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      Ayrshire Directory 1837 by Pigot & Co   

Is a small village, in the parish of its name, and District of Kyle; 76 miles from Edinburgh, six from Ayr, five from Maybole and four from Kirkmichael; pleasantly situate on the banks of the Doon.  The parish, which is almost eight miles at its extreme length, and three in breadth, occupies some beautiful undulating and flat land, mostly arable.  In the upper portion of the parish is a coal mine, and in some other parts, lime abounds. The principal land proprietors are the Marques of Allan, R.A. Oswald Esq., the Hon. Mrs Leslie Cumming, and Andrew Hunter Esq.  The name "Dalrymple" is said to be derived from "Dalrymole" signifying "the dale on which the king was slain", and it is supposed that Coilus, a king of the Britons, was killed in battle in this place; its Gaelic name, however, was "Dail-A-Chrium-Puill" or dale of the crooked pool.  Near the Roman road, which intersects the parish, was found, in a moss, a vessel of Roman bronze, by antiquarians conjectured to be that kind used by priests in their sacrificial oblations; and in 1834 was discovered, near the same spot, an ancient vase; both these relics are in possession of the Rev. Mr Wallace, the minister of the parish and master of the highly respectable boarding school.  In this parish are three British fortlets, on commanding sites, and the ruins of three castles; these, with the beautiful loch of Marianham(*), the waters of which are covered annually with yellow and white water-lily, are objects of considerable interest and curiosity with the visitors to this district.  Post      Letters arrive from and are forwarded to Ayr by a carrier twice a week. 


Cuninghame, Sir James Montgomery, bart of  Corserill Skeltion (*) Hodson, Capt Brian  RN  Hollybush McBeath, James  Surgeon  RN  Bartleston cottage Wallace, Rev. Robert (and boarding academy) manse 


Baird, William  shoe maker Dalziel, James  cooper Mathieson, William  blacksmith Porteous, William  schoolmaster Ramsay, David  hosier Rodic (or Rodie) James  tailor Rodman, William  shoe maker Syminton, Henry  vinter 


To Ayr  David Mitchell every Tuesdy and Friday morning  (*) Names are approximate - difficult to read from the fische.

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