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      Ayrshire Directory - 1837 - by Pigot & Co   


Maybole is a small, neat, market and post tow, the capital of the parish of its name and the district of Carrick; 87 miles sw from Edinburgh, 52 n from Portpatrick, 44 ssw from Glasgow, 25 w from Ballantrae, 22 s from Kilmarnock, 12 n by e from Girvan, and between 8 and 9 s from Ayr; situate in a most delightful part of the country, on the face of a gentle enimence wit a southerly exposure, and surrounded by lovely scenery, formed of parks, highly cultivated, and hill and dale, with a sea- view of the "busy Firth of Clyde" opening on the west.  Maybole was created a free burgh of barony 14th November, 1516, an a grant to Gilbert Earl of Cassilis, the patron, and to the provost and prebendaries of the colligate church of Maybole, to which belonged the lands whereon the town stands.  In October, 1639, an act, ordaining the head court of Carrick to be held at Maybole, was passed by the Lords of the Articles.  The streets of the town are narrow, and contain no eminently fine places or public buildings; but it nevertheless possesses, in a certain degree, a character of massive magnificience seldom seen in much larger places; this is attributable to the circumstance of its having been, in former times, the winter residence of many of the noble and baronial families of the neighbourhood, some of whose mansions yet standing, with their turrets, impart an air of antique dignity to the houses around; several of the dwellings now inhabited by weavers bear a venerable aspect, and doubtless were at a distant period the domiciles of more dignified personages.  The mansion-house or castle of the Cassilis family is the finest surviving specimen of the winter seats formerly existing in Maybole; it is a stately well built structure, situate at the east end of the town, and is said to have been the residence of the repudiated Countess of Cassilis.  the building now used as a town-hall belonged to the Kennedys of Blairquhar.  The principal business carried on here is weaving for the Glasgow houses, in which branch there are many local agents employed, and many families indefatigably occupied.  The colligate church has been for some time in ruins, and the ground appropriated as a private cemetary for the Cassilis family.  A church of the national establishment, and one of the seceders or burghers, comprised the religious edifaces until the 28th June, 1824, when the first stone of a methodist chapel was laid; the church of England service, however, is performed in the subscription school once a month.  The parochial school dispenses instruction to about 170 boys and girls, who are taught all the useful and some of the polite branches of literature.  Yearly and quarterly meetings of the "Carrick farmers' Society" are held in the town-hall; the annual one is on the first Thursday of August, and  the quarterly on the first Thursday in the months of February, May and November; the quarterly in August merges in the yearly assemblage. A "Knox" club was instituted in 1824, for the purpose of communicating the serious exertions of that extraordinary man.  In the vicinity are many interesting objects, among which is the celebrated ruin called Crossreguel (noticed in the sketch of Kirkoswald); Kilbenale castle, now in a similar state of dilapidation, once belonging to a branch of the Cassilis family, who were for a long period hereditary bailles of Carrick; and the remains of Greenan castle half a mile from the town.  Ancient coins have been frequently found, and a vast quantity was some years ago discovered, in fine preservation, in this district.  In the neighbourhood are two remarkably fine springs of water, popularly named "St Cuthbert's" and "Well-trees"; the latter is said to yield ten thousand imperial gallons per hour.  The market is held on Thursday, and there are the following annual fairs;  Candleman fair, the second Thursday of February;  Beltan fair, the second Tuesday of May;  Lamman fair, the second Tuesday of August; and the Hallon fair, the second Tuesday of November. Culroy is a small village in the parish of Maybole, three miles and a half from that town, and on the road to Ayr, from which it is five miles and a half distant. Post Office, Maybole, William Rennie, Post master - Letters from Glasgow and England arrive every night at ten, and are despatched every night at a quarter past nine - Letters from Portpatrick and Ireland arrive every night at a quarter past nine, and are despatched every night at ten.


Ballentine, James, esq of Blairston/ Bell, Capt. John,  Sunnyside/ Campbell, Mrs Agnes,  New yards/ Crawford, William esq,  of Doonside/ Ferguson, John esq,  of Monkwood/ Grey, Rev George,  Manse,  Kirkland/ Hutchinson, Mrs Mary,  New yards/ Kelso, Mr Archibald,  Sawchrie/ Logan, Mrs Agnes,  Mayburgh cottage/ McTyer, Mrs Janet, of Red brae/ Ramsey, Mrs Helen,  St John's/ Rankine, James esq, Broch/ Rankine, James  MD  Otterdon/ Rankine, John esq,  Knockdaw/ Thompson, Rev John Wilson, Miss Margaret,  Duncanland/


Gray, Elizabeth,  Duncanland/ McCaig, John,  Calrow/ McGarragh, James, Wilson square/ McMaster, Hugh,  Burns/ McNab, Thomas,  Kirkland/ Nicholson, Eliza & Jane,  Whitehall st/ Parochial School, the Green - Rev John Inglis, master/ Subscription School, Dangerland street - Wm. Lennox, master/ Wright, John

      AGENTS TO MANUFACTURERS     (for Glasgow Weaving)

Brown, David,  High st/ Dunlop, Robert,  High st/ Gibson, Matthew,  Weaver vennel/ Gundie, William,  High st/ McMillan, Richard,  Kirkland/ Murdock, James,  High st/ Shaw, Thomas,  High st/ White, Robert (& Paisley muslins), New yards/ White, Robert,  Whitehall st


Cathcart, Elizabeth,  High st/ Gibson, David,  High st/ Main, James,  High st/ Sinclair, Peter,  High st


Ayr Bank (Branch) - (draws on Hunter & Co, Ayr, Royal Bank, Glasgow, Sir William Forbes & Co, Edinburgh, and Herries, Farquhar and Co, London) - William Niven, agent

Ayrshire Bank (Branch) - ( draws on Royal Bank, Edinburgh and Glasgow & Williams, Deacon & Co, London) - Wm Brown, agent


Black, William,  Curral glen/ Haswell, John,  New yards/ Heterick, Alexander, Culroy/ Livingstone, John,  Well path/ Merry, James,  High st


Campbell, William, (and bookbinder), Kirk wynd/ Porteous, Mitchelson (and printer),  High st


Baird, Thomas,  High st/ Crawford, Charles,  Weaver vennel/ Forsythe, William,  School vennel/ Gammel, Alexander,  Kirkland/ Gibson, Adam, Culroy/ Gray, Gilbert,  High st/ Gray, James,  School vennel/ Kerr, Robert, School vennel/ McCrindle James,  Green side/ McCrindle, Robert,  High st/ McTyer, John, High st/ Muir, James,  High st/ Ross, John,  New yards/ Wilson, David,  Culroy


Dick, Quintin,  Drumellon st/ Ferguson, Hugh,  High st/ Gardiner, John, Culroy/ Goodall, Alexander,  Kirkland/ Haswell, John,  New yards/ Hunter, Allan, Reform place/ Jamieson, James,  Culroy/ Kerr, James,  School vennel/ McKall, William,  Whitehall st/ McLachlan, Campbell,  Kirk wynd/ McRonald, Thomas, Green side Rennie, Thomas  Green head/ Ross, William,  Whitehall st/ Shaw, John,  Knox st/ Stewart, William,  Maybole


Dalziel, William,  High st/ Osborne, John,  High st


Cook, Alexander,  High st/ Hattorn, Fergus,  High st/ McFarlane, William, High st


Begg, John,  Kirk wynd/ Stellie, John,  Reform place


Caledonian, Wm Nevin, High st

Scottish Amicable, Walter Andrews,  New yards

Scottish Equitable, Wm Rennie,  High st

Scottish Union, William Brown,  High street

West of Scotland, Walter Andrews, New yards


Kerr, Robert, School vennel/ McCreath, John,  Inche's close/ Murray, Hugh, Knox st/ Porteous, John,  High st/ Sinclair, John,  Market close


Baird, James,  High st/ Baird, Margaret,  High st/ Brown, David,  Whitehall st/ Crawford, James,  High st/ Dunlop, Robert,  Welltrees/ Eaglesham, Robert, High st/ Edgar, James,  Weaver vennel/ Ferguson, Hugh,  High st/ Girvan, Hugh,  Weaver vennel/ Goudie, William,  High st/ Gray, James,  High st/ Gray, John,  High st/ Hannay, John,  Kirk wynd/ Henderson, William, Kirkland/ McClure, Catherine,  New yards/ McIlwraith, Thomas,  New yards/ McMillan, Richard,  Kirkland/ McMurtrie, James,  Kirk wynd/ McTyer, Elizabeth,  High st/ Marshall, William,  Weaver vennel/ Murdock, James, High st/ Neilson, Edward/ Orr, Jane,  High st/ Pollock, William,  New yards/ Porteous, John,  High st/ Reid, Francis,  Whitehall/ Roy, John,  Weaver vennel/ Stewart, Jane,  High st/ Thomson, Alexander,  High st/ White, ,  New yards/ White, Robert,  Whitehall st


Cassilis, John Pollock,  High st King's Arms (and livery stables), James Rennie,  High st Sun, James Brownlee,  High st


McKall, William,  High st/ Rennie, William, (and stamp distributor),  High st


Agricultural society's, High st, - William Brown, librarian Porteous, Mitchelson (circulating),  High st Subscription Reading Room, High st, - Robt. Eaglesham, mangr Town Library, Mitchelson Porteous, librarian


Baird, Andrew,  High st/ Bryce, William,  High st/ Dunn, James,  High st/ Dunn, Thomas,  High st/ Galloway, John,  High st/ Gibson, John May,  High st/ McCubbin, John,  Kirklands/ Muir, Alexander,  High st/ Rennie, William, High st


Bell, Thomas,  Maybole/ Hannay, William,  School vennel


Balfour, Elizabeth, (& stay maker),  Duncanland/ Brackenridge, Margaret Jesse (and straw hat maker)/ Crawford, Jane,  High st/ Crawford, Janet, Maybole/ Gardner, Margaret,  Kirk wynd/ Girvan, Agnes/ Gray, Margaret, Duncanland/ McCrindle, Jane (& straw hat maker)/ McCrindle, Margt. (& straw hat maker)/ Murray, Anna Bella/ Patterson, Jane (milliner)/ Rennie, Janet, Green head/ Ross, Sarah,  High st/ Shaw, Ann/ Stewart, Ellen,  High st/ White, Mary (straw hat maker)


Fisher, William,  Maybole/ Livingston, John,  Well path


Allen, Maxwell (& glazier),  Maybole/ Shaw, Thomas,  Whitehall


Cooke, Alexander (surgeon),  High st/ Girvan, William,  MD/ Hathorn, Fergus, MD,  High st/ Logan, Hugh,  High st/ McFarlane, William,  High st/ McTyer, William,  MD,  Red brae


Cathcart, George,  High st/ Ramsey, James,  Whitehall/ Wilson, Primrose Kennedy,  High st


Alexander, Hugh,  Maybole/ Bryce, Alexander,  Maybole/ Campbell, William, Grey st/ Cook, James,  Maybole/ Graham, John,  Maybole/ Hunter, Allen, Reform place/ Kerr, Robert,  Maybole/ Milligan, Thomas,  Maybole/ Sym, William,  Maybole/ Templeton, James,  Culroy/ Wale, John,  Maybole/ Wallace, John,  Maybole/ Wilson, Gilbert,  Culroy


Gilmour and Hamilton,  Maybole/ McClure, James,  Mason row/ Wilson, Gilbert, Culroy


Aird, James,  Culroy/ Alexander, John,  High st/ Fulton, John,  Maybole/ Kennedy, David,   Maybole/ McKay, Edward,  Kirk wynd/ McKay, Neil, Kirkland/ McCubbin, Andrew,  Kirkland/ McMurtrie, David (& clothier),  High st/ McQuater, Thomas,  High st/ Maxwell, Archibald,  High st/ Stewart, Quintan,  High st/ Watson, John (& clothier)  New yards


Cowan, Richard,  High st/ Sim, James,  Post-office st


Black, William,  Maybole/ Cunningham, Wm, (Coach & Horses),  Culroy/ Edgar, James,  Maybole/ Gibson, Ann,  School vennel/ Girvan, Hugh, (Black Bull), Kirkland/ Lamont, John,  Culroy/ McJannet, William,  Kirkland/ McKlune, James,  Maybole/ Merry, James,  High st/ Murray, Hugh, (Red Lion),  Knox st/ Purden, Robert,  Maybole/ Ramsey, John,  Maybole/ Tennant, Euphemin, (Buck's Head),  Kirkland


Kennedy, John,  High st/ Kennedy, John jnr,  High st/ Logan, Thomas,  High st


Andrews, Walter,  New yard/ Brown, William,  Maybole/ Hannay, William,  Maybole


Andrews, Walter, district procurator fiscal,  New yard/ Bell, David, tea dealer,  Maybole/ Bell, Thomas, auctioneer,  Back vennel/ Brownlee, James, farrier,  High st/ Cowan, Richard, plumber,  High st/ Crawford, Hugh, tanner,   High st/ Fulton, John,  veterinary surgeon,  High st/ Gas Works, Dangerland -  Thos McMurtrie, manager/ Hannah, Wm,  barber and cutler, Kirkland/ Johnston, John, excise gauger,  Maybole/ Lamont, James, woollen manufactr,  Culroy/ McClatchie, John, grain dealer,  New yards/ Neil, Janet, tallow chandler,  Maybole/ Reid, James Hamilton, road surveyor,  Duncanland/ Stewart, John, wig maker,  High st


Church of Scotland, New yards - Rev George Gray

Church of England Subscription School

Burghers' Chapel, Knox street - Rev John Thomson

Methodist Chapel, Wilson Sq


To Ayr, the "Robert Burns" (from Girvan) calls at the King's Arms, every Tuesday and Friday morning at eight; and the "Earl of Cassilis", from the Cassilis Inn, at half past eight the same mornings

To Girvan, the "Robert Burns" (from Ayr) calls at the King's Arms, every Tuesday and Friday evening at six

To Glasgow, the "Royal Mail" (from Portpatrick), calls at the King's Arms every night at nine.

To Portpatrick, the "Royal Mail" (from Glasgow) calls at the King's Arms Inn, every night at half past nine and goes through Strauraer.


To Ayr, William Drynan, from the Cassilis Inn, every Tuesday, and James Kennedy, from his house almost daily.

To Girvan, William Drynan, from the Cassilis Inn, every Tuesday, and Robert Hannah, once a week

To Glasgow, Robert Hannah, from the Cassilis Inn, and John Dunn, from Greenside, every Tuesday


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