew
Frew John 2 May 1816  Stevenston  deceased John Frew in Stev
Frew John  27 Oct 1812 Stevenston coalheaver in Stevenston killed by accident 
Frew John 10 July 1898 at ArdeerLodge 74
Frew Mary 28 March 1810  Stevenston coalheaver  John Frew
Frew Robert 7 April 1799 Stevenston coalheaver
Frew Thomas 26 April 1773  Stevenston coalheaver in Stevenston
Frew William 7 May 1807  Stevenston David Frew Stev
Frew William Apr 1782  Stevenston smith William Frew
Fulton  Alexander 11 May 1850  Upper Fenwick Shoemaker
Fulton  Matthew buried 22 December 1862  son of the late Andrew Fulton Kirktown Shoemaker
Fulton Agnes d 13.3.1879 Dalraith 67y married to James Taylor
Fulton Andrew 17/08/1828 Kirktown six years  Andrew Fulton Margaret Gemmell 19 August 1828
Fulton Ann d 1.4.1877 Kilmarnock 80y
Fulton David buried 23 March 1848  Raithmill son to John Fulton
Fulton Elisabeth 18th January 1825.  Kirkton James Fulton Margaret Galt
Fulton Elizabeth Jany 16th 1786 Skirnieland   Spouse to John Adam
Fulton George 6.9.1843 Sorn age 84 husband of Jan Brown
Fulton George 29 Augt 1838  Upper Fenwick son of Alexander Fulton Agnes Wallace
Fulton infant  July 31 1819 Fenwick Town Shoemaker James Fulton
Fulton Infant 7th Febry. 1817  Fenwick Robert Fulton
Fulton James 22nd November 1832 Kirktown 68 18th November 1832
Fulton James 30th September Kirktown  Aged eight years.  James Fulton Margaret Galt 4th Octr 1828
Fulton James 2nd June Kirkton 24th  William Fulton Anne Andrew 4th June 1828
Fulton James 13th January Kirkt  Shoemaker Andrew Fulton Junior 16th January 1827. 
Fulton James 17 April 1822 Alexander Fulton
Fulton James 28th April 1773 Raithmuir        
Fulton Janet 19 July 1822 Kirktown 79th year  Widow
Fulton Jean Newlands of Kilmaurs Andrew Fulton Janet Brown
Fulton John  d 18.5.1854 Fenwick  54y constructor of the Orrery now in the Kelvingrove museum - Glasgow Thomas Fulton
Fulton John 10th May Kirkton 24 mason James Fulton Margaret Galt Consumption  14th May 1828
Fulton John  14 May 1831 Fenwick town  shoemaker
Fulton John Orr d 14.9.1873  Orange Free State - S Africa  27y married to Agnes Jamieson Thomas Fullton
Fulton Margaret buried 26 August 1843  Upper Fenwick
Fulton Margaret  18th  Chiphall    Widow of the late Robert Tannahill  Consumption   21st April 1830
Fulton Margaret 1st April 1817  Fenwick shoe maker James Fulton
Fulton Mary 7 September 1840  Raithmill Daughter of John Fulton
Fulton Mary Kirktown of Fenwick William Fulton
Fulton Mrs buried 24 October 1843  Upper Fenwick
Fulton Mrs. Fulton buried 28 June 1842  Fenwicktown
Fulton Robert 26 July 1841 Fennwicktown 69th 
Fulton Robert Boyd d 24.8.1838 25y 
Fulton Robert Boyd 27 Augt 1838  Fenwick son of Robert Fulton Janet Gemmell
Fulton Thomas d 1.12.1867 Fenwick  60y Married Agnes Jamieson
Fulton William  d 20.4.1810  Fenwick  66y late shoemaker
Fulton William 20th April 1810 Kirk town Shoe maker
Fulton William Aprile 19th 1786 Kirktown   Shoemaker William Fulton
Fulton 29 December 1838  Fennwicktown A child of Thomas Fulton
Fulton Senr John 24th Febry. 1818 Kiln 82 years  Shoemaker
Fultons Charlotte Wedensday 10th Sept 1777 Kirktown     John Fultons
Fultons Mary 28th Novr 1778 Fenwick  Child Robert Fultons Junr
GAIR Alexander 10 Aug 1865 Garnevehill?.New Cumnock 60  Coal Miner;  Single William GAIR (deceased) Coal Miner Janet REID (deceased) George GAIR (brother)
Galla or Galloway James August 6 1861 Girvan about 40 Farm Servant Married to Margaret Raffarty James Galla or Galloway Collier (dec) Margaret Richmond (dec) Cannot read the signature Occupier. 
Gallacher Agnes December s27 1862 Newmilns   3 yrs & 7 mos. Single Parents names not given
Galloway Ann  July 30 1856 Robertson Pl. Kilmarnock 2  Single  Michael Galloway  Shoemaker  Jean MacIntosh  Michael Galloway(father)
Galt  Mrs 15 June 1850 Upper Fenwick
Galt Adam buried 27 March 1844  Upper Fenwick
Galt Allan d 5.2.1873 Fenwick  84y married (1st wife)Margaret Galt
Galt Allan 24th Feby 1808 Townend of Warnockland
Galt Barbara d 16.5.1853 84y 
Galt Elizabeth Tuesday 2d April 1776 Murrays parish of Kilmarnock    
Galt James 19 December 1823 a child of James Galt
Galt Jean buried on the 6th of December 1842  Daughter of the late James Galt and Elizabeth Steel died on the 3 and
Galt Margaret d 26.3.1842 Fenwick  46y married - Allan Galt
Galt Margaret d 26.11.1856 5y Fenwick single Alan Galt Margaret Galt
Galt Margaret died 26 March 1842 aged 46 wife of Allan Galt Wright in Upper Fenwick  buried 30th
Galt Mary  3d February  Kirkt 8 years  James Galt Water in the Head.  5th February 1827
Galt Mrs 12 February 1848  Beith
Galt Mrs buried 20 March 1844  wife of Adam(?) Galt Wright in Upper Fenwick
Galt William  January 11 1856 Aitken St. Dalry  4 weeks Single James Galt  Mill Wright Janet Fleming  James Galt (father)
Gammel Elizabeth  April 26th 1787 Fenwick town John Gammel
Gammel John Agust 27th 1786 Rose Toun weaver
Gammel Margt April 14th 1788  Kilmanock - Fenwick
Gammel William 3rd Jany 1782 Drumbow
Gardiner James  December 2  1861 Kilmarnock 71  Weaver  Married to Ann Houston  Malcolm Gardiner  Sailor (dec)  (not known) John Anderson Son in law
Garret James  November 27 1856 Main St. Newmilns 77  Coal Miner Widow  Hugh Garret  Agricultural Labourer (deceased) Margaret Jenkine (deceased)  John McNaughton (Son-in-law)
Garven Agnes Wednesday October 31 1764 Burn 
Garven Elisabeth 27th of June 1802  Old hall
Garven George 14 Octr 1822 Stewarton
Garven Hugh Agust 27th 1786 Burn John Garven
Garven John Octr 10 1840  Galeside parish of Stewarton son of John Garven
Garven Margaret Tuesday the 31st of March 1761 Burn  Georg Garven
Gebbie Agnes  March 20 1862 Kilmarnock 77  Spinster  Francis Gebbie  Shoemaker (dec)  Elizabeth Campbell (dec) Matthew Young  Nephew. 
Gebbie Andrew  July 1 1856 Darvel 80  Flax Dresser Single  John Gebbie  Iron and Flax Merchant (deceased) Janet Richmond (deceased) Nicol Gebbie (Nephew)
Geffen Janet   married David Muir (2nd)
Gemell William  11/8/59   Saltcoats 60  draper
Gemmel Agnes 6th December 1841  John Picken in Glassock
Gemmel Agnes 16th April 1807  Cloich Widow of John Young
Gemmel Agnes 2nd October 1814  Dag hilloch Widow of Gabriel Anderson Smith
Gemmel Alexander 5th August 1823  Drumbowie  John Gemmel
Gemmel Alexander 10th of January 1804  Arness
Gemmel Alexr 3rd June 1822  Amlaird
Gemmel Alexr June 3d 1771 Drum bowie       John Gemmel
Gemmel Andrew 16th June 1805  Am Laird Alexander Gemmel
Gemmel Child Thursday February 18th 1762 Grougar the paroch of Killmarnock  Matthew Gemmels
Gemmel David Saturday 4th Jully 1767 Townend of Warnockland 
Gemmel Hugh 8th January 1812  Tod hill John Gemmel
Gemmel Hugh  9th June 1809  Darwhilling a child
Gemmel Hugh Saturday 11th June 1774 Crielshough  Thomas Gemmel
Gemmel Hugh ?day 22nd August 1767 the Kirk 
Gemmel James  5th of September 1823  Fenwicktown 17 years (Water in the head
Gemmel James 28 July 1823  New Kirktown
Gemmel James 14 December 1807 Darwhilling
Gemmel Janet Jany 18th 1768 Low Arness  Daughter to Alexander Gemmel
Gemmel Janet d 8.3.1754 Fenwick 45y married to James Lindsay
Gemmel Janet 29 July 1823  Hillhous-hill Thomas Gemmel
Gemmel Janet 18 Janry 1823  Degnillcah? wright John Gemmel
Gemmel Janet 22nd July 1821  Fenwick Town  Wife to James Fulton
Gemmel Janet 25 September 1821  Hillhous
Gemmel Janet 3d August 1808 Herlaw Spouse to John Foulds
Gemmel Janet Friday 6th March 1780 Kirk town 85
Gemmel Janet Thursday Aprile 15 1763 the kirk  John Gemmels
Gemmel John 28 Sepr 1810 Dag hillock aged 8 years  wright John Gemmel
Gemmel John 6th Novr 1809 Laigh Wylieland a young Man William Gemmel
Gemmel John Monday 30th Janry 1775 Drum bouie       
Gemmel John 26 October 1768 Hilhead 
Gemmel John Saturday August 13 1763 the kirk 
Gemmel Margaret 19th September Kirktown 35 Junr Shoemaker Wife of Andrew Fulton Fever   22 September 1828
Gemmel Margaret April 9th 1817 Laighmuir 82 years  widow of John Dunlop
Gemmel Margaret 7th December 1811  Hors-hill
Gemmel Margaret November 20th 1802  Hershaw Mill
Gemmel Marrion 28 May 1803  Amlaird Alexr Gemmel
Gemmel Mary 19th May 1812  Daghillock Jon Gemmel weaver
Gemmel Mary 24 August 1805  Fenwick Peter Gemmel
Gemmel Mary Monday 12th Jany 1778 Brocklies parish of Louden      
Gemmel Mary Octr 18th 1773 south Craig     spouse to John Wills
Gemmel Matthew 1st December 1814 Midtown 24
Gemmel Matthew Novr 22d 1775 Dyks Kilmarnock parish       
Gemmel Peter 31 December 1817  Grassyards
Gemmel Peter 6th December 1814 Fenwick town
Gemmel Sarah married to: Peter Gemmell 
Gemmel Sarah 9th January 1808 Fenwick town
Gemmel William 4th November 1822  Fenwick weaver William Gemmel
Gemmel William 4th April 1808 Fenwick town James Gemmel Shoe maker
Gemmel Senr John 16 May 1803  Fenwick town
Gemmell  Alexander  13/9/39   Kirklands of Maybole 47  carter
Gemmell  Alexander  10/2/55   Kilmarnock 55  weaver
Gemmell  Alexander  6/3/66   Fenwick 66  farmer
Gemmell  Andrew  9/1/61   Bogend 61  farmer
Gemmell  Ann  27/3/58   Kilwinning 58
Gemmell  Christian 12/09/1954  Newton-upon-Ayr 54
Gemmell  David  15/3/65   Kilwinning 65  grocer
Gemmell  Dr Robert  24/6/51   of Whitehill 52
Gemmell  HUGH  4 Apr 1891 Catrine  Catrine Works
Gemmell  James  22/1/56   Kilmarnock 56  joiner
Gemmell  James  28/6/59  Prestwick 59  clerk
Gemmell  James  19/12/62   Newmilns 63  postmaster
Gemmell  James  7/5/63   Ayr 64  teacher
Gemmell  Janet Grange 16/11/1954  Maybole 54
Gemmell  John  31/12/44   Newton-upon-Ayr 49  schoolmaster
Gemmell  John  13/11/48   Garpal 49  farmer
Gemmell  John  6/12/55   Beith 56  of Deepston
Gemmell  John  18/6/55   West Kilbride 56  wright
Gemmell  John  7/3/62   Fenwick 62  farmer
Gemmell  John  5/2/64   Finniness 65  farmer
Gemmell  John buried 18th December 1852  Wright Mosscow son of John Gemmell
Gemmell  Lieut. William  14/12/58   ladykirk 59  of the Ayrshire Militia
Gemmell  Matthew  14/2/66   Wyllieland 66  farmer
Gemmell  Matthew  14/2/66  67
Gemmell  Miss Mary  27/10/53   Newton-upon-Ayr 53
Gemmell Agnes d 16.7.1806  17
Gemmell Agnes 16.7.1806 Fenwick  near 17y Matthew Gemmell
Gemmell Agnes 1st May 1841 Kirktown Cancer 
Gemmell Agnes 28 August 1837  Fenwicktown wife of William Howie
Gemmell Alexander  Muirside husband of Mary McTaggart
Gemmell Alexander d 23.5.1832
Gemmell Alexander d 11.9.1882 85y husband of Janet Young
Gemmell Alexander 23.5.1832 Fenwick husband of Mary McTaggart
Gemmell Alexander 11.9.1882 late fm HighTannacrieff 85y
Gemmell Alexander 27 Augt 1839  Hillhead-Mauchline son of Thomas Gemmell Janet Nairne
Gemmell Alexr Teusday April 7th 1772 Horshill  a youth who died of a consumption    
Gemmell Andrew d 11.7.1880 High Gainford 80y husband of Christina Whyllie
Gemmell Andrew 11.7.1880 Fenwick 80y husband of Christina Whyllie
Gemmell Child Friday Jully 10th 1767 Raithmoor  Peter Gemmels
Gemmell David d 23.11.1825 22y  fa William Gemmell husband of Jean Muir
Gemmell David  d Rio de Janeiro 1822 29y John Gemmell  Margaret Frazer
Gemmell David d 19.1.1758  Wyllieland 62y married to Mary Young
Gemmell David  d 4.7.1767 24  David Gemmell Mary Young
Gemmell David 1.2.1846 Fenwick 3y Matthew Gemmell Jean Dickie
Gemmell David 23.11.1825 Fenwick 22y husband of Jean Muir William Gemmell
Gemmell David 1822 d Rio de Janeiro 29y John Gemmell Margaret Frazer
Gemmell David 19.1.1758  Wyllieland 62y husband of Mary Young
Gemmell David 4.7.1767 Fenwick  24y David Gemmell Mary Young
Gemmell David 14th December 1825 Grassyards 94
Gemmell Elisabeth 8th May 1824.  Amlaird Alexander Gemmell
Gemmell Elizabeth d 7.7.1856 76y 
Gemmell Elizabeth 7.7.1856 Fenwick  76y Wife of John Gemmell
Gemmell Elizabeth Wedensday 26th Novr 1777 this Town    
Gemmell George 29 July 1840  Kiln(?) son of James Gemmell
Gemmell Hugh 9.1.1812   7mths John Gemmell
Gemmell James buried May 2 1844  Muir Farmer
Gemmell Janet 2.8.1808 Fenwick 77y wife of John Fowlds
Gemmell Janet 20.12.1853 Fenwick 13y Matthew Gemmell Jean Dickie
Gemmell Janet Upper Fenwick aged 16 months Daughter to Robert Gemmell and Ann Anderson buried 9 March 1842 
Gemmell Janet April 1 1841  Kiln Daughter of James Gemmell
Gemmell Janet d 2.8.1808 77y married to John Fowlds 
Gemmell Jean  June 12 1855 Fenwick Born in Fenwick 25 Unmarried  Matthew Gemmell Jean Dickie
GEMMELL Jean 15 Aug 1821 died at Gettyb?.Dailly  wife of Gilbert WALES
Gemmell Jean 2.6.1855 Fenwick 25y Matthew Gemmell Jean Dickie
Gemmell Jean buried December 21st 1844  Upper Fenwick a pauper 
Gemmell Jean 14th February Kilmarnock 82 widow of the late James Dunlop 16th February 1828
Gemmell John 6.11.1809 Fenwick 21y William Gemmell
Gemmell John d 6.1845  3y
Gemmell John  d 1.175?  Dumboy 8?y
Gemmell John 14.12.1833 High Todhill - Fenwick 76y husband of Elizabeth
Gemmell John buried 12th June 1845  Gainford
Gemmell John buried 24 May 1843  Farmer Drumboy
Gemmell John d 6.11.1809  a in 21y fa William Gemmell 
Gemmell John d 9.1787 19y
Gemmell John d 6.1845 3y Anderew Gemmell Christina Wyllie
Gemmell John  d 1.175? 8?y  Dumboy
Gemmell John  d 14.12.1833  Fenwick 76y Peter Gemmell 
Gemmell Lilias 4 March 1872 West Kilbride 76 yrs 9 months labourer widow of Robert Gemmell  Charles Linse?Liuse farmer (deceased) Margaret McCloy (deceased) Charles Gemmell (son)   cod old  fragilty
Gemmell Margaret 10.12.1810 Fenwick  78y wife of James Dickie
Gemmell Margaret 18 March 1840   Daughter of James Gemmell
Gemmell Margaret 15 June 1838  Kilmarnock
Gemmell Margaret 25 April 1837  Waterside relict of Charles Grant
Gemmell Margaret d 10.12.1810 78y  wife of James Dickie
Gemmell Marion 1.3.1849 Fenwick 3y Matthew Gemmell Jean Dickie
Gemmell Marrion buried 3 March 1849  Wylieland Farmer Daughter of Mathew Gemmell
Gemmell Mary 6.4.1814 Fenwick 15y  Alexander Gemmell Mary McTaggart
Gemmell Mary d 6.4.1814 15y Alexander Gemmell Mary McTaggart 
Gemmell Mary 30th December Weaver Robert Gemmell Measles.  2 January 1827
Gemmell Mary 3d April 1825  Amlaird Alexander Gemmell
Gemmell Matthew 14.2.1866 Fenwick 69y husband of Jean Dickie
Gemmell Matthew 14.5.1791 d Midtown 48y David Gemmell Mary Young
Gemmell Matthew 1.12.1814 Fenwick 23y Matthew Gemmell
Gemmell Matthew d Midtown 14.5.1791 48 Davod Gemmell Mary Young 
Gemmell Matthew d 1.12.1814 23
Gemmell Mrs 3 September 1840   Drumboy wife of John Gemmell
Gemmell Peter 29.10.1882 79y Husband to Janet Orr John Gemmell Elizabeth
Gemmell Peter 27th Novr 1778 Raithmuir 
Gemmell Robert  13/10/56   Kilwinning 57  Auchentiber
Gemmell Robert  28/4/59    Galston 59  farmer
Gemmell Robert  Newhall 63  wright
Gemmell Robert 14 September 1848  Kirktown
Gemmell Thomas  2 Jan 1868 Catrine  grocer
Gemmell Thomas  7/1/50   Hillhead 64  farmer
Gemmell Thomas  10/9/66  Galston 67  Blaor Street
Gemmell Walter buried 31 January 1843 aged  Upper Fenwick
Gemmell William  30/5/49   Largs 51  grocer
Gemmell William  25/5/61   West Kilbride 61  grocer
Gemmell William  26/2/61   Fenwick 62  farmer
Gemmell William 2.1.1836 Fenwick 4y Matthew Gemmell Jean Dickie
Gemmell William 9.11.1837 76y .
Gemmell William 1.183 Fenwick 30y brother of Peter Gemmell
Gemmell William buried 6th November 1844  Fenwicktown Weaver
Gemmell William 13 November 1837 farmer Laigh Wyllieland
Gemmell William 25 May 1813 Amlaird Alexander Gemmel Dental fever 
Gemmell or M'Dougall  Hannah Charlotte Maitland  29/6/67   near Ayr 67  of Ladykirk House
Gemmell or Murdoch  Isabella  5/10/53   Ayr 54  relict of Andrew Gemmell of Langlands
Gemmell or Quaill  Janet 28/02/1958  Kilmaurs 58
Gemmels daughter Saturday 5th Decr 1778 hill head   Child Peter Gemmels
Gemmels David Wandisday 27th Jany 1781 Grouyor  Child David Gemmels
Gemmil Alexander June 20 1770 Rait moor    Lawfull Son to Peter Gemmil
Gemmil Alexander Monday January 1763 Fenwick Town  young man weaver
Gemmil Elizabeth Monday August 30th 1762 Fenwick Town  spouse to Thomas Buntine
Gemmil Jean Saturday January 22d 1763 Raith  spouse to John Walker
Gemmil Jean Saturday the 23rd of May 1761 spous to John Whitt
Gemmil John Monday September 20th 1762 Crookhead 
Gemmil Mary Sepr 22nd 1769 Kirk Daughter to Thomas Gemmil at the Kirk 
Gemmil Mathew March 30th 1771 Brae aged about 91 years      
Gemmill  Andrew  3/7/53   Fenwick 53  farmer
Gemmill  John  18/6/62   Dunlop 62  of Templehouse
Gemmill Agnes 16th July 1806 Midtown of Warnockland seventeen 
Gemmill Alexander Wyllie  14th June 1832 Fenwicktown son to Robert Wyllie Charlotte Couper 16th 
Gemmill Anne 8th January Wright a child of John Gemmill 10th January 1827. 
Gemmill Christian  21st November 1830  Kilmarnock   wife of Thomas Brown  24 November 1830 
Gemmill David d 1.2.1846 3y
Gemmill David 23d Novr 1825 Wyllieland William Gemmill
Gemmill Eliz Janry 31 1765 Dyke of Grougar  Mathew Gemmil
Gemmill George Paxton 19th January Fenwicktown  infant child of William Gemmill  20th January 1827. 
Gemmill Janet d 20.12.1853 13y
Gemmill Janet 18th August 1832  Grassyards late Smith at Daghillock Widow of Alexander Dunlop
Gemmill Janet 18th February Weaver infant child of Robert Gemmill 20th February 1827. 
Gemmill Jean d 12.6.1855  25y
Gemmill John 1st died at Fenwicktown 83 Shoemaker Widower of Margaret Frazer  4 December 1830
Gemmill Margaret  9th January 1831 Died in Fenwicktown Wife of Jasper Howat  11th said Month. Consumption 
Gemmill Margaret 24th Octr 1825.  Amlaird Alexander Gemmill
Gemmill Marion d 1.3.1849 3y
Gemmill Mary 19th March Hill house Hill Thomas Gemmill Janet Nairn 21st March 1827 
Gemmill Mary Ann  June 3 1863 Fenwick 9  Single  John Gemmill  Grocer  Janet Bicket (or Bickel) John Gemmill  Father. 
Gemmill Matthew d 14.2.1866 a 69y husband of Jean Dickie
Gemmill Thomas 8.4.1695 Dalsraith 38y
Gemmill Thomas d 8.4.1695  Dalsraith 38y 
Gemmill or Bain  Martha  24/1/47   Irvine 47  merchant  relict of John Bain
George Fowlds d 26.11.1830 a 18y
George Lambie Richmond  September 13 1859 Welbeck St Kilmarnock  5 years and 8 months  Single  George Richmond  Gardener (dec) Ann Lambie  Ann Richmond
George Scott  April 13 1859 26 Boyd St Kilmarnock 20  Single  Weaver  James Scott  Calico Printer  and Janet Richmond  James Scott
Gib  Ann Monday 1st May 1780 Grouger  spouse to James
GIBB  ROBERT  19 Feb 1857 Catrine  weaver
Gibb child Mar. 26 1830 Andrew GIBB's child 
Gibb William  January 3 1857 Elderslie Kilmaurs  8 months  Single  Henry Gibb  Coal Miner Jane Stewart  Henry Gibb - father
GIBB  Jean June 22 1829
Gibbs child Mar. 3 1829 child of Andrew GIBBS 
GIBBS child June 8 1831 Charles GIBB'S child 
Gibson  Male June 13 1860 West Kilbride 6 days Single John Gibson Farm Servant Jean Richmond John Gibson Father. 
GIBSON Alex July 16 1833
Gibson Daniel Teusday 11th Decr 1781 Kingswell a Child Andw Gibsons
Gibson Elizabeth Jean 3 May 1837  Kirkton wife of William Robb
Gibson John  August 27 1857  Clerk's Lane Kilmarnock 27  Single  James Gibson  Labourer (dec)  Jane Smith.  John Higgins  Step-father (X). 
Gibson John Mar. 27 1829
Gibson John Apr. 14  1829
Gibson Margaret 25-Nov-01 Ardeer Lodge 82 second wife of John Frew
Gibson Robert 25th August Kirkton 27 August 1827 
Gibson Robert 24th Decr 1809 Grassyards
Gibson Thomas Monday 26th April 1779 Child Andrew Gibsons
Gibson William July 17 1830 son of J. GIBSON 
Gibson William July 17 1830 son of William GIBSON 
Gibson  Female June 5 1860 West Kilbride 1 day Single John Gibson Farm Servant  Jean Richmond John Gibson Father. 
Giffen Thomas 28th June Symington Labourer 29th June 1828 
Giffen Thomas 24 April 1818 Kirk Town Thomas Giffen Fever 
GILBSON  infant Oct. 22 1828 Janet GIBSON's child 
Gilbson William 12 April 1812 Grassyards Robert Gibson Margaret Bicket
Giliss child Friday the 7 of March 1760 Ladsyd?  John Gilliss?
Gillies  SOLOMON  13 Jan 1860 Catrine  millwright
Gillies Infant 31st December 1825.  Chip Hall Robert Gillies
Gillies Janet 3 Janry 1832  Chiphall  Robert Gillies Mary Cuthbertson
Gillies Janet 13th December Chiphall late John Gillies Jean Tannahill 15th December 1827 
Gillies John  September 28 1857  Waterloo St Kilmarnock 67  Married  William Gillies  Porter  Janet Dobbie  John Gillies  Son. 
Gillies John 14 July 1840  Kirktown son of Robert Gillies Mary Cuthbertson
Gillies John March 18th 1802  Windy - hill
Gillies Mary Feb 10 1841  Kirktown Daughter to Robert Gillies Mary Cuthbertson
Gillis John Wedensday 29 Do 1772 Gairdrum miln       
Gillis Mary Wandisday 27th Jany 1781 Laidside 
Gillmour Hugh Septr 21st 1786 Genford aged person
Gilmour  Matthew Thursday 13th April 1780 old hall 
Gilmour  WILLIAM  20 Jun 1863 Catrine  weaver
Gilmour Adam 28 April 1813 Blackwood
Gilmour Adam Teusday 7th March 1775 old hall    
Gilmour Anne 30 May 1839  Kilmarnock
Gilmour Anne 19th April 1832 Rushia- Kilmarnock wife of John Howie
Gilmour Catherine  June 17  1861 New Cumnock 1  Single  John Gilmour  Joiner  Janet Reid  John Gilmour  Father. 
Gilmour Elisabeth buried 12 May 1848  Kilmarnock
Gilmour Elizabeth Teusday 6th Novr 1781 Thorn
Gilmour Hugh 25 Sepr 1786 Genford an aged person
Gilmour Hugh Teusday 6th April 1773 old hall this parish    
Gilmour James d 25.11.1871 Fenwick 71y married to Agnes Calderwood
Gilmour James d 2.12.1883 Glenleitch 9mths Single John Gilmour Jeannie Lindsay
Gilmour James 9th June 1823  Dinnans near New-allan
Gilmour James 6th March 1807 Gean ford
Gilmour Janet Wedensday 5th June 1776 Midtown warnockland       
Gilmour Jean 12 March 1840  Denans -Kilmarnock
Gilmour John 24 November 1818 Glen Leich an old man  formerly Farmer
Gilmour Margaret buried 9th October 1841  Dinnans- Kilmarnock
Gilmour Martha March 1st 1786 old hall  John Gilmour's
Gilmour Mary 3.6.1881  Catrine 63 wife of Jason Miller
Gilmour Mrs buried 9th July 1847  wife of James Gilmour Fenwicktownhead
Gilmour William 29th May 1806 Old hall William Gilmour
Gilmour William Thursday 14th Jany 1779 Thorn a very aged man 
Gilmour junior Matt Agust 6 1766 old hall 
Gilmours Janet Teusday March 13th 1781 Bagramiln William Gilmours
Gilmours Margaret Teusday March 13th 1781 Bagramiln  William Gilmours
GINNES James Loveston Whooping Cough
Girvan George Monday Decr 6th 1762 Burn 
Glen Jeanie 3/09/1805 55
Goldie  ALEXANDER  Nov 1878  late of Newmilns  weaver
Goldie  JOHN  26 Mar 1847 Catrine  weaving tenter
Goldie  THOMAS  Jan 1879 Catrine  weaving tenter
Goldie  THOMAS  1 Apr 1889  Airdrie  manufacturer
Goldie George  March 26 1862  Loudoun 42  Not given  No parents names given  F.F.Murdoch  Proc. Fiscal. 
Goldie Georgina 31 March 1870 Hillside Cumnock  5wks single Christina GOLDIE
Goldie Matthew  November 12 1857 Titchfield St Galston 20  Cotton Weaver  Single  John Goldie  Butler (dec) Margaret Richmond (dec)  Andrew Goldie - brother
Gordon Alexander 22 July 1839 Kirktown at an advanced age 
Gordon Euphemia 16 January 1850  Fenwicktown Daughter of the late Alexander Gordon
GORDON Hugh 19 July 1877 Glengivon Row 2 years 3 months David GORDON  Iron Miner Janet INNES (father)
Gordon Mary 22 Sepr 1838  Glasgow Daughter of Alexander Gordon Mary (blank)
Gordon Mrs buried March 1844  a pauper in Kirktown  Widow of the late Alexander Gordon
GORRIE Elizabeth  31 May 1856 Kilmarnock 11 months  single William GORRIE  Calico Printer Elizabeth BORLAND father 
Goudie Jane May 9 1860 Kilmarnock 40 Wife of a Spirit Dealer Married Hugh Samson Basket Maker (dec) Jean Symington (dec) William Goudie Husband. 
Govan Martha  November 14 1857 Cross St Galston 2 1/2  Single  John Govan  Agricultural Labourer Elizabeth Mitchell  Father. 
Graham  JAMES  Mar 1876 Catrine  tailor
Graham  WILLIAM  16 Feb 1891  late of Catrine  tailor
Graham Alexander 12th May 1803  Little Fenwick
Graham Alexander May 12 1771 Little Fenwick    
Graham Christian d 1824 26y George Graham Jean Brown
Graham Christian 18th March 1825  Elaister George Graham
Graham David 4th Nov 1841  Glaister son to John Graham Janet Muir
Graham George d 1830 62y married to Jean Brown
Graham George   9th March Farmer in Glaister died there  Saturday 13th March 1830 
Graham Hannibal Feb 13th 1771 Little Fenwick  John Graham
Graham Janet  September 18  1861 Muirkirk 19  Single  William Graham  Agricultural Labourer  Janet Richmond  William Graham  Father.
Graham Jean  April 30 1857  Parish of Kilmarnock 68  Married  Andrew Richmond  Game Keeper (dec)   Helen Alexander  John Graham  Husband. 
Graham John Teusday 28th Septr 1779 Little Fenwick 
Graham Margaret Tuesday Janry 4th 1763 mosside Killmarnock paroch 
Graham Martha d 1813 Fenwick  6y George Graham Jean Brown
Graham Martha 4th January 1813  Glaster George Graham
Graham Mary 27 May 1863 Midland, Fenwick 66 married: Francis Dunlop: Farmer George Graham farmer (decd) Jean Brown George Dunlop - son Colic & dysentery
Graham Mrs buried 15th February 1845  Upper Fenwick Widow of the late George Graham farmer in Glaister
Grahams Jean Fenwick 21st April 1774 Little Fenwick     John Grahams
Gramm John March 19th 1765 midd Cairlnoch  a youth
Gray Isobel Teusday 10th June 1777 Gardrum miln    
Gray Jane  November 2 1856 High Street. Ayr  3 3/12 years Single Andrew Gray  Shipwright Jane Richmond Andrew Gray (father)
Gray John 23 January 1876 Mill Lane - Kilmarnock 1 3/4 years John GRAY  Coal Miner  Elizabeth PIGEON father
Gray Robert  September 29 1862 Kilmarnock 25  Coal Miner  Single  James Gray  Coal Miner (dec)  Mary Black  John Gray
Gray William  April 14 1856 Main St. Newmilns 3 Single William Gray  Muslin Weaver Agnes McGregor  William Gray (father)
Green Margaret Saturday March 17th 1764 walls  Andrew Green
Gregg George  September 27 1862 Kilmarnock 65  Cabinet Maker  Married to Jean Richmond  George Gregg  Carter (dec)  Elizabeth Howie (dec)  Benjamin Gregg
Gregg James  February 8  1861 Newmilns 39  Inland Revenue Officer  Married to Ellen Gagne (or Jayne) James Gregg  Veterinary Surgeon (dec) Anne Braddoch (?) James Thomson  Neighbour 
Gregorson? Marg Novr 28 1770 Loch goin    
Greig Thomas Wilson  June 19 1856 Main St. Kilwinning 3 Single Robert Greig Tailor & Clothier Janet Lindsay Robert Greig(father) 
Grier John  22d January Brae parish of Stewarton Farmer 26th January 1830 Small pox 
Guthrie Janet 16 July 1814  Gear drum Mill James Guthrie
Guthrie William  November 29  1861 Kilmarnock 72  Joiner  Widower of Janet Bunten (or Bursten)  Hugh Guthrie  Joiner (dec)  - - - Gebbie (dec) John Guthrie  Son. 
HAIR  Jane Nov 29 1872 Ballochmyle Lodge 70 yrs  widow of James HAIR (labourer) Gilbert LINTON  farmer (deceased) Sarah  KAY (deceased) William HAIR (son  Ayr St Catrine) cause- Valvular disease of heart
Halket John 1st May 1775 Revd Master James Halket Minr 
Halket Rev W James Thursday 22d April 1779 Glasgow 73 year Minister
Hall Adam 27.12.1874 Sorn. age 5 John Hall Joan Brown
Hall Ann June 23 1860 Irvine 85 Widow of a Mason James Nesbit Farmer (dec) Mary Wier (dec) William McGhinty (?) Nephew. 
Hall Janet June 12 1830
Hall Mrs Hugh May 7 1831 Village 
Hall Robert  28.2.1909 d Fordsburg S.A age 40 John Hall Joan Brown
Halliday James  January 14 1856 Craighead, Cumnock 33 Innkeeper Married James Halliday  Farmer  Janet Renwick (deceased) John Baird (father-in-law)
HAMILTON  WILLIAM  23 Jan 1879 Catrine  night watchman
Hamilton Agnes 31 August 1820  Kilmarnock 74 Wife of John Davidson
Hamilton Christian 10th August 1817  Grassyards Toll
Hamilton James  March 16 1856 Brewland St. Galston 67 Cotton Weaver Married Robert Hamilton  Mason (deceased) Agnes Dunlop (deceased) Robin Abbott Son-in-law 
Hamilton Janet September 10 1860 Catrine 60 Wife of a Baker Married James Woodrow Moulder (dec) Elizabeth Scott (dec) Thomas Hamilton Husband. 
Hamilton Margaret  Oct. 4 1857 Burial at Auchlinleck Church yard  age 6 months Thomas HAMILTON  rail lab Margaret FERGUSON  Scarlatina
Hamilton Marion  April 6 1857 West Shaw St.Kilmarnock 3  Single  Robert Hamilton  Tailor   Margaret Ferguson  Robert Hamilton  Father. 
Hamilton Stewart 21 August 1865 Gateside - Beith 6 & 10/12 years Andrew HAMILTON  Iron Miner Jane TODD William HAMILTON - brother
Hamilton William  September 11 1863 Dalry  15 mos.  Single  William Hamilton  Iron Miner  Agnes Brown  William Hamilton
HANNAH  GEORGE  8 Oct 1868 Catrine  Catrine Works
HANNAH  Hugh May 15 1872 Straiton 10 weeks  single   John HANNAH storeman Agnes  HAY John HANNAH (father) cause- ? from birth
HAPPELL  infant  1 Jul 1821  Dailly Robert Happell
Harbison John  February 20 1855 Coylton. Born Ireland 83 Spouse: Mary Sloan - 10 children - 6 living  cannot make out father Mary Hart
Harper child July 28 1831 Commons  John HARPER's child
Harper James buried 13 June 1832 1842-1843  Orr Fenwicktown
Harper James Septr 12 1765 Darwhillan 
Harper James June 5th 1765 Grassyards  Thomas Harper (dec)
Harper John Feby 22th 1769 grasyard  
Harper Margaret Thursday February 18th 1762 Tyburn  Spouse to James Clarke
Harper Mrs buried 23 February 1842  Fenwictown
Harpers Child Saturday ? July 1774 Grassyards     Thomas Harpers
Harveson Janet Friday Decr 23d 1763 Laigh Clunch 
Hay  Thomas 4 Oct 1872 Muiburn Tarbolton 70 yrs farmer married to Agnes Ness James Hay road surface man (deceased) Isabell Yuil (deceased) wit: Robert Hay (son)  cod chronic cystitus several yrs
HAY Helen  14 June 1856 Hogs Land. Georges St. Wallacetown. St Quivox 11/12 years single James HAY  Shoemaker Agnes HUNTER father
Hay John  February 22 1855 Kilwinning Born in Kilwinning 5 days John Hay Martha Richmond Informant: Margaret Richmond - Grandmother. 
Hay Mary  August 4 1856 Crossbrae. Kilwinning  11 weeks  Single John Hay  Coal Miner  Martha Richmond John Hay(father) 
Helen Hanna  June 17 1859 Mauchline 78  Married  Thomas Howat  Weaver (dec) Clementine Findlay (dec) Marion Howat  Sister. 
Helen Richmond  February 7 1859  Loudoun Parish  3 Weeks  Single  John Richmond  Gamekeeper  Janet Meikle  John Richmond
Henderson Mary  May 14 1862 Catrine 2  Single  Mary Henderson  Factory Worker
HENDRIE  PETER  May 1877 Catrine  cabinetmaker
HENDRIE  THOMAS  12 Nov 1889  Sorn  wool spinner
HENDRIE Sarah Sept. 23 1829  Stewarton 
Hendry Alexander  June 10 1863 Kilwinning 60  Coalpit Labourer  Married to Mary Neill  No parents names listed.  John Hendry
Hendry Jane Monday 13th Decr 1779 Fenwick town   spouse to Willm Buntine
Hendry Margaret Wedensday 1st Jany 1777 Gree    
Hendry Pet 21.5.1877  Catrine 60 husband of Mary Miller
Henry Scully  September 4 1859 Bankend 66  Coylton  Married  Labourer  Henry Scully  Labourer (dec) no mothers name given  Thomas Williams  Informant not related. 
HENRY 23 Jun 1820 few mths  infant dau of late Sam.? Henry Bowel Hives
Heron Mathew  April 6  1861 Kilwinning  7 months  Single  Mathew Heron  Farmer  Jane Gray  Mathew Heron  Father. 
Higgins Jean 27th September Fenwicktown John Higgins Agnes Wyllie Consumption  29th September 1827
HILL Margaret  3 April 1873 Hill St. Kilmarnock 20hrs  single James HILL  Confectioner Jane PARKER?   father
Hillhouse  Agnes 19 May 1872 Newstreet Riccarton 77 yrs widow of James Hillhouse (? mason) John Goldie master cabinet wright (deceased) Jean Findlay (deceased) James Raeburn (Furnishing merchant brother-in-law- Kilmarnock) cause- apoplexy
Hillhouse  ROBERT  Jul 1854 Catrine  brewer
Hillhouse Elizabeth  April 18 1864 Mauchline 51  Spouse: Robert Hillhouse (deceased)  Thomas Murray Jean Guthrie
Hillhouse Robert  January 29 1862 Hurlford  4 mos.  Single  Robert Hillhouse  Coal Miner  Mary Reid  Robert Hillhouse
HIND Alexander  22 Aug 1882 Catrine  coal agent
Hind Alex 22.8.1882 Catrine  62 son of Eliz Auld
HITT? James  13 January 1875 Burnfoot - New Cumnock 74 Farmer single Michael HITT? decd Farmer Janet SOMMERVILLE William HOWAT - Brother in law
Hobart James  September 22 1857 Kirk Vennel 55  Cotton Weaver  Married  Menchin Hobart  Collector of Town Customs  Margaret Watters (dec) Margaret Hobart - wife
Hodge Martha  October 27 1856 Troon 84 Widow Hugh Lambie (Shoemaker (deceased)) Agnes Templeton (formerly Lambie) maiden name Richmond (deceased) Elizabeth Hodge- daughter. 
HODGE William 31 May 1856 Yore? St. Kilmarnock 2  single William HODGE  Flesher Janet BOWIE  Father
HOGG William 26 Jun 1820  Dailly 85  married Old Age
Holmes James  September 10 1863 Dalry 70  Blacksmith  Married to Jean Barclay  John Holmes  Blacksmith (dec)  Mary Gavin (dec) Peter Holmes  Son. 
Holmes Robert 10 November 1833 Stevenston 39 Mary Reid's husband
Hood James  2 Apr 1864 Catrine  weaver
Hood Margt 7.2.1873 Catrine age 75 wife of Jason Brown
Hopkin Agnes Novr 27th 1788  Kirk town - Fenwick a widow woman
Hopkin Hugh died 20th February 1842 Kirktown aged 80 Shoemaker buried 24th Feb 1842
Hopkin James 15th May 1807 Kirktown 86
Hopkin Jean died 21st Feb 73 sister to Hugh Hopkin  buried 24th Feb 1842
Hopkin William 5th March 1807 88th year
Hopkins Elisabeth 29 June 1821 Kirktown 77
Hopkins Elizabeth March 8th 1771 Fenwick Kirk    James Hopkins
Hopkins Margaret Wensday 21 Jully 1767 the Kirk 
Houston child Apr. 16 1831 Garclayh  Willliam HOUSTON's child
HOUSTON Widow Dec. 8 1829 New Cumnock 
HOUSTON  James Aug. 1 1829
Howat  James 8 Dec 1872 Townhead Old Cumnock 76 years cooper widower of Margaret Murdoch James Howat cooper deceased Jane Begg deceased Robert Howat (son) cause- apoplexy
Howat  JOHN  12 Nov 1890 Catrine  blacksmith
Howat  William 26 March 1872 Townhead Old Cumnock 37 yrs cooper single  James Howat cooper  Margaret  Murdoch (deceased) Robert Howat (brother Townhead) cause- Phthisis
Howat Adam 18th September Upper Fenwick  Robert Howat Elizabeth Calderwood Consumption 20 September 1830
Howat Anne  February 6 1859  Loudoun Parish  6 weeks  Single  Robert Howat  Labourer in the Woods  Elizabeth Alston  Robert Howat
Howat child Feb. 24  1831 Charles HOWAT's child 
Howat Elizabeth 4 Septr 1832 Fenwick Farmer in Bruntland Widow of the late David Bicket
Howat Elspa 7 Nov 1841  Fenwicktown Daughter of ? Howat Agnes Tannahill
Howat Henry 7.6.1934 Ochiltree 80 husband of Agnes Brown
Howat Janet 9th Febry 1806 Fenwick town  infant twin Jasper Howat  Margaret Gemmel
Howat Jasper d 13.12.1797 60y Robert Howat Elizabeth Wyllie
Howat Jasper d 13.4.1849 80y Elizabeth Young 
Howat Jasper 17th April 1849  Fenwicktown Weaver
Howat Jasper 18th April 1826.  Damback son to Robert Howat
Howat Jean Tuesday Decr 6th 1763 Mure end 
Howat John 12.11.1890  Catrine 78 husband of Jan Miller
Howat Margaret Novr. 28th 1824 Kirkton
Howat Margt  25th Do 1773 Boston parish of Dreghorn     John Howat
Howat Mary Saturday the 13th of June 1761 finnwick town  John Howat
Howat Matthew d 9.10.1784 91y married to  Jean Finlay 
Howat Matthew died Octr 9th born 10th Octr 1693 aged 92 years  church officer 
Howat Mrs buried 20th January 1844  Fenwicktown
Howat William  2d  Fenwicktown   some time a Teacher  Jasper Howat Margaret Gemmill Consumption   5th July 1830 
Howet Elisabeth 9th May Damback wife of Hugh Manohall 12th May 1828 
Howet Jasper 5th October Royal Infirmary Glasgow Jasper Howet Margaret Gemmel  8th October 1828 
Howie  James   buried 18 May 1850  Kilmarnock Farmer Burnhouses
Howie  Jean buried 26 February 1852  Blackbyre
Howie John  5 May 1891 Catrine  Paddockburn
Howie Alexander 14 Jan 1798  Stevenston wright in Stevenston
Howie Allan December 1 1860 Galston 5 months Single Allan Howie Muslin Weaver  Janet Morton Allan Howie Father. 
Howie Ann 26 May 1808 Rushaw John Howie
Howie Child Thursday March 25th 1762 Drumcloich  Thomas Howie
Howie Child Saturday February 28 1761 Rusha  Thomas Howies
Howie Elizabeth 24 March 1872 East Netherton Street Kilmarnock 54 yrs married to John HOWIE (turner) Robert DOW  shawl weaver decd Agnes BICKET decd Wm HOWIE brother-in-law
Howie Euphamie  22 Jan 1751 Stevenston Anthony Howie coalheaver
Howie Euphamie  July 1747 Stevenston  Anthony Howie coalheaver
Howie Flora 28 July 1841  Thomas Howie in Lochgoin
Howie Gavin 13 Novr 1837 Lochyoind
Howie Hugh d 5.2.1848 Fenwick 4y James Howie Elizabeth Lindsay
Howie James d 1744 Fenwick.  James Agnes Wilson
Howie James 3.5.1843 d Burnhouses b Drumtee 13.1.1766 husband of Elizabeth Lindsay
Howie James 15.5.1850 d Burnhouses 52y husband of Agnes Young
Howie James d 19.5.1691 Lochgoin father of John Howie
Howie James 21.9.1802 Drumtee 60y
Howie James buried May 8th 1843  Farmer in Burnhouse parish of Kilmaurs
Howie James 8 December 1837  Lochgoin Farmer
Howie James d 1744  a ---s to James---& Agnes Wilson
Howie James d 19.5.1691  Lochgoin
Howie James d 21.9.1802 Drumtee 60y
Howie James  31 August 183(2) Townend of Grougar parish of Kilmarnock
Howie James 24 Jany 1806  Fenwick town Weaver  William Howie
Howie James September 2d 1802  Drumtee
Howie James Saturday 30th Decr 1775 Grouger    
Howie James Tuesday January 10th 1764 Blackshill 31 years 
Howie Jane Apr. 26 1830
Howie Janet 1.4.1815 Fenwick  76y wife of John Howie
Howie Janet d 16.8.1867 Fenwick  65y Samuel McIntosh
Howie Janet d 1.4.1815  76 married to John Howie 
Howie Janet 1st April 1815  Lochgoine Widow
Howie Janet Friday 20 December 1768 at the Kirk 
Howie Janet Tuesday 25th August 1767 Hemp Hill Grouger 
Howie Jean 7th May 1809  in Raith wife of James Howie
Howie John 26 Jan 1749 Stevenston John Howie workman in Stevenston
Howie John d 9.4.1754  Lochgoin 54y
Howie John 5.1.1793 Lochgoin 57y author of the Scots Worthies and other publications husband of Janet
Howie John d 9.1792 Fenwick  30y John Howie Janet
Howie John 15.8.1868 d near Cambridge - Auckland NZ b 18.1.1833 James Howie Agnes Young
Howie John d 29.6.1795 Fenwick  90y son of James Howie
Howie John 18.1.1859 Fenwick 78y William Howie
Howie John 23 Janry 1839  died at Old hill parish of Kilmarnock farmer
Howie John d 9.4.1754  Lochgoin a 54y
Howie John d 5.1.1793  Lochgoin 57y married to Janet  author of the Scots Worthies and other publications
Howie John d 9.1792 30 y son of John Howie & Janet.
Howie John d 29.6.(1795(?)) a 90y  son of James Howie
Howie John d 18.1.1859    78
Howie John Jany 15th 1770
Howie Margaret  24 July 1752 Stevenston Hugh Howie coalheaver
Howie Margaret  29 Aug 1764 Stevenston  relect of Mathew GREY
Howie Margaret 21st April 1821  Chiphall William Howie
Howie Marian  July 1747 Stevenston  Anthony Howie coalheaver
Howie Marrion Feby 5th 1774 Collarie    
Howie Martha Teusday 6th Febry 1781 Grassyards spouse to John Hamilton
Howie Martha Augt 27th 1771 Lochgoin        ? Howie
Howie Mary 17th January Kilmarnock 33 years.  James Howie 20th January 1827
Howie Mary 14 June 1821 Glass heugh 84 Wife of James Wilson
Howie Mary 18 March 1804 Fenwick town Wife of Alexander Wallace
Howie Peter  10 Sept. 1763 in Stevenston
Howie Robert 6 Jan 1840  Fennwicktown
Howie Sammuel 14.5.1862 Drumtee 90y William Howie
Howie William 27.1.1802 Craignuntors 62y
Howie William buried 11 July 1844  Wright Fennwicktown
Howie William 18th June 1825 Chiphall
Howie William 27th January 1809 Dunton
Hugh Gemmell  d 28.8.1786 17y
Hugh Gemmell d 9.1.1812 7mths John Gemmell Elizabeth Gemmell 
Hugh Richmond  February 2 1859 Townfoot  2 years and 2 months  Single  Hugh Richmond  Muslin Weaver Isabella Mair  Hugh Richmond
Hugh Richmond  August 23 1859 Loudoun Tile Work  1 years and 6 months Single  Hugh Richmond  Shoemaker (Journeyman) Isabella Smith  Hugh Richmond
Hugh Thomson 21 April 1849 Kilmarnock
Humphrey Amelia January 22 1860 Kilmarnock 71 Wife of a Cotton Weaver James Fraser Soldier (dec) Agnes Robertson James Humphrey Husband (X)
Humprys Margaret 2d April 1807 Main of Rowallan
Hunter Agnes  December 18  1861  Old Cumnock 12  Single  James Hunter  Labourer (reputed)  Barbara Richmond  John Gibson  Half-Brother
Hunter Alice 14 March 1880 36 wife of Henry Barr
Hunter Allison  April 27 1855 Kilmarnock.Born in Kilmarnock 22 Unmarried  John Hunter Ellen Lucas
Hunter Elizabeth 25 Jan 1872 Portland Rd Hurlford  2 years single James Hunter ? Labourer Rebecca  Spiers Robert Hunter (half-brother)  cause- brain disease
Hunter Elizabeth 31 Dec 1863 37
Hunter George 24 August 1876 4 Samuel Hunter Jeanie Glen
Hunter George 29 Dec 1874 50
Hunter George Samuel 6 June 1879 13 Henry Barr Alice Hunter
Hunter James 10 April 1872 Portland Row Hurlford  9 mths single John Hunter ? Labourer Helen Polind? James McIntyre (coal miner- Portland Rd - Hurlford) cause Hooping Cough
Hunter Mrs 16 June 1812 Kilmarnock- Kingswell aged 84
Hunter Samuel 25/08/1815 70 George Hunter Elizabeth Hunter
Hunter THOMAS (of JOHN and THOMAS HUNTER)  18 Sep 1881 Catrine
Hutcheson Hellen January 20 1860 Kilmarnock 60 Widow of a Joiner Robert Porter Shoemaker (dec) Rachael Dalziell (?) John Hutcheson Nephew. 
HUTCHISON John June 3 1829  merchant 
Hutchison Marion November 18 1859 Church Lane Loudoun Parish 45 Married  Wife of Slater (Journeyman) David Howie  Muslin Weaver (dec) Margaret Shannon (dec) James Howie  Son-in-law. Isabella Richmond 25  November 20 1859 Loudoun Tile Work  Loudoun Parish  Married  Wife of a Shoemaker (Journeyman) William Smith  Coal Miner (dec) Barbara Thomson  formerly Smith  M.S. McDougall  Hugh Richmond  Husband (X). 
Hyslop Christina 18.11.1826 Beechgrove Sorn 82
Irvine Elizabeth  February 2 1862 Kilbirnie 80  Farmer  Widow of James Irvine  No parents names given  Bartley Cory (?)
Irvine John  August 7 1862 Riccarton 7  Single  Thomas Irvine  Pauper  Catherine Kelly  Thomas Irvine
IRVING Joseph 180- marener married to Margaret Milligan
Isabell Tannahill  22 August 1832  Thrashes wife of Robert Shields
Jack Jean  April 17 1862 Newmilns  59 yrs & 8 months & 3 days  Married to Andrew Jack Andrew Allan  Muslin Weaver (dec)  Ann Morton (dec) Andrew Jack
Jack Mary  April 11 1859 Douglas St Kilmarnock 81  Single  Domestic Servant  Richard Jack  Custom Weaver (dec) no mothers name given) Andrew Jack  Nephew. 
Jack William 28 September 1864 Bellrock Cottage - Newton Parish aged 1 Thomas JACK  Railway Surfaceman Margaret McCORMICK father
James Child Manday 2nd Agust 1768 damback  
JAMIE  ROBERT  27 Jul 1862  Catrine Bleaching Works
JAMIE? Mary 2.1.1885  Catrine 50  wife of Thomas Miller 
JAMIESON  JOHN  Dec 1847  Catrine Works
Jamieson Agnes May 5 1860 Darvel 9 months 27 days Single John Jamieson Muslin Weaver  Marion Caldwell John Jamieson Father. 
Jamieson Agnes Oct. 30 1829
Jamieson Andrew January 25 1861 Newmilns 1 year/8 mths  Single  John Jamieson  Muslin Weaver  Elizabeth Cleland  John Jamieson  Father. 
Jamieson George  August 23 1856 King St. Kilmarnock 17 Single  James Jamieson  Nail Maker  Agnes Wilson  James Jamieson(father)
Jamieson Janet 11 Decr 1825 Weaver Robert Jamieson
Jamieson Samuel  March 4 1863 Newmilns  3 mos.  Single  James Jamieson  Muslin Weaver  Sarah Wallace  James Jamieson
Jamphra Andrew 9 Aug 1787  Stevenston Andrew Jamphra
Jamphra Andrew 16 March 1766 Stevenston  David Jamphra coalheaver
Jamphra Jane 22 Jan 1770 Stevenston  Robert Jamphra Coalheaver
Jamphra Robert 12 Feb 1792  Stevenston coalheaver
Jamphra Robert 22 March 1795  Stevenston  David Jamphra
Jamphra William  8 Jan 1770 Stevenston  David Jamphra
Jeffery ? 12 Dec 1795 Stevenston  son of David Jeffery died by accident
Jeffery Alex  30 Nov 1818 Stevenston  Andrew Jeffrey
Jeffery Andrew d. 30 March 1780  Stevenston coalheaver
Jeffery Andrew Jeffery's child d. 14 April 1812  Stevenston
Jeffery Andrew Jeffery's child d. 24 May 1802  Stevenston
Jeffery Andrew Jeffery's child d. 5 July 1816  Stevenston
Jeffery Ann d. 5 Jan 1803  Stevenston widow
Jeffery Anne d. 23 Oct 1790  Stevenston daughter to Joseph Jeffery
Jeffery David d. 13 Sept 1820  Muirhouse
Jeffery David d. 31/12/1903 Stevenston age 73
Jeffery Isabel 9 Jan 1812  Stevenston spouse to John Watchman
Jeffery Isobel d 27 March 1837 Stevenston
Jeffery James d. 26 May 1748  Stevenston coalheaver son to Andrew Jeffery
Jeffery James d. 25 Dec. 1801  Stevenston son to Isabel Smith
Jeffery Janet d. 23 May 1779  Stevenston child of David Jeffery
Jeffery Janet  d. 19/12/1927 Stevenston wife of Robert Bicket
Jeffery John d. 2 August 1757  Stevenston coalheaver son to Robert Jeffery
Jeffery Joseph d. 17 March 1815 Stevenston  coalheaver
Jeffery Mary d. 25/12/1916 Stevenston age 51 neice to David Jeffery. 
Jeffery Robert May 12 1798  son to Isabel Smith died by accident at Glasgow
Jeffery Robert d. 26/9/1902 Stevenston age 35  Robert Bicket/Janet Jeffery's son
Jeffery Robert Jeffery'schild  d. 24 Decv 1820 Stevenston
Jodine David Thursday 2d Jany 1777 Damback       
Johnston Elizabeth  May 10 1872 St Cuthbert St. Catrine 2 1/2 yrs single John JOHNSTON  bleacher Elizabeth McKIE John JOHNSTON (father)  cause- consumption
Johnston Elizabeth Febr 28th 1774 Horse hill    
Johnston Elizabeth McKIE  July 28 1872  St. Cuthbert St Catrine 35 yrs  married to John JOHNSTON (bleacher) James McKIE boxmaker Ann  WILSON (deceased) John JOHNSTON (widower) cause- Pulmonary Consumption
Johnston GEORGE  1 Jan 1892  cooper
Johnston JAMES  13 Jun 1857  Catrine Works  joiner
Johnston Janet April 8th 1788  Fenwick-town Spouse to John Gemmel
Johnston JOHN  18 Aug 1892  sawyer
Johnston Marion 30 Nov 1872 Riccarton Moss? 5 mths single George Johnston engine keeper Margaret Gibson George Johnston (father) cause- Bronchitis
Johnston Mary  January 18 1863 Mauchline 21  Gardener  Married to David Johnston  Hugh Tannock  Farmer (dec)  Margaret Drinnan (dec) David Johnston  Husband. 
Johnston Peter 22 Feb 1872  St Cuthbert St. Catrine 14 yrs single John JOHNSTON bleacher Elizabeth McKIE John JOHNSTON (father)  cause- consumption
Johnston Rosina 5 Aug 1820  Newlands 73  widow Old Age
Johnston Thomas Teusday 27th April 1779 horse hill  
Johnston Thomas  March 20 1862 Kilmarnock 39  Coal Miner  Married to Euphemia Richmond  William Johnston  Coal Miner (dec)  Agnes Brown. George Johnston  Brother. 
Johnston William 28 March 1872 Riccarton 88 yrs surfaceman married to Agnes McGregor William Johnston custom weaver (deceased) Hannah Aird (deceased) John Johnston Riccarton  cause apoplexy
Johnston WILLIAM  16 Jan 1856  night watchman
Johnstone Elisabeth 3d May Kirkton Labourer wife of Hugh Lundie 6th May 1828 
Johnstone James Jan. 29 1830
Kay Janet 9 June 1872 Townhead Old Cumnock 73 years pauper single William Kay farmer (deceased) Janet Park (deceased) David Smith (inspector of Poor) cause- dropsy
Kay William 23 Jan 1872  Hayhill Ochiltree 79 yrs farmer  married to Isabell McL--t ? James Kay farmer (deceased) Agnes  Drennan James M Cork (brother-in-law- farmer- Drumjohn?)  cause Dythepsia of 3 yrs acute hepatitis
Keegan Anne  September 19 1862 Cumnock 2  Single  Francis Keegan  Pit Drawer  Mary Devany  Francis Keegan
KEENAN JOHN  6 Apr 1880  water-wheel keeper
Keirs Robert  May 27 1856 High St. Newmilns 7  Single James Keirs  Coal Master  Jean Smith James Keirs (father)
Kelly Clarezia (?)  September 10 1857 48 Single Row  Ironworks - Kilwinning 40  wife of a Coal Miner  John Logan  Cotton Spinner (dec) Marrion Haw (dec)  Phillip Kelly - husband
Kelly Flora  April 20 1857 Morton Place Kilmarnock 34  Married  James Young  Exciseman  Flora Sharp  George Kelly  Husband. 
Kelso David 14 March 1886 Stevenston 66 husband of Elizabeth Thom
Kelso John Stevenston infancy  David Kelso Elizabeth Thom
Kelso Susan Stevenston infancy  David Kelso Elizabeth Thom
Kelso Susan Stevenston infancy  David Kelso Elizabeth Thom
Kelso William Stevenston  infancy  David Kelso Elizabeth Thom
Kennedy Anthony 16 April 1859 Cumnock 1yr 3 months single Thomas KENNEDY  hostler Elizabeth DOCHERTY father
Kennedy James  5 Feb 1890  South Australia
Kennedy John  27 Sep 1866  Catrine Works  dresser
Kennedy John  20 Jul 1892  Tollcross  teacher
Kennedy William  November 14  1861 New Cumnock  (Age could be 1yr2mos or 12)  Coal Miner Single  John Kennedy  Coal Miner (dec)  Marion Hardy  William Hardy  Step Father (X)
Kent James buried 22 October 1844  Fennwicktown of an advanced age Weaver
Kent James 10th of February 1803  Fenwick town James Kent Marrion Stevenson
Kent Mary Octr 2 1803  Fenwick James Kent
Kent William March 15th 1769 Bankend near rouallan  William Kent smith
Kerr  JOHN  1 Feb 1863  spinning tenter
Kerr Elisabeth 7th Janry 1804  Moor end
Kerr Elizabeth d 7.1.1804 Fenwick 77y mother of James Love 
Kerr Janet  4 May 1876 13 North Hamilton Street Kilmarnock 17 3/4yrs single William KERR  joiner decd Janet TURNER Robert TURNER grandfather
Kerr John 1 Aug 1865 at Garneve? Hill. New Cumnock 38 Coalmaster married to Elisabeth STEEL  Robert KERR  (deceased) Coalminer Elisabeth BARRIE Samuel? KERR (brother)
Kerr Margaret  October 18 1856 Greenhead. Newmilns 22  Muslin Weaver Single  Kenneth Kerr  Muslin Weaver (deceased) Margaret McIntosh Angus Kerr (brother)
Kerr Marion 30th July 1807  Moorend Wife of Robert Brown
Kerr Marrion d 29.7.1807 Fenwick 75y married to Robert Brown sister to Elizabeth Kerr 
Kerr Mary 29.1.1828 Ochiltree 42 wife of John Brown
Kilmartin Michael  June 13 1862 Muirkirk 21  Single  Michael Kilmartin  Furnace Filler  Bridget Begley  Michael Kilmartin
Kilpatrick Lilias d. 23 Feb 1810  Stevenston spouse to D. McDonald
King John Saturday the 15 December 1759 Burnhead 
King Mary 20th of January 1810  Kilmaurs wife of James Armour
King Robert 1st Feby 1837  Kirktown Labourer
Kingswell (blank)  18th November  at Stewarton  23 November 1830 
Kirk(l)and Mrs buried 2 February 1844  Upper Fenwick
Kirkland  Mrs. buried 27 August 1852  Fenwicktown
Kirkland Andrew 17 November 1813. John Kirkland
Kirkland Barbara Saturday May 3d 1766 gree 
Kirkland David 7 Feb 1837  Upper Fenwick farmer in Crofthead
Kirkland David 12 May 1812  John Kirkland
Kirkland David Teusday 26th Jany 1773 Gree Robert Kirkland small pox    
Kirkland Jaen Jany 29 1768 Genhill 
Kirkland James 5th April 1806 Gree
Kirkland Janet 4 October 1837  Farmer Widow of Hugh Watt
Kirkland Jean Saturday Aprile 28th 1764 Crofthead
Kirkland John Saturday 20th Feby 1773 Crofthead ?hys     Robert Kirkland
Kirkland Mary Dec. 27 1830 Village 
Kirkland Mary June 27 1831 Village 
Kirkland Robert buried 6th May 1847  Fenwicktown
Kirkland weaver John Tuesday May 8th 1764 Fenwick town 
Kirklands Child Saturday March 26th 1763 Amlaird  John Kirklands
KNIGHT William  Dailly  married Old Age
Knox Thomas  March 11 1855 Dalry Born in Dalry 29 Unmarried  William Knox (dec) Agnes Barr
Laidlaw James  September 24  1861 Newmilns 86  Muslin Weaver  Single  Parents names not listed. Andrew Weir  Neighbour. 
Lambie Andrew Young  August 2 1856 Sunnyside Riccarton  26 months Single James Lambie  Farmer  Elizabeth Young James Lambie (father)
Lambie Grizzel 2d January 1826  wife of Hugh Wyllie
Lambie James  17 Nov 1861  mason
Lambie John  17 May 1886  tailor
Lambie John Tuesday 29th June 1779 Blackwoods  
Lambie Margaret  July 15 1855 Dreghorn Born at Dundonald 4 Hugh Lambie Helen Tannoch 
Lambie Rev John Muir  19 Mar 1892  Grangemouth  U. P. Church
Lamie Margaret March 22d 1787  Blackwood of Kilmarnock an unmarried woman
Lamie Mary March 13th 1771 Eatland Kilmarnock   
Lammie James Thursday Febry 2 1765 Dyks 
Lammies (blank) March 29th 1771 Bow house of Rowallan   '  John Lammies
Lammy Samuel March 19th 1768 Dicks in Grougar   Youth
LAMON' Mrs William May 21 1831 Steel Park Cumnock 
Lamont Ann 8th August 1824 wife to John Anderson struck with Palsy on the Tuesday preceding. 
Lang George May 16th 1770 Gainford    
Lang Jane October 15 1860 Kilmaurs 22 Wife of an Agricultural Labourer Hugh Richmond Coal Miner  Ann Beveridge (dec) John Lang Husband. 
Langlands George  September 11 1863 Dalry  2 mos.  Mercantile Clerk (dec)  Single  George Langlands  Agnes Richmond  William McD - - - -
Lauder Jessie  October 25 1863 Kilmarnock  8 mos.  Single  William Lauder  Boot Closer  Jessie Richmond. William Lauder  Father. 
Laughlane Elizabeth Sepr 6th 1770 Kirk      
Laught Jeanie 6.12.1880 Mauchline 39 wife of David Bone
Lawson Isobel  August 17 1863 Darvel 24  Muslin Weaver  Married to Robert Lawson  Ninian Jamieson  Muslin Weaver  Janet Cleland  Robert Lawson
Lawson Jean Monday 24th August 1778 Fenwick town    
Lawson John  November 21  1861 New Cumnock 54  Coal Miner - Pauper  Married to Jane Anderson Andrew Lawson  Agricultural Labourer (dec)  Barbara Brown (dec) Matthew Samson  Brother. 
Laygmuir Sarah Monday 23rd Jany 1779 Laigh harshaw 
Lees Thomas  27 Mar 1864  Catrine Works  warehouse
Lees William  24 Aug 1850  Catrine Works  joiner
Legat Ann 17 June 1811  Blackwood Wife to William Steel
Leggale John 10 April 1839 Stewarton
Leggat Agnes 14.5.1826  Catrine 60 wife of Matthew Miller
Lennon A Whelhilminer Mar. 28 1833 Langholn
Lennon William 1830 Aug. 21  Auchlinleck Village 
Lennox  David 1 July 1872  at Croft St, Tarbolton 72 years  pauper-formerly free stone Quarrier single James Lennox  farmer (deceased)  Janet Gibson (deceased) John McMaster (Inspector of Poor)  cause- old
Lennox Andrew  September 27 1859 Pinmerry (?)  5 months  Single  Andrew Lennox  Farmer  and Margaret Symington  Andrew Lennox
Lennox Unnamed  July 27 1863 Galston  9 hours  Single  William Lennox  Farmer  Elizabeth Mitchell  William Lennox
Lindsay Agnes d 15.12.1855 Fenwick 59y married James Lindsay
Lindsay Agnes 1st January 1824 Stewarton parish
Lindsay Agnes 23 July 1825.  Clunch James Lindsay (dec)
Lindsay Andrew May 4th 1765 high Clunch  youth James Lindsay
Lindsay Ann d 12.6.1822 Fenwick 21y   Thomas Lindsay Janet Lindsay
Lindsay Elizabeth b 1776 Fenwick d 3.10.1860 wife of James Howie
Lindsay Elizabeth d 1.4.1862 Fenwick 63y     Thomas Lindsay Janet Lindsay
Lindsay Gavan Febry 2d 1765 Artnoch  David Lindsay dying of the pocks
Lindsay James d 21.7.1860 Fenwick 75y  married to Agnes Lindsay
Lindsay James d 17.10.1856 Fenwick 63y     Thomas Lindsay Janet Lindsay
Lindsay James  d 1.7.1778 8?y  farmer High (Clarsh---) married Janet Gemmel
Lindsay James 31 August 1822  High Clunch farmer
Lindsay James Septr 12th 1825 Kilmarnock Gavin Lindsay
Lindsay Jan 17.3.1906 Catrine age 85 wife of David Brown
Lindsay Jane d 4.1867 80y
Lindsay Jane d 4.1867 Fenwick 80y wife of Sammuel Howie
Lindsay Janet d 1.5.1811 Fenwick  50y married Thomas Lindsay
Lindsay Janet d 8.7.1822 Fenwick 31y     Thomas Lindsay Janet Lindsay
Lindsay Janet 2nd July 1817  high Collary Widow of John Boyd
Lindsay Janet 30th August 1814  Hershaw Widow of John Wallace
Lindsay Janet 2d December 1805 Tyburn
Lindsay Janet Williamson buried 17 January 1850  High Clunch Relict of the late James Lindsay
Lindsay Jean Friday febrary 8th 1764 Lockgoy 
Lindsay Jeannie d 18.3.1916 Fenwick  62y married to John Gilmour
Lindsay John d 26.2.1844 late Auchentiber 76y  
Lindsay John d 18.2.1854 Fenwick 34y James Lindsay Agnes Lindsay
Lindsay John buried 3 April 1847  Teyburn Farmer
Lindsay John 4th March 1841  Brotherland parish of Stevenson farmer
Lindsay John  3rd Jany 1782  Blackshill parish of Kilmarnock
Lindsay John Tuesday the 20th of May 1760 finnick town 
Lindsay Margaret 9th August (July lined out) 1815  Leaburn Widow of John Torrence
Lindsay Mary Tuesday 26th Sept 1781  in Bagramiln 
Lindsay Mrs. Lindsay buried 19 May 1842  Stewarton
Lindsay Rachel Thursday 16 of September 1760 Bruntland  Robert Lindsay
Lindsay Robert  d 1768 fm Brunland  
Lindsay Robert 27 February 1848, burried 4/3/1848 Gardrum
Lindsay Robert 6th Janry 1810 Muir house parish of Kilmarnock
Lindsay Robert Thursday December 8th 1768 bruntland
Lindsay Thomas d 25.10.1825 Kilmarnock 80y married to Janet Lindsay Janet Lindsay
Lindsay Thomas 17th July 1825  Clunch James Lindsay (dec)
Lindsey Agnes 4th Feby 1826 Gree Kilmarnock widow of the late James Dunlop Junior
Lindsey James Friday 3d July 1778 Clunch       
Lindsey John 5th September Aged 81 years.  Farmer in Teyburn 8th September 1827
Linsay David 13 May 1823  Cauldstanes  James Linsay
Linsay Thomas Aprile 17th 1770 Rushea   
Linsay William  22 Decr 1784 Ross Fenwick
Lithgow Jane  September 27 1857  West Netherton Kilmarnock 74  Widow of a Carrier  Joseph McCulloch  Carter (dec) Elizabeth Richmond  Hugh Millar  Son-in-law. 
LITTLE  WILLIAM  16 Feb 1867  late flesher
Livingston Mary 29th June Drumboy servant to John Dunlop 30th June 1827. 
Lochrigg John d. 5 November 1779  Stevenston son to Lyon Lochrigg
Lochrigg Lyon d. 15 July 1830  Stevenston
Lochrigg Mary d. 17 April 1785  Stevenston shoemaker  daughter of Lyon Lochrigg
Lockhart Hugh 5th April 1826 Fenwick 27th year Student in Divinity
LOCKHART Margaret 23 Dec 1820  Dailly  married
LOCKIE Elizabeth Dec. 1 1832
Logan Agnes  November 5 1856 Wallace St. Wallacetown. St. Quivox  1 month Single Agnes Logan (domestic servant) Agnes Logan (mother)
Logan Agnes  5.11.1922 Mauchline 78 Jason Logan Agnes Brown
Logan Elizabeth  March 19 1862 Kilmarnock 18  Weaver  Single  George Logan  Handloom Weaver  Jean Love  George Logan
Logan Francis 30th Novr  Kilmarnock the late William Logan 3d December 1828 
Logan Henry 15 April 1872 Lamdoughty Loch Doon-Straiton 60 yrs shepherd married to Agnes Douglas James Logan shepherd (deceased) Margaret Moffat (deceased) John Douglas Logan (son) cause- consumption- 1 year
Logan Jessie 16 Nov 1872 Riccarton 6 mths single William Logan carter at flour-mill Jessie McCulloch William Logan (father)   cause- hooping cough
Logan Margret 20th March 1775 Hillhouse hill 
Logan Martha 11th June Kirkton William Logan (dec) Janet Wallace Consumption  14th of June 1827
Logan Mary 16.8.1902 Mauchline 54 Jason Logan Agnes Brown
Logan Mgt 18.5.1898 Mauchline 50 Jason Logan Agnes Brown
Logan William 10th April 1823 An old man
Long George 15 May 1817 Fenwick Tailor George Long Chin cough 
Loudon Agnes 27th Novr 1824.  Herlaw Archibald Loudon
Loudon Archibald buried 17 February 1845  Harelaw Farmer
Loudon Jean 5 Jun 1820  Dailly 18mths  dau of Alexander Jnr Croup
Loudon Jean  buried 16 November 1847 died on the 12th  wife of Robert Shieds Farmer Rashes
Loudon John 18th March 1807 Herlaw Archibald Loudon
Loudon Thomas Harelaw  son of Archibald Loudon Janet Nesbit
Loudoun Annie Adair Lawrie Hawthorn 14 Feb 1894 Newmilns 71 Married: Robert Mair
Love Jane  8 Feb 1770 Stevenston widow in Stevenston
Love Marrion 14th January 1815  Clunch
Love Mrs buried 11th June 1847  Relict of James Love late of Muirend
Love Robert  6 Dec 1758 died in Dreghorn buried here  Robert Love Margaret KING
Love Robert d 5.2.1851 26y James Love
Lowrie Agnes  July 22  1861 Kilmarnock Married 38  Wool Sorter  Wife of Hugh Lowrie  - - - Richmond  (dec)  Agnes Kennedy (dec)  Hugh Lowrie  Husband (X)
Lyle Jannet Aprile 23d 1786 Glester  spouse to John Millar
Lyle Mary d 12.11.18(3)1 82y married to: James Wardrop
Lynch James  July 19 1857 at Green Kilwinning 67  Cotton Weaver  Married  Daniel Lynch  Farm Labourer (dec) Mary Richmond William Lynch - son
Mac:Kinze John 1st November 1822 Kilmarnock
MacAdam Jane 26.5.1854  Catrine 49 wife of Arch Millar 
MacDougal Christian 16/01/1828 wife of the late James Wyllie in Amlai? Marchbank  19th January 1828 
MacDougall Agnes 14th February Kirkt  a poor woman a native of the Highlands 15th Feby 1827 
MACGOWAN  Rev. JOHN  7 Mar 1874  Free Church
MacIntosh Matthew 30th January 1807  a youth 
Mack  Janet Saturday 5th Decr 1778
Mackay Martha  September 10  1861 Newmilns 53  Muslin Winder  Single  Stewart Mackay  Muslin Weaver (dec)  Martha Parke (?) John Mackay  Brother. 
MACKEY Mrs July 31 1830 Catrine 
Mackie Andrew Saturday March 3d 1764 Burn hous  Stephen Mackie
Mackie Ann d. 1 Sept 1765  Stevenston collier daughter to Robert Mackie
MACKIE John 30 Sep 1820 Balcarry? Died in Dailly 20  son of the late John Inflamation
Mackie Mary d. 8 May 1762  Stevenston collier daughter to Robert Mackie
Mackie William 29 April 1814 Kingswell Toll Bar William Mackie
Mackintosh James 27 February 1832  Fenwicktown ninety four years 
Mackintosh John d 5.6.1870 Kilmarnock 80y  
Mackintosh Margaret 6/01/1827  Fenwicktown  Shoemaker wife of Hugh Walker Consumption   9th January 1827
Maclen Daniel Saturday 6th 1765 Darsullock ?
MacMaster Mary 20th April 1814 Hershaw John Macmaster Mary Wallace Water in the head
MacNaight Janet 27 Decr 1822 
Macredie Alexander 30/05/1830  Darwhilling     2d June 1830 
MAGEE Francis  Jan. 12 1857  age 5 months William MAGEE  pit laborer Elisa DONNNALLY  Scarlet Fever
MAIDORE Widow Feb. 10 1831 Dalfad 
Main An unbaptised child 24th January 2 years  John Main Sarah Robertson 26th January 1827
Mair Agnes 15 Jan 1866 Newmilns 17 Robert Mair Annie Loudoun
Mair Agnes 22.3.1858 Sorn age 61
Mair Alex Oct 1827 Sorn age 60 husband of Grizel Brown
Mair Alexander 17 Aug 1868 Newmilns 91 Married: Agnes Meikle
Mair Alexander December 7, 1920 Newmilns 71 Robert Mair Annie Loudoun
Mair Andrew 1.4.1925 Sorn age 85 Mungo Mair Isabella Bryson
Mair Isobel  May 4 1856 Grey St. Newmilns 2 Single John Mair  Muslin Weaver (deceased) Margaret Dunning Alena (?) Wallace (Neighbour)
Mair James 9 Aug 1870 Newmilns 56 Alexander Mair Agnes Meikle
Mair Jan 27.11.1850 Sorn age 19
Mair Jean d 26.5.1831 Sorn age 54
Mair John 4 Jan 1860 Newmilns 62 carrier Married: Caterine Paton
Mair John 29 Jul 1848 Newmilns 1 yr 7 mth John Mair carrier Caterine Paton
Mair John 20 April 1863 Newmilns 11 Robert Mair Annie Loudoun
Mair Margaret 11 Jul 1812 Newmilns 18 mths Matthew Mair  
Mair Margaret  March 20 1859 Back St Newmilns  18 days  Single  James Mair  Mason (Apprentice) Mary Wilson  James Mair
Mair Mary 29 Jun 1856 Newmilns 20 Matthew Mair
Mair Matthew 4 May 1839 Darvel 54
Mair Mungo  8.11.1888 Sorn age 82 husband of Isabella Bryson
Mair Robert 8 April 1868 Newmilns 59 Married: Annie Adair Lawrie Hawthorn Loudoun Alexander Mair Agnes Meikle
Mair Robert Young  September 15 1857 Henrietta St Galston  8 months  Single  James Mair  Cotton Weaver Jane Brown  Father. 
Mair William 7 Jul 1879 Newmilns 63 Alexander Mair Agnes Meikle
Maithe child Oct. 29 1829 Muirkirk  John MAITHE's child
Maiultie? Anne  27th November Kilk William Muiltie Mary Howie drowned 30th November 1826
Man Janet d 1796 Fenwick 50y married - Robert Orr Robert Orr Helen Young
Mann John  July 6  1861 Darvel  6 hours  Single  Joseph Mann  Agricultural Labourer  Mary Gebbie  John Mann  Father. 
Manohall Helen 3d May 1828  Damback Hugh Manohall Elisabeth Howet
MANSON  DAVID  24 Jan 1886  Catrine Works  joiner
Manson John September 15 1860 Ayr 26 Gardener Single Domestic James Manson Farm Servant (dec) Agnes Pearson (dec) John Thomson
Manson John  September 15 1860 Ayr 26  Domestic  Single  James Manson  Farm Servant (dec) and Agnes Pearson (dec) John Thomson  Occupier 
Manson Mrs buried 22 February 1847  Hilwinning
Margory Gray Child Thursday 4th Agust 1768 Craford land 
Markland Margaret Richmond  April 5 1856 Townhead. Stewarton  5 weeks Single James Markland  Shoemaker  Agnes Richmond James Markland (father) 
Marshal Janet January 3 1860 Kilmarnock 2 months Single John Marshall Cotton Weaver  Mary McFaden (or McFadzen) John Marshall Father
Marshall  Alexander 1 April 1872 Ritchie St. West Kilbride 3 years & 3 months  single James Marshall  weaver Margaret McIntyre James Marshall (father)  cause- Hooping cough/ Bronchitis
Marshall  Janet 7 May 1872 Halfway St West Kilbride single illegitimate Margaret Marshall (cotton winder) Hugh Speirs (uncle Halfway St)  cause-hooping cough
Marshall John 16 April 1872 Manse Lane Cumnock 18 yrs millwright apprentice single John Marshall  farm servant (reputed) Margaret Miller (seamstress) Elizabeth Miller (aunt) cause Phthisis Pulmonalis
Marshall Margaret 19th March Fennwicktown Hugh Marshall Elisabeth Howat 20th March 1827 
MarshallJames Child Friday June 6th 1765 Kilmarnock 
Martha Craig  May 1 1859 Stair 1  Single  William Craig  Labourer Ann Smith  William Craig
Martha Richmond  March 15 1859 Glasgow St Ardrossan 24  Single  House Servant  James Richmond  Formerly Weaver (Pauper) and Martha Skeoch (dec) Jane Richmond  Sister (X). 
Martin Hanna  June 12  1861 New Cumnock  6 months  Single  Robert Martin  Coal Miner  Margaret Richmond  Margaret Richmond  Mother. 
Martin James May 2 1860 West Kilbride 33 Farmer Married James Martin Farmer (dec) Jane Crawford Douglas Martin Nephew. 
Martin? Eliz 12th Feb 1765 Fenwick Town 
Mason George Novr 16th 1767 Breaks 
Mason Janet 22d March Tyburn widow of the late John Lindsay 25th March 1828 
Mason & Wright Matthew Fowlds d 1791 Greystone-knowe  son of James Fowlds & Mary Taylor. husband of Sarah Brown
Mather Walter  May 4 1857 Garden St.Kilmarnock 72  Married  Muslin Weaver  Hugh Mather  Mason (dec)   Mary Orr (dec) Hugh Mather  Son. 
McALDRIDGE 26 Jun 1820 Dalquharran  infant son of Hugh Illness from a fall
M'CALL  THOMAS  6 Dec 1889  Mauchline  artist
M'CALL  WILLIAM  30 Sep 1888  carding master
McAllister Mary 14 March 1832  Waterside
M'CALLUM  JAMES  Jun 1872  F.R.S.S.A.  C.E.
M'CALLUM  JOHN  23 Feb 1862  Catrine Bleaching Works  foreman lapper
McALMOND Agnes 26 Jun 1821 Dalquharran age 71  wife of D GRIER Old Age
McAlpine Alexander July 3 1860 Mauchline 26 Box Maker Single Archibald McAlpine Musician  Margaret McGillivray John Marr Cousin. 
McANALLY Peter 18 January 1875 Path head - New Cumnock 18 months Peter McANALLY  Coal Miner Rosann McLAUCHLAN father
M'CARLIE  ALEXANDER  May 1853  dyer
M'CARLIE  JOHN  1 Jun 1885  master founder
M'CARLIE  MATTHEW  25 Sep 1854  bleaching works
McARTHUR Jan 11.2.1862  Catrine 39 wife of William Millar
McASKILL Isabella 30.3.1900  Catrine 41 2nd wife of John McKay
McAtavy Mary  July 15 1857 Green - Kilwinning 22  Domestic Servant  Single  Edward McAtavy  Farm Labourer Annette McAnaly  Father
McBLAIN William  18 Jan 1820 Dailly  about 70 Old Age  married
McCabe Thomas July 20 1860 Kilmarnock 4 months Single Mary McCabe Mill Worker Agnes McCabe Grandmother (X). 
McCALL Neil 27 Jan 1872 Wellington St Kilmarnock 24yrs  waggon driver single  unknown
McCartney Mary 10 July 1872 Cumnock ~80 yrs married to Alexander McCartney (retired farmer) John Struthers (farmer  deceased) Mary Allan deceased Alexander McCartney (widower) cause- Apoplexy
McClatchie Mary  June 9 1855 Fenwick Born in Cumnock 75  Spouse: James McLatchie (dec) Andrew Samson (dec) Elizabeth Hay (dec)
McClimond John 8th July 1809  Kingswell John McClimond Cart driver
McCluskie Mary Ann  January 15 1857 Crosshouse 38  Hand Server  Single  Bernard McCluskie  Coal Miner Catherine McLaughland (dec) Janet McCluskie - sister
McColl Hugh 5th December Benthouse  aged one year and a quarter   7th 1830 Neil McColl Mary Campbell
McConnachie  John 11 Feb 1872 Patna 57 yrs mason married to Margaret Ramsay John Mcconnachie  mason deceased Jean Galbraith (deceased) John McConnachie (son Glascow) cause Ulceration of stomach
McCONNELL James 16 May 1821  Malthouse. Dailly age 70  married Inflamation
McCormick James  May 4 1859 Academy St. Riccarton  5 years  Single  William McCormick  Quarryman  Janet Richmond  Janet McCormick  Mother (X). 
McCormick Sarah  November 27 1857 Welbeck St Kilmarnock 2  Single  William McCormick  Quarryman Janet Richmond  Janet McCormick - mother
McCosh  David 16 Oct 1872  at Burns St. Tarbolton 4 Years  illegitimate   Agnes McCosh (sewed muslin Worker) William Dunlop (step-father)  cause- croup
McCosh Jane  February 19 1855 Coylton. Born in Coylton 78 Spouse: Robert McCosh (dec) 2 children - Jane  39 and Isabella  37  Alexander Richmond (dec) Isabella Patrick (dec)
McCRAE  John Nov 17 1872 Saiverston? 59 yrs  farmer  widower of Margaret SHARP John McCRAE farmer (deceased) Agnes KIRKLAND (deceased) John RETSON (nephew-Benthead Cott)  cause- softening of brain
McCrae Ann  September 15 1859 Fore (?) St Kilmarnock 64  Widow of a Cooper  Robert Young  Labourer (dec) Janet Greenlees (?) (dec)  Robert McCrae
McCredie Alexander  29.5.1830 Darwhinlling 19y married to: Thomas McCreadie
McCRINDLE Jeremiah Nisbet 31 October 1877 Riccarton Moss? 4 Robert McCRINDLE  Coalminer Mary NISBET John McCRINDLE - brother
McCRINDLE Robert 31 Dec 1820  Kilgramy 80  married Old Age
McCulloch Ann October 14 1860 Kilmaurs 3 Single Alexander McCulloch Agricultural Labourer  Catherine Neil Alexander McCulloch Father (X)
McCulloch Janet  March 22 1862 Mauchline 44  Labourer  Widow of Hugh McCulloch  Hamilton Cherry  Labourer (dec)  Martha Hamilton (dec) James McCulloch
McCULLOCH John Mukland 26 Mar 1820 17 yrs Consumption
McCULLOCH Mary Hunter April 1820   Sister 8 days after Comsumption [presumably sister of above died 8 days after him]
McDonald Agnes  July 17 1859  Riccarton  5 years and 6 months  Single  Michael McDonald  Coal Miner  Rosanna Lynch  Michael McDonald  Father. 
Mcdonald Marianne  July 29 1863  Loudoun 14  Single  Donald McDonald  School Teacher  Anne McDonald (M.S.) (dec) John McDonald  Brother. 
McDougall Sarah d 10.11.1875 Fenwick 80y wife of James Stevenson
McDowall Andrew January 29 1861 Galston 54 Agricultural Labourer Widower of Ann Hamilton Archibald McDowall Farm Servant (dec) Susan Broadfoot (dec) rew McDowall
McDowall Jane  February 10 1855 Maybole Born Kirkmichael 78 Spouse: John McDowall - 10 children - 4 living  Alexander Richmond Jane Fulton (no notations if deceased)
McEwan James  7 Apr 1856 Bay of Ayr 19  Sailor  single John McEWAN decd Captain Merchant Vesel   Janet AIMMING William McEWAN (brother)
McEwan Thos 26.2.1897 Stair 77  husband of Margaret Brown
McEwan Wm 19.2.1924 Stair 69 Thos McEwan Margaret Brown
McEWEN  Catherine Oct. 8 1829
McFarlane Jane  October 28 1856 Troon 6 Single Daniel McFarlane  Shipmaster - Merchant Service  Jane Crawford  Jane McFarlane(mother). 
McFee Samuel  June 18 1863 Kilwinning 35  Soldier  Single  Thomas McFee  Coal Miner  Mary McConnell
McGARVA Jan 5.7.1874  Catrine 8 mths granddaughter of Wm Millar & Jan McArthur.
McGarvey Mary  July 22 1861 Kilmarnock 15  Bonnet Knitter  Single  James McGarvey  Labourer  Mary Graham  James McGarvey  Father (X)
McGAVIN Elizabeth  Nov 28 1866 Auchlinleck age 89 Spouse Robert McGAVIN dec Hugh AITKEN (dec) farmer Jane McGAVIN (dec) Informant John McGAVIN son  Dropsy
McGEE Michael  April 22 1858  age 22 months Thomas McGEE  iron miner  Mary CONNEL  acute bronchitis
McGill Robert 3 Nov 1872 Old Wheat Sheaf Cumnock 7 days single Illegitimate Mary McGill Mary McGill (mother cause- premature birth (not certified)
McGillivray Jean September 14 1860 West Kilbride 39 Married Robert Malcome Fisherman  Margaret McIntyre ? ? ? McGillivray Husband. 
McGlashan Abigail  May 16  1861 Old Cumnock 67  Pauper  Single  Alexander McGlashan  (dec)  Abigail Patrick.  Janet Goldie  Occupier (X)
McGlaughlan Jane September 13 1861 Kilbirnie 4 Single Robert McGlaughlan Furnace-filler  Mary McGregor Robert McGlaughlan Father (X). 
McGowan Alex 22/08/1849 70
McGraw James  July 24 1856 Shand St. Kilmarnock  11 months Single  James McGraw  Shoemaker Maryann McGraw (noted as maiden name also) James McGraw(father) 
McGREED  Robina 1Feb 1821 Dailly age 25 yrs  unmarried Consumption
McGuckian James September 18 1861 Kilbirnie 8 Single Ninian McGuckian Labourer  Martha Richmond Ninian McGuckian Father (X)
McGuire Margaret  April 8 1856 Townhead. Stewarton 65 Widow Robert Black Customer-Weaver (deceased) Mary Currie (deceased) David McGuire (Son)
McHAIG Thomas 29 Jan 1820  Dailly  married Old Age
McIllvean Helen 30.8.1905 d Bath 66 William McIllvean Eliza Burns
McIllvean Wm 2.3.1896 d K/K 81  husband of Eliza Burns Brown
McIlvean Andrew  March 3 1862 Mauchline 21  Boxchecker  Single  William McIlvean  Boxchecker  Elizabeth Brown  William McIlvean
McInte Margaret 18th June 1820 Sorn - Gardrum moor 89
McInteer Jane December 19 1860 Auchinleck 27 Wife of an Iron Miner Married George Boiley (could be Bailey) Iron Miner Mary Bell (dec) Peter McInteer Husband. 
McInteer Jane  December 19 1860 Auchinleck 27  Wife of an Iron Miner, George Bailey Mary Bell (dec) Peter McInteer  Husband. 
McIntosh  Samuel  buried 15th March 1851  Bridge End
McIntosh Agnes  d 11.2.1917 Fenwick 88y married to Robert Gemmell Samuel McIntosh Janet Howie
McIntosh James 12 Jul 1793 (Kilgram?) Recorded in Parish of Dailly 20 John McIntosh Fever
McIntosh John 11 Apr 1800 (Kilgrany?) Recorded in Parish of Dailly 70 married
McIntosh Margaret 7 Apr 1799 (Kilgrany?) Recorded in Parish of Dailly 20 John McIntosh Consumption
McIntosh Mary  24 May 1845 Recorded in Parish of Dailly Old age
McIntosh Samuel d 11.3.1851 Bridgend Craufurdland 58y married to Janet Howie
McIntosh Thomas Turnbull 25 Feb 1814 Recorded in Parish of Dailly 3 weeks (infant) William McIntosh
McIntyre Eliza Jane  May 15 1863 Dalry 15  Millworker  Single  George McIntyre  Iron Miner  Elizabeth Hawthorn  George McIntyre
McKALLAN William 27 Jan 1872 18 Bancside? Kilmarnock 30 yrs calico printer married to Annie MOORE John McKALLAN calico printer Margaret TAIT George McKALLAN - brother
McKarnochy Margaret Monday 24th August 1767 Walls 
MCKAY Eliz 15.1.1893  Catrine 76
McKay Hugh 13.7.1896  Catrine 16  John McKay Christina Miller
MCKAY John 17.11.1909  Catrine 69 husband of Christina Miller 
McKAY Unnamed male 30 Nov 1856  Sandbed St. Kilmarnock 6 hours  William McKAY  Tobacconist Jane HAWTHORN Alexr HAWTHORN (grandfather)
McKay William 8.5.1897 Catrine 26  John McKay Christina Miller
McKean Jessie 15.3.1895 Mauchline 45 wife of James Lambie
McKellar Agnes  November 19 1855 Sharon St. Dalry 37 Widow George Wolfe (Tailor (Master))  George Wolfe Janet Robertson (deceased)  George Wolfe(father).
McKelvied Andrew Jany 16 1768 Wall  
McKensie Alexander 15th May 1826 Fenwicktown 94
McKenzie Infant age - 4 hours Angus McKENZIE Agnes PATTISON
McKenzie Margaret 28 March 1870 Woodhead 45yrs married to Hugh McKENZIE (quarryman)  Roderick CAMPBELL  farmer decd Margaret McDONALD decd husband 
Mckenzie Mary Novr 18 1803  Clunch Servant
McKenzie William Thursday 7th Jany 1779 Fenwick town  Child Alexr McKinzie
McKerrow  James Donaldson 21 May 1872 11 months single no father listed Jane McKerrow (domestic servant) Jane McKerrow (mother cause- Hydrocephalis
McKerrow  John  29 Feb 1872 Saiveston? Hill. Sorn 70 yrs  farmer  married to Ann HOWATSON William McKERROW  (deceased) Mary CLARK (deceased) John McKERROW (son) cause- frailty
McKerrow Elizabeth 1833 Jan. 10 Dornal
McKerrow James Sept. 10 1832 Barr 
McKie James  November 21  1861 New Cumnock 70  Hawker of Small Wares-Pauper  Married to Jean Johnston  Robert McKie  Mason  no mothers name given  Jean McKie  Widow (X)
McKINNELL  Martha June 22 1872  Ayr St. Catrine 69 yrs.   widow of James McKINNELL (cotton weaver) William LOGAN cotton weaver (deceased)  Janet  CROSGRAY deceased John DONALD (nephew)  cause- Apoplexy
McLAUCHLIN  Margaret Feb 11 1872 Ford St.Catrine 13 yrs millworker  single.illegitimate Charles McLAUCHLIN miner Jane ARKIESON (millworker) Charles ARKIESON (uncle- Wood St. Catrine)  cause- Tetanus
McLean Annie May 4 1860 Kilmarnock 3 years/8 months Single Mary McLean Mary McLean Mother (X)
Mclean Mary Teusday 17th Decr 1776 podoes    
McLeod John November 1 1860 Newmilns 9 months Single Elizabeth McLeod Washer Woman Elizabeth McLeod Mother. 
McLETCHIE Crawford  2 July 1877 Waterside Place - Cumnock 75 widow of William McLETCHIE - Joiner William McCALL decd Marion McLETCHIE decd William McLETCHIE - step-son
McLintock Agnes  September 23 1863 Kilmarnock 6  Carpet Weaver  Single  John McLintock  Marion Richmond  John McLintock  Father. 
M'CLYMENT  JOHN  Nov 1847  teacher
McMarth Helen March 1831 Loudoun b 8/1/1748 Married: John Morton James McMarth Wright, Galston
McMeckan Mary d Ayr 31.10.1930 Ochiltree 75 wife of Robert Brown
McMillan Agnes Feb. 5 1830
McMillan Agnes Penman  September 21 1862 Cumnock 7  Single  William McMillan  Mason (dec)  Barbara Findlay  Robert McMillan
McMillan Ann 15 Sep 1820  Dailly Middle Age  married Consumption
McMillan child Mar. 1 1831 Village  W. McMILLAN's child
McMillan Jean Feb. 19 1830
McMillan William May 25 1829
McMurtrie  Elizabeth Lennox February 25 1861 Kilmarnock 1 year & 2 months Single John McMurtrie Joiner  Margaret Farquhar or Wyllie John McMurtrie Father. 
McMutrie or Wright Jane  August 21 1862 Riccarton 61  Widow of John Wright Andrew McMurtrie  (dec)  Jane McFedries
McNair David  20th Feby. 1826  Chiphall Weaver son to Duncan McNair
McNaught Elizabeth April 18 1860 Kilmarnock 53 Widow of a Gardener James Barclay Currier (dec) Catherine Wyllie (dec) Alexander McNaught Son. 
McNEIL Mary  Apr. 1 1861 Irvine  age 86 years  widow James McNEIL (dec)  farmer  Rachael ROBERTSON (dec) Informant - William McNEIL  Catarr
McNEISH  John Feb. 2  1829
McNISH Hugh 22 Sep 1821  Dailly  Hugh McNish Rheumatic Fever
McQUEEN Hugh  Jan. 26 1859  age 6 months Peter McQUEEN  ironwork laborer  Isabella McADAMS  bronchitis
M'CREADIE  JOHN  18 Dec 1864  joiner
McTaggart Mary d 22.8.1821 63y wife of Alexander Gemmell 
McTaggart Mary 5 Nov 1872 Patna 3 weeks single Thomas McTaggart coal Miner Mathilda Devlin Mathilda McTaggart (mother) cause- unknown
McTaggart Mary 22.8.1821 Fenwick  63y husband of Alexander Gemmell
McTURK Marion Old Cumnock age 27 years George McTURK iron miner Margaret ROBERTSON
McTURK  Mrs July 4 1829
McVance Bernard  November 23 1862 Galston  1 yr & 10 months  Single  Bernard McVance  General Dealer  Anne Devine Bernard McVance - Father 
McWhir Helen  23.10.1958 d N.B 78 Agnes Scott
McWhir Margt 17.5.1952 Catrine Agnes Scott
McWhir Wm 5.10.1914 Catrine  71 husband of Mary Brown
McWhir Wm 10.2.1957 d Edin 72  husband of Agnes Scott William McWhir Mary Brown
McWhirter John 27.11.1906 d Drongan age 66 husband of Eliz Brown
McWilliam William  July 22  1861 Kilmarnock 8  Single  Robert McWilliam  (unable to read trade)  Mary Mason  Robert McWilliam  Father. 
M'DONALD  DENNIS  15 Nov 1856  carrier
Mechen Arthur April 6 1860 Dalry 3 weeks Single Arthur Mechen Iron Miner  Margaret Deans Arthur Mechen Father. 
Mechen Arthur  April 6  1860 Dalry  3 weeks  Single  Arthur Mechen  Iron Miner  Margaret Deans  Arthur Mechen  Father. 
MEIKLE  JAMES  May 1876  painter
Meikle Agnes 20 Dec 1858 Newmilns 83 Married: Alexander Mair
Menzies Helen 19 Dec 1875 Galston 67 Married: James Parker
MERRY  JAMES  17 Jul 1887  gate-house keeper
Merry Jean d March 1839 Mauchline age 72  wife of William Smith
MERRY Marion June 29 1830 Birnieknow 
M'GILL  THOMAS  3 Apr 1851  weaving master
Middelton Elizabeth  March 8  1861 Kilwinning  14 months  Single  John Middelton  Coal Miner  Elizabeth McMillan.  John Middelton (father)
Millar Agnes 26.8.1912 Catrine 51 husband of Jas Craig
Millar Arch 6.5.1881  Catrine 72 husband of Jane MacAdam
Millar Arch 16.4.1871  Catrine 2 yrs 11 mths Arch MacAdam Millar
Millar Arch MacAdam 26.12.1912  Muirkirk 70 Arch Millar Jane MacAdam
Millar Eliz  6.2.1861  Catrine 5 days  Wm Millar Jan McArthur
Millar Hugh 29th August 1817 Wright
Millar James January 8th 1768 Glasterm   youth
Millar Jas 1.12.1858  Catrine 4  Wm Millar Jan McArthur
Millar Jean 6th Febry 1822 Townend Widow of Allan Galt
Millar Margt 8.9.1871 Catrine 65 mother in law to Robert Dunlop 
Millar Marion June 1891  Glasgow 36 wife of Jason Templeton
Millar Matthew Wedensday 30th July 1777 Gardrum miln    
Millar Sarah 6 May 1876 71 Grange Street Kilmarnock 4 yrs single William MILLAR  coal agent Sarah McLATCHY? informant father
Millar Thomas 29th May 1821 Midland 84
Millar Thomas Saturday 2nd 1767 January Brigstone 
Millar Thos Octr 15 1765 Roden dyks 
Millar Wm 13.1.1875  Catrine 55 husband of Jan McArthur
Millar Wm 12.11.1858  Catrine 6  Wm Millar Jan McArthur
Miller  HUGH  24 Jun 1881  slater
Miller  WILLIAM  10 Jan 1875  mechanic
Miller  WILLIAM  23 Feb 1882  Catrine Works  late dresser
Miller Agness Novr 22 1802  Kilmaurs
Miller Alexander 3 June 1872 Douglaston Cottage Cumnock 22 yrs millwright single John Miller engine keeper (deceased) Agnes Thomson John Miller (brother cause-Phthisis
Miller Ann  May 1824 Catrine 23 Matthew Miller Agnes Leggat
Miller Christina 16.7.1890 Catrine 45 wife of John McKay
Miller Elisabeth 13th December 1824.  widow of the late Captain Thomas Miller
Miller Elisabeth 2d Decr. 1818 Stewarton
Miller Eliz 30.1.1869 Mauchline 37 wife of William Smith
Miller Hugh 24.12.1873  Catrine 57  tailor husband of Agnes Wilson
Miller Hugh 1.7.1809-24.6.1881 Catrine  husband of Elizabeth Fleming
Miller Hugh  13.12.1843-2.8.1856 Catrine  Hugh Miller Eliz Fleming
Miller Hugh 5th January 1814  Hag hous
Miller Jan 1.10.1869  Catrine 50 wife of John Howat
Miller Jane  6.12.1852-17.5.1859 Catrine  Hugh Miller Eliz Fleming
Miller Jas 25.3.1837-26.2.1901 Catrine husband of Jane Mitchell/Margt Forsyth
Miller Jason 17.6.1903 Catrine 86  husband of Mary Gilmour Matthew Miller Agnes Leggat
Miller Jason  6.10.1885  Catrine 7 weeks  Jason Miller Mary Gilmour
Miller Jean September 6 1855 Loudoun Born in Tradeston -Glasgow  10 mos
Miller John  December 25 1856 Woodwind. Kilwinning 78  Agricultural Labourer  Widower  Robert Miller  Farmer (deceased) Mary Lymeburn (deceased) James Caldan (?) Son-in-law
Miller John 15th July 1840 Kilmarnock
Miller John 29th June 1813  Glaster
Miller Margt  2.2.1835-13.12.1912 Catrine Hugh Miller Eliz Fleming
Miller Mary July 1899  Catrine 83  wife of Pet Hendry
Miller Mary March 10 1861 Galston 26 Blacksmith Married to William Miller Robert Jamieson Farmer (dec) Isabel Miller.  William Miller
Miller Mary Teusday 19th March 1782 Mecklewood parish of Kilmarnock  spouse to James Stirling
Miller Matthew  Jan 29.3.1883 Catrine 70
Miller Matthew  8.11.1783-6.1.1872 Catrine Matthew Miller Agnes Leggat
Miller Matthew  27.3.1877  Catrine 58  Matthew Miller Agnes Leggat
Miller Robert Orr 15 February 1826.  Balgramill
Miller Thomas 30.12.1933  Catrine 92 husband of Mary Jamie
Miller Wm  3.5.1848-3.10.1850 Catrine  Hugh Miller Eliz Fleming
Milligan  JOHN  Apr 1874  Catrine Works  late weaving foreman
Milligan  PETER  9 Dec 1891  Catrine Works  doorkeeper
Milligan  Robert  8 Feb 1872  at Annbank 6 yrs Robert Milligan redsman Mary Ann Burrows Robert Milligan- father  cause- bronchitis
Milligan Alex d 30.10.1832 student of the College of Surgeons Edinburgh
Milligan Edward 1.12.1833 Doctor Stewartry
Milligan Elizabeth February 17 1864 Mauchline 11 days Joseph Milligan Margaret Bone
Milligan Helen 2.5.1818 wife of Peter Milligan  Peter Milligan  Helen Milligan
Milligan James d inf  
Milligan James d 10.3.1781 Alex Milligan  Sarah Milligan
Milligan James d 25?.11.1799 age 40 joiner husband of Ann Andrew
Milligan John  7.6.1767 a.44 mason Andrew Sturgeon Mary Milligan
Milligan Margaret 14.12.1825 age 78 wife of Joseph Irving
Milligan Mary d 20.3.1781
Milligan MARY d 30.5.1811 age 44 wife of Andrew Sturgeon
Milligan Peter 10.9.1802 32 husband of Helen Milligan
Milligan Sarah 29.12.1811  Kirkbean mason  husband Alex MILLIGAN Alex Milligan Sarah Milligan
MILLS Annie 8 September 1875 Lugan St Cumnock  1 month child David MILLS  plasterer's labourer Mary OSBORNE Informant father 
Mills John February 1 1861 Galston 3 (or 13) months Single John Mills Tinsmith  Margaret Watson John Mills Father (X)
M'INTYRE  JOHN  28 Jan 1866  shoemaker
Mitchael Margret Wedensday 2 Septr 1764 the Kirk 
Mitchel Alexnder  d 29.1.1795 Darwhinlling 80y
Mitchel John Jany 11th 1786 Derwhilling 
Mitchel Unchristened child July 19th 1765 Gree  David Mitchel
Mitchell Alexander  d 2.2.1817 Darwhilling  25y
Mitchell Alexander 2d February 1817  Darwhilling
Mitchell Andrew June 15 1833 collier
Mitchell Elizabeth 23 January 1840  Bruntland wife of John Bicket
Mitchell George  26 Aug 1882  Burns Arms Inn
Mitchell Hugh Aug. 4 1829 Mauchline 
Mitchell James Wednesday 19th April 1780 high Hershaw  
Mitchell Jane 2.6.1835-16.7.1870 Catrine 1st wife of Jason Miller
Mitchell Janet Monday 24th March 1777 Gree    
Mitchell Jean 28 Augt 1838  Beanstown-Kilmarnock wife of William Miller
Mitchell Margt May 14th 1772 Snedden    Alexr Mitchell
Mitchell Martha  April 5 1857 Dean Lne. Kilmarnock  16 months  Single  John Mitchell  Muslin Weaver   Mary Nicholson  John Mitchell  Father (X) 
Mitchell Mary September 1839 wif of John Picken in High Arness
Mitchell Mary Saturday Aprile 30th 1763 Darwhillan 
Mitchell Mrs Anne Hepburn buried 28 December 1848 Gemmell Darwhilling Relict of the late William Mitchell
Mitchell Rachel  December 4 1862 Kilbirnie 47  Married to John Mitchell  Clark Greig  Nailmaker (dec)  Jane Chambers (dec) John Mitchell  Husband. 
Mitchell Robert  29 Jan 1866  Bazaar
Mitchell William buried 22 October 1842  in the 5th year of his age.  son of James Mitchell Esquire of Darwhilling & Ann Campbell Craig his wife
Mitchell William buried 22 October 1842  son James Mitchell Esquire of Darwhilling
Mithcell William  d 14.1.1797 Darwhilling 42y
M'KENNA  DAVID  1 Feb 1869  Catrine Works
M'KENNA  JAMES  3 Mar 1863  cabinetmaker
M'KISSOCK  THOMAS  3 Sep 1857  late grocer
M'LAUCHLAN  ANDREW  Oct 1848  bookbinder
M'MASTER  ALEXANDER  Jun 1853  weaving agent
M'MASTER  DAVID  8 May 1857  draper
M'MASTER  JAMES  7 Jan 1890  Royal Bank  agent
M'MURTRIE  HENRY  Oct 1856  late Blue Bell Inn
Moffat  Adam 14 Dec 1872 Newstreet Riccarton 7 wks single John Moffat engineman Jean McKillop John Moffat (father)   cause- Bronchitis
Moffat  Mrs buried 9 December 1850  Fenwicktown Labourer wife of Robert Moffat
Moffat Janet September 1839 Upper Fenwick Daughter of Robert Moffat Isabell Morton
Moffat John buried 13th Augt 1851  Robert Moffat Labourer
MONIE Neil April 1820  Dailly  married Found dead in his cart in Murton[sp] Street
Monrow William Saturday January 26 1760 this place  scool master
Montgomery ? buried 18 August 1847  A child of Robert Fennwictown
Montgomery A still born child 8th October 1828  Fenwick town John Montgomery Mary Walker
Montgomery Ann 5th July 1807  John Montgomery Bombardier Jean Montgomery
Montgomery Daniel 15th May Fenwicktown Weaver Hugh Montgomery Janet Brown  17th May 1827 
Montgomery John 14th May Fenwicktown Weaver  a child of John Montgomery Mary Walker 16th May 1827 
Montgomery John 30 Janry 1804 Mid town
Montgomery Margaret 26th March Fenwicktown Weaver  a child of Hugh Montgomery Janet Brown 28th March 1827. 
Montgomery Mary 13 June 1808 Fenwick town Robert Montgomery Water in the head 
Montgomery Mrs 3 January 1849  Kirktown
Montgomery Mrs buried 1st April 1847  relict of the late Robert Montgomery Fenwicktown
Montgomery Robert buried 3 June 1845  Fenwicktown
Montgomery Robert 10th December 1825.  Fenwicktown Flax dresser
Montgomery William 18th July 1818  Fenwick Hugh Montgomery
Moor James 15th January 1814  Fenwick Weaver
Moor James Wedensday 22d Novr 1780 Dykes parish of Kilmarnock
Moore Wallace January 4 1861 Galston 4 Single Robert Moore Engine Keeper (dec) Elizabeth Murdoch William Muir Neighbour
Morison Jannet Tuesday the 3 of Febr 1761 Langdyk spous to William Taylor ?
Morrison  JAMES  10 Feb 1855  oiler
Morrison  JAMES  15 Dec 1892  dresser
Morrison Isabella  August 8 1863 Galston 46  Engineer  Widow of George Morrison  Hugh McPhee (dec)  Annabella Campbell (dec) John Hend - - -  Son-in-law (Poor Copy) 
Morton  JAMES  20 Apr 1888  manager Catrine Works  Esq.
Morton  MATTHEW  2 May 1891  joiner
Morton Ann 25 Feb 1892 Burwar, Galston 82
Morton child Feb. 9 1831 Village  child of James Morton
Morton child Dec. 4 1829 James MORTON's child 
Morton child Jan. 14 1830 Cumnock  James MORTON'S child
Morton Elizabeth  December 29  1861 Newmilns 72  Muslin Weaver  Married to Mathew Morton  John Lawson  Muslin Weaver (dec)  Barbara Hutchison (dec)  Mathew Morton  Husband (X)
Morton Georgina  January 19 1862 Newmilns  8 months  Single  John Morton  Muslin Weaver  Margaret Wilson  John Morton
Morton Helen 10 Jul 1849 Loudoun b 28/1/1788 John Morton Helen McMarth
Morton Isabella  August 7 1863 Newmilns  3 weeks  Single Andrew Morton  Muslin Weaver  Margaret McCallum rew Morton
Morton James 17 Jul 1867 Loudoun b 29/12/1777 John Morton Helen McMarth
Morton James  October 18 1862 Newmilns 31  Muslin Weaver  Married to Mary McPherson  James Morton  Muslin Weaver  Helen Hamilton (dec  John Morton  Brother. 
Morton Jean 2 Feb 1818 Loudoun b 26/2/1782 John Morton Helen McMarth
Morton Jean Daughter 29 Febry 1840  Fennwicktown William Morton Jean Wilson
Morton John 1 Mar 1814 Loudoun b 1746 married : Helen McMarth James Morton (Cairneyland, Lanark)
Morton John 22 Feb 1872 Loudoun b 13/2/1784 John Morton Helen McMarth
Morton John 22 Feb 1872 Galston 88 Married:Janet Stevenson/Isabella Pollock
Morton John  November 18 1862 Galston 80  Landed Proprietor  Married to Mary Mair  Matthew Morton  Landed Proprietor (dec) Mary Richmond  John Morton - Son. 
Morton Margaret d 2.9.1889 80 wife of John Paton. 
Morton Margaret 25 Dec 1801 Loudoun b 11/11/1779 John Morton Helen McMarth
Morton Margaret 18 Oct 1860 Loudoun 71
Morton Margaret 2.9.1889 Fenwick 80 wife of John Paton
Morton Mrs Feb. 20 1833
Morton Mrs Aug. 22 1833 Blackston James MORTON's wife
Morton Robert 8 Dec 1818 Loudoun b 17/4/1791 John Morton Helen McMarth
Morton Unnamed  September 5 1856 (no location given)  2 hours Single Robert Morton  Coal Miner  Mary McLaughlan  Robert Morton(father)
Morton William 10 Dec 1848 Loudoun b 24/1/1786 John Morton Helen McMarth
Muir Agnes 8 Febry. 1818  Gree  wife to James Craig
Muir Agnes Decr 10th 1765 Daghilloch  John Anderson
Muir Andrew first July 1813  Skirnie
Muir child 11th Feb 1765 Ru? ?  James Muir's?
Muir David  d 1824 74y married: Janet Brown
Muir David d 1886 94y  married to: Jean Bicket & Janet Geffen
Muir David 12th December 1825.  Skirnieland Senior Farmer
Muir Ellen  November 20 1856 Sonley (?) St. Kilmarnock  2 1/2 years Single (Illegitimate) Catherine Muir   Catherine Muir(mother)
Muir Hugh (15 June) 30 Aug 1717  parish of Maybole
Muir Hugh 6 May 1754  parish of Barr
Muir Hugh 16 June 1790 merchant in Kilmarnock
Muir Hugh 5 Jan 1798 in Southfield of Mearns
Muir Isobel 12 May 1632 merchant in Kilmarnock spouse to David BARCLAY
Muir Isobel 13 July 1640 Curdowane - Glasgow spouse to John KIRKLAND
Muir Isobell 31 Oct 1616  parish of Dalrymple
Muir Isobell 23 Feb 1621  burges of Paisley spouse to Thomas INGLIS
Muir Isobell 21 May 1621 in Drumcloge  parish of Strathavene spouse to Gavin STEVENSON
Muir Isobell 9 Mar 1622  Archibald MUIR merchant
Muir James 5 Oct 1683 Knockclaith - Girvan
Muir James  28 Nov 1685 writer in Glasgow
Muir James 8 Nov 1687 maltman in Irvine
Muir James 23 Aug 1754 late deacon of the masons in Glasgow
Muir James 7 May 1760 maltman in Paisley
Muir James 24 Oct 1465 tobacconist in Glasgow
Muir James 14 Dec 1770 surgeon in Glasgow
Muir James 21 Oct 1772 miller in Sorn miln
Muir James 19 Mar 1782 wright in Ayr
Muir James  21 June 1783 shoemaker in Glasgow
Muir James 5 Mar 1550-1
Muir James 14 Dec 1603 in Barskyming
Muir James 15 July 1613  merchant - burges of Glasgow
Muir James 31 Oct 1617  fiar of Caldwell - parish of Kilbryde
Muir James 21 Aug  1620  James MUIR -  merchant burges of Glasgow
Muir James 29 July 1633 in Newmylne at Johnstone - parish of Paisley
Muir James 22 Jan 1659  burges of Glasgow wright
Muir James 28 Oct 1661  of Whustoune - parish of Kirkoswell
Muir James 24 Apr 1665  of Thorntoune - parish of Kilmaurs
Muir James 4 Aug 1665  in Orchezaird - parish of Cultoune
Muir James 12 Feb 1669  in Strahevane
Muir James 12 Mar 1669  in Roddin - parish of Ochiltrie
Muir James buried Feb 5 1850  Glasgow
Muir James Muir 28 Janry 1837  Kilmarnock
Muir Janet 12 Jan 1743 relict of Gabriell BROWN
Muir Janet 13 May 1785  parish of Dalry late wife of William MUIR  tanner at Drakemire  John MUIR (farmer parish of Stevenston)
Muir Janet d 11m David Muir Janet Geffen
Muir Janet 22 April 1837  Skirnyland Daughter of David Muir Jean Bicket
Muir Janet 14th Jany 1826 Neal parish of Kilmarnock daughter to Robert Muir
Muir Janet 2 May 1823  Hill Widow
Muir Janet 22 August 1822  Laighmoor
Muir Janet  11th October Kilmarnock Farmer wife of James Barr 16th October 1826. 
Muir Janet Muir  November 19 1859 Main St Newmilns  8 months  Single  William Muir  Labourer Tile Works  Mary McPherson  William Muir  Father. 
Muir Jean d 2.2.1835 a 74y  fa William Gemmell wife of David Gemmell
Muir Jean 17 May 1610  John MUIR (younger) in Plewland parish of Evindaill Katherine HAMILTON
Muir Jean 19 Jan 1648  minister of Paisley spouse to Mr. Alexander DUNLOP
Muir Jean 30  July 1657  John M (maltman)  Jean MAYNE (his first spouse)
Muir Jean 9 Apr 1669 in Heukhead parish of Avendaill spouse to John MORRISON
Muir Jean 23 Sept 1669 in Deipstoune parish of Beith spouse to Alexander GEMMILL
Muir Jean 2.2.1835 Fenwick 74y wife of David Gemmell
Muir John d 1775 93y
MUIR Katherine 31 July 1665   parish of Stewartoun   relict of William HEPBURN
MUIR Lucretia 30 Jan 1629   schoolmaster in Glasgow   spouse to Mr. William WALLACE
MUIR Malcolm 10 Jan 1631   parish of Bothwell   indweller in Udingstoun
MUIR Margaret 28 June 1606   at Pollowschaw-mylne   relict of Alexander MAXWELL
MUIR Margaret 6 Nov 1615   parish of Dreghorn   spouse to John ALLAN
MUIR Margaret 6 Feb 1617   burges of Glasgow   merchant  relict of Geroge WISCHART
MUIR Margaret 24 July 1628   of Cauldwell   daughter lawful to umquhile James M.
MUIR Margaret 2 July 1629   parish of Rickartoun   spouse to John HODGE in Schawsmyll
MUIR Margaret  4 June 1645   burgh of Glasgow  relict of James MURE
MUIR Margaret  5 July 1665   merchant in Kilmarnock  spouse to Adam MUIR
MUIR Margaret  4 Aug 1665   merchant in Maybole  spouse to James SMYTHE
MUIR Margaret  9 April 1669   parish of Evandaill  spouse to John BROUNLY in Tornfut
MUIR Margaret  12 May 1673   smith in Irvine  spouse to umquhile Andrew HENDERSON
MUIR Margaret  17 Mar 1685   merchant in Kilmarnock  spouse to Frederick CUNNINGHAME
Muir Margaret  July 1858 Nelson St. Kilmarnock 47  wife of a Spirit dealer William McMASTER  decd Shoemaker Janet MANN David INNES (Undertaker)
Muir Margret Novr 26th 1764 Bagarie Mill 
MUIR Marion  9 Mar 1622   burges of Glasgow  merchant  daughter to umquhile Archibald M.
MUIR Marion 10 Nov 1629   burges of Glasgow   cooper  relict of David SCHREIRER
Muir Marion 7 May 1764   wigmaker in Irvine   spouse of Patrick MURDOCH
Muir Marrable  24 Apr 1637  parish of Barony kirk of Glasgow 
Muir Martin 18 Dec 1616   parish of Torboltoun 
Muir Mary Sepr 20th 1786 Skirnieland   spouse to James Cellars
Muir Mary Saturday 3d Febry 1781 Brierbush
Muir Mathew 19 Dec 1608   burges of Glasgow   merchant
Muir Mathew 10 Apr 1629   burges of Glasgow   merchant
Muir Mathew  6 Feb & 29 Nov 1632   burges of Glasgow  merchant
Muir Mathew  9 Sept 1652   parish of Avendaill
Muir Mathew 28th Decemr 1812 76th year Kirk officer
Muir Matthew d 26.12.1813 75y  shoemaker
Muir Michael  June 24 1856 New St. Riccarton  1 1/2 years Single High Muir  Coal Miner  Ann Hunter  Hugh Muir (father)
Muir Patrick 26 May 1612   parish of Eastwood 
Muir Peter 12 Oct 1784   parish of Galston 
Muir Ranken  25 Apr 1552 
Muir Robert 9 Feb 1614  burges of Glasgow    merchant
Muir Robert 17 Oct 1617   parish of Kilmarnock 
Muir Robert  11 Mar 1624   parish of Kirkmichaell
Muir The Revd Matthew Muir 25 Septr 1832 Kirktown  Glasgow  the late Matthew Muir Margaret Howat
MUIR William  15 Jun 1888  mechanical engineer
Muir junr David  d 26.4.1895 Low Rushaw - Kilmarnockchn 63y
Muire John Monday 25 Jany 1769 gree moor  
Muirs Elizabeth Wedensday 1st of March 1775 Warnock land     Child Matthew Muirs
Mulie Elizabeth Teusday Decr 24th 1771 the Heardraw Stewarton Parish    
Mullin John August 2 1861 Girvan 6 days Single Margaret Mullin Cotton Weaver Margaret Mullin Mother (X). 
Murchland A new born Child Hill  born 21 July  James Murchland Martha Dunlop  22 July 1830 
Murchland David 13th June 1809  Hill
Murchland Janet Wednesday 20 Febry 1782 Laigh Hershaw  spouse Stepen Wallace
Murchland John 2nd May 1812  Hill a youth
Murchland Thomas 6 October 1807  Hill David Murchland
Murdoch  Agnes 1 Dec 1872 Pottery Row Cumnock 63 years hand spinner single John Murdoch farmer (deceased) Marion Kerr (deceased) John Murdoch (brother cause-Rheumatism
Murdoch  Ellen 12 Feb 1872  Ochiltree 64 yrs  teacher of dancing widow of Charles Murdoch John Strathern farmer (deceased) Helen Howat (deceased) Hugh Strathern (brother blacksmith- Moat Cott)  cause-Laryngitis
Murdoch  WILLIAM  Jan 1881  Catrine Works  moulder
Murdoch  WILLIAM  1 Mar 1848  blacksmith
Murdoch Alexander d 24.6.1887 Fenwick 67y married to Jean Armour
Murdoch Ann 22 April 1847 Galston 9 yrs 8 mth single Robert Murdoch Ann Morton
Murdoch Ann 5 Jul 1869 Galston 15yr 4 mths single Robert Murdoch Ann Morton
Murdoch Barbara 18 Mar 1838 Recorded in Parish of Dailly Old age
Murdoch David 6 Nov 1872 Inns Cottage Cumnock 62 yrs Farm overseer widower of Barbara Dempster David Murdoch farmer (deceased) Margaret McMurtrie (deceased) John Murdoch (son Townhead) cause-cardiac disease
Murdoch David 1 Aug 1844 Galston 10 mths single Robert Murdoch Ann Morton
Murdoch Ellen December 19 1860 Auchinleck 14 Single John Murdoch Iron Miner Mary McLeod (or Millican) William Millican Stepfather
Murdoch Ellen December 19 1860 Auchinleck 14 Single John Murdoch Iron Miner Mary McLeod (or Millican) William Millican Stepfather
Murdoch Ellen  August 30  1861 Muirkirk 11 weeks  Single  John Murdoch  Coal Miner  Elizabeth Samson  John Murdoch  Father. 
Murdoch Henrietta 14 May 1846 Galston 1 yr 2 mths single Robert Murdoch Ann Morton
Murdoch James 18 May 1836 Bargany Cancer
Murdoch Janet 13 Nov 1872  Ochiltree 86 yrs  widow of George Murdoch (farmer) William Gilmour  woolen weaver (deceased) Sarah Jamieson (deceased) William Gilmour (brother- woolen weaver-Ochiltree)  Cause-disease of heart
Murdoch Janet Oct 1817 Dailly widow      Dropsy
Murdoch John 10 Sept 1850 Recorded in Parish of Dailly Fever
Murdoch Margaret 1 Feb 1846 Galston 4 yrs 1 mth single Robert Murdoch Ann Morton
Murdoch Margaret 30 Nov 1849 Galston 2yr 11 mths single Robert Murdoch Ann Morton
Murdoch Margaret April 20 1860 Kilmarnock 3 Single John Murdoch Carter  Margaret Laurie ( I think - poor copy) Ellen Lamb Grandmother (X)
Murdoch Marion Moon  Jan. 25 1857 Cumnock Church yard age 9 months William MURDOCH  blacksmith journeyman Maxwell McTURK  Consumption
Murdoch Mary 26 Sep 1866 Galston 26 Married: John Wyllie Robert Murdoch Ann Morton
Murdoch Mary 24th Novr.1824  Raith Mill wife to Hugh Wyllie
Murdoch Robert 19 Aug 1864 Galston (late Goatfoot) 70 Married: Ann Morton
Murdoch Robert 25 Nov 1849 Galston 1 yr 6 mth single Robert Murdoch Ann Morton
Murdoch Robert 24 Mar 1878 Galston 27 Surgeon single Robert Murdoch Ann Morton Drowned in wreck of HMS Eurydice
Murdoch Rosina 31 Aug 1850 Recorded in Parish of Dailly Fever
Murdock  Robert Aug 28 1872 St Germain St. Catrine 15 yrs  single James MURDOCK masons' labourer  Elizabeth CARSON (deceased) James MURDOCK (father) cause- Pulmonary Consumption
Murdock David Apr. 18 1829
Murdock George July 29 1829
Murdock Hugh July 27 1831 Commons 
Murdock Janet 27 Jan 1772 Bankend at Rowallen    
Murdock Mary May 15 1830 Auchlinleck 
Murdock Mrs William Feb. 15 1831  Village 
Murdock Robert Nov. 21 1830
Murdock Robert May 24 1831 Village 
Murdock William Feb. 25 1831 Village 
Mure child Saturday Septr 10th 1763 Rushia James Mures
Mure John Thursday 25th Jany 1776 this village       
Mure Robert Teusday 29th June 1779 Warnoch land
MURE or MUIR  Katherine 11 Aug 1654   burges of Glasgow   tanner  relict to Robert URE
MURE or MUIR  Marion 1 May 1672   deacon-convener of the burgh of Ayr   spouse to Robert CUNNINGHAME
MURE or MUIR Robert  6 May 1626  parish of Daylie 
MURE or MUIR Robert  9 Aug 1644  Neilstoun  
MURE or MUIR Robert  31 Jan 1665   in Gartferry  son to umquhile John MUIR
MURE or MUIR Robert  30 Dec 1673   parish of Dunlop
MURE or MUIR Robert  26 Apr 1676   parish of Galston
MURE or MUIR Robert 9 Mar 1680   merchant burgess of Glasgow 
MURE or MUIR Robert 11 Apr 1732   parish of Kilwiinning
MURE or MUIR Robert  8 Aug 1738   late deacon of the tailors in Glasgow
MURE or MUIR Robert  16 Mar 1666   merchant
MURE or MUIR Thomas 25 Feb 1603  Glasgow   indweller in Ayr 
MURE or MUIR Thomas  4 Dec 1611  burges of Glasgow   merchant
MURE or MUIR Thomas  30 May 1637  in Girvan Thomas
MURE or MUIR Thomas  2 Dec 1779   late of Maryland
MURE or MUIR Thomas 25 July 1606   in Logan. See SYM  cordoner in Crevvith Cott
MURE or MUIR William 15 Feb 1611  burges of Irvine    younger
MURE or MUIR William  28 Sept 1616  burges of Glasgow   flesher
MURE or MUIR William 20 Oct 1617   parish of Kilmarnock   elder
MURE or MUIR William 21 Aug 1620  in Balgray  merchant
Mures Child Tuesday Septr 6th 1763 Rushia Killmarnock John Mures died by pocks? 
Murray  W. G.  3 May 1888  New South Wales  Sydney
Murray Catherine 2 July 1872 Bogend 20 years  single John Murray labourer (deceased) Catherine  Maltman James Murray (brother Norton St. L.pool) cause- Tuberculosis
Murray Helen 21.4.1942 Catrine age 87  wife of Jason Brown
Murray Isabeth  Jan 15 1859  Dalry  age 5 years William MURRAY  iron miner  Jane DAVIDSON  measles
Murray James  2 May 1860  Catrine Bleaching Works  doorkeeper
Murray James Sept. 10 1829 Rodenhead 
Murray Janet Sept. 13 1872  St.Cuthbert St. Catrine  64 yrs  widow of James MURRAY (bleachwork doorkeeper) Alexander JAMIESON quarryman (deceased) Elsie McKERROW (deceased) Alexander MURRAY (son)  cause- malignant disease of rectum
Murray Jean  November 9  1861 New Cumnock 68  Coal Miner  Widow of David Murray  James Houston Farmer (dec)  Elizabeth Dick (dec)  Jean Murray  Daughter (X)
Murray Margaret  April 11 1859 39 Bank St Kilmarnock 70  Widow of a Wheelwright  Matthew Templeton  Weaver (dec) Margaret Clark (dec)  William Hunter  Neighbour 
Murray Margaret 20 May 1804  Loudon
Murray Robert April 17 1872 St. Germain St. Catrine  7 weeks single John MURRAY baker  Janet TELFER CAMPBELL John MURRAY (father)  cause- Debility from birth
Murray Thomas  17 Dec 1885  Catrine Bleaching Works  night watchman
Murray Thomas  19 Jul 1887  carter
Murray Unnamed  June 1 1862 Girvan 16 hours  Single  William Murray  Seaman Fanny Brown Fanny Murray -Mother 
Murray William May 22 1860 Dalry 5 Single James Murray Furnaceman  Ellen Alexander  James Murray Father. 
Murray William  May 22  1860 Dalry 5  Single  James Murray  Furnaceman  Ellen Alexander  James Murrary Father. 
Murray Wm 10.10.1870 age 3 William Murray Jeannie Brown
MURREY child Nov. 28 1832 Cumnock  child of James MURREY
Mushet Andrew August 26 1860  in Kilmarnock 37 Pensioner Single William Mushet Shoemaker (dec) Elizabeth McLure William Mushet Brother
M'WILLIAM Thomas  1 Aug 1882  40 years schoolmaster at Sorn
NAISMITH  Rath Apr. 25 1829
Narn Child Wensday the 8 of October 1760 Blackwood Andrew Narn(?)
Neil  Mary 3 April 1872 Symington 71 years Married to Alexander Neil (grocer) David Andrew farmer (deceased) Mary Canning (deceased) Alexander Neil (husband)  cause- Cystitis
Neil John  January 24 1862 Kilbirnie 13  Single  James Neil  Blacksmith  Margaret Richmond  James Neil
NEILL Jean 22 Sep 1820 Currah 7 yrs  dau to Robert Sore Throat
Nelson George  August 24 1856 Titchfield St.Kilmarnock 2  Single  James Nelson  Joiner  Margaret Reid  James Nelson(father) 
NEVEN William  15 Oct 1844  Catrine Works  joiner
NICHOL Helen  Jan 1821 Dailly  wife to Hugh McCREATH
Nichols Margt 5.4.1874 Mauchline b 3.4.1874 wife of Wm Gilmour
Nimmo Hugh April 5 1860 Cumnock 1 month Single Mary Nimmo James Nimmo Uncle. Christina
Nimmo James  18 Jul 1864  Glasgow  late builder
Nimmo John  21 May 1881  heddle manufacturer
Nimmo John  16.11.1741 78y Elder of Fenwick Kirk  gifted to this parish 3.11.1738 six communion cups which cost 621 merks. He also left to the poor at his death 1200 merks. 
Nimmo Margaret Kirkton Relict of John Tannahill
Nimmo Thomas  1 dec 1864  mason
Nimmo (Mrs. Alston) Marion 6 April 1824 Fenwicktown 77
Nisbet Archibald  July 7 1855 Loudoun Born in Loudoun 82 James Nisbet Janet Richmond 
Nisbet Elizabeth  August 6 1862 Loudoun 27  Single  Alexander Nisbet  Farmer  Jean Richmond  Alexander Nisbet
Nisbet Margaret Simpson  April 20 1857 Bonnieton Sq. Kilmarnock  18 months  Single  Andrew Nisbet  Boiler Maker Margaret Simpson  Andrew Nisbet  Father. 
Niven Agnes May 22 1802 Fenwick
Niven John 19 March 1851 Stevenston 64 engineer at Stevenston Colliery for the period of 40 years Elizabeth Baird's husband
Oar Andrew Octr 11th 1770 Fenwick   
O'Connor Bernard  January 28 1857 Soules St.Kilmarnock  11 months  Single  Bernard O'Connor  Labourer   Eliza McIlwane  Barnet O'Connor. Father. (singed name definitely Barnet and registrar plainly is Bernard) 
Ogilvie John Saturday 6th June 1772 pooldoes       
Ogilvie Mrs Friday Septr 23d 1774 Gardrum miln       
Orr  Agnes Daughter of the Rev William Orr  
Orr  Miss Jessie 22/02/1864  Trees Farm 64
Orr  Miss Mary  21/3/1867   Bridgend 67
Orr  Mrs buried 7 Jany 1852  Orangeboven  wife of John Orr
Orr  or Low 17/06/1863  Kilbirnie 63
Orr  Robert 5 March 1872 Townhead Old Cumnock 59 yrs single James Orr iron Miner Mary Purdie James Orr (father) cause Bronchitis
Orr Agnes d 29.3.1850 Fenwick 4y single Robert Orr Agnes Vallace
Orr Agnes d 20.3.1850 Fenwick b 28.8.1848  single William Orr Eiza Workman
Orr Agnes Jamieson  d 24.5.1860 Fenwick  53y married Thomas Fulton
Orr Alexander 21/04/1858  Irvine 58  M.D
Orr Alexander 31/07/1864 Kilbirnie 66  draper grocer and inspector of poor
Orr Alexander 5/06/1866  Townhead of Lambroughton 66
Orr Archibald Campbell  8/10/1866  Largs 67 engineer
Orr David 25/02/1852  Kirkoswald 52  merchant
Orr David 23d Feby 84  Tannacreech a Child
Orr Ellen Dow  d 28.11.1866 Fenwick  b 7.3.1839 married to Francis Bacon
Orr Hugh  14/1/1854  Ardrossan 55  writer
Orr James  January 28 1857 East Grange St.Kilmarnock 2 1/2  Single  James Orr  Joiner   Elizabeth Richmond  James Orr  Father. 
Orr James 11/01/1847 47  of Highfield
Orr James  25/4/1855  Kilbirnie 55  farmer
Orr James 4/06/1859  Stewarton 60  farmer
Orr James 25/09/1861  Sanquhar 61  schoolmaster
Orr James 9/11/1865  Stevenston 66  schoolmaster
Orr James 27th March 1782 Raith Peter Orrs
Orr Janet d 20.5.1872 75y wife of Peter Gemmell
Orr Janet 20.5.1872 Fenwick 75y wife of Peter Gemmell
Orr Janet  September 22 1857 Bridgegate St  Irvine 87 Widow of a Sawyer  John Richmond  Coal Miner (dec) Jane Gibson  Hugh Orr - son
Orr Janet  30th March 1825 Weaver wife of John Steel
Orr John  April 4 1856 Grange St. Kilmarnock  15 weeks Single  James Orr  Joiner Elizabeth Richmond  James Orr(father) 
Orr John d 21.1.1867 Fenwick 16y single  Robert Orr Agnes Vallace
Orr John d 23.9.1846 Fenwick b 22.10.1843  single William Orr Eiza Workman
Orr John d 14.8.1847 Fenwick  b 19.5.1847  single William Orr Eiza Workman
Orr John  21/1/1847   Cankertonhole 47  farmer
Orr John 12/03/1851  Halfway of Irvine 51
Orr John  6/2/1858  Saltcoats 58  merchant
Orr John  4/9/1858   Largs 58  fish curer
Orr John 21/10/1864  Friarscroft 65
Orr John buried 18th August died the 14th 1846  son to the Reverend William Orr of the U.P. Congregation
Orr John 24 Decr 1840  Kilmarnock Weaver son of John Orr Orangeboven
Orr John 28th Febry 1821  Kirktown Tailor
Orr John 4th Decr 1779 Drumtee 
Orr John Hamilton 8/01/1864  Ayr Prison 66  teacher
Orr Margaret 9 April 1842  Fennwicktown buried 19 April 1842 
Orr Margaret 22d Dec Fenwicktown Tailor Robert Orr Mary Harper 25th Decr. 1828 
Orr Martha d 1803 Fenwick 2y single Robert Orr Helen Young
Orr Mary  d 18.2.(1853) Fenwick b 15.4.1853  single William Orr Eiza Workman
Orr Mary 26 November 1808 Hill house hill a child John Orr
Orr Mrs buried 22 June 1850 Balgramill Farmer wife of Robert Orr
Orr Mrs Ann  16/5/1861   Largs 61
Orr Peter 6th December 1808 Hillhouse Hill John Orr
Orr Robert d 15.2.1826 Fenwick  80y married to Janet Man Robert Orr Helen Young
Orr Robert d 25.10.1881 Fenwick 74y married Elizabeth Stevenson Robert Orr AgnesVallance
Orr Robert  24/1/1847  Kilbirnie 47  innkeeper
Orr Robert  22/2/1845   Kilbirnie 47  sen. grocer
Orr Robert 14/03/1856  Kilbirnie 56  grocer
Orr Robert  23/5/1860  Irvine 65  seaman
Orr Robert  7/5/1867   Thorn 67
Orr Robert  September 8 1862 Low Fenwick 1  Single  James B Orr  Shoemaker Margaret Fulton  James Boyd Orr - Father. 
Orr Thomas  7/1/1852   Kilmaurs 52  farmer
Orr Thomas 30/11/1856  Whitefaulds 57
Orr Thomas 18th April 1825  Robert Orr Tailor
Orr William  d 15.5.1882  b 7.9.1799 min of United Presbyterian Church here ord 2.2.1830 married Eliza Workman
Orr William 1/08/1856  of Lambroughton 57
Orr William  3/7/1858  Kilmaurs 59  farmer
Orr William  12/12/1843  Crosshouse Kilmaurs 61  portioner
Orr William 15th May 1775 Drumtee       
Orr William Bowes 10/12/1855  Saltcoats 56  writer
Orr or Cunningham Jean  29/9/1837   Maybole 55  merchant  relict of Thomas Orr
Orr or Drinnan Julia  23/3/1854   Brierside Monkton 54
Orr or Montgomery Mary  16/4/1864  66
Orr or Nairn Agnes  30/4/1855  Little Auchinmade 55  farmer  relict of John Orr
Orr or Robertson Helen  6/1/1852   Lauder 53
Orr or Rodger Catherine  11/10/1865   Dalry 66
Orr or Scott Agnes  29/12/1860