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Some Ayrshire Monumental  Inscriptions 

Ex Ardrossan Library & Carnagie Library Ayr   

[Stevenston Monumental Inscriptions]  [Fenwick]

Please send me any others you have to add to this list.


Mid Section 

24  Alexander Stirrat died Jan 13 1939 age 72yrs/ Also in memory of Mary Logan daughter of John Stirrat 

39  Erected by James and Jane Wilson in loving memory of their dear mother Marion Love widow of William Allan who died 24th of May 1920 age 58yrs/ The above James Wilson died 11th of January 1926 age 48 yrs and the above Jane Love Wilson died Nov 5 1953 aged 70 yrs/Thy Will be Done 

B96 Mary Logan died Nov 9th 1927 age 72years. 

Alexander Caldwell in memory of his wife Jean Fulton who died 27 July 1951 age 71yrs. 

239  Erected by Margaret Newell Logan in memory of her husband James Logan who died Feb 12 1890 age 65yrs/The above Mary Logan died Sept 21 1898 age 68yrs/Grand daughter Jenny? Logan died July 30 1915 age 15yrs

333 James WILSON     5-7-1959 husband of Catherine Fullerton 

South Section A 

Mary WILSON   20-5-1977 aged 81 also father Andrew FERGUSON 29-7-1905

Robert WILSON 14-3-1942 and wife Margaret ARMOUR 29-12-1907 

South Section A 

250    *** Erected by JOHN WILSON in memory of my loving wife MARY FERGUSON who died 13-11-1915 aged 45yrs. Their son WILLIAM died 10-1-1906 aged 6. The said JOHN WILSON died 6-5-1937 aged 66 yrs. Also his wife MARGARET HARVIE died 9-7-1957 aged 78 yrs. 

South Section B 

370  *** In loving memory of my dear father and mother CHARLES NOBLE died 1-8-1914 aged 65 / AGNES KERR died 24-12-1923 aged  73  also ARTHUR WITHNALL aged 16 months / Thy will be done. 

130 *** Erected by MARGARET WILSON (Peggy) to the memory of her beloved husband MATHEW WILSON died 3-12-1972 /also her parents GAVIN LOVE died 26-7-1921 / JANE LOGAN died 7-8-1949  /Abide with me. 

Mid West Section A 

164   In  loving memory of JAMES FERGUSON died 24-1-1947 aged 89 beloved husband   ISABELLA RUSSELL / also their son JAMES died 29-12-1952 aged 57. 

51 In loving memory WILLIAM MCBRIDE died 9-3-1948 aged 66. Beloved husband of JANE CONN / also their daughter CATHERINE GARDINER died 3-11-1960 aged 50 / The above JANE CONN died 14-3-1962 aged 75 / also their daughter ELIZABETH LAMBIE MCBRIDE died 22-4-1975   aged 57. 

124     Erected by MARY FERGUSON in loving memory of her dear husband DAVID IRVINE died 20-8-1951 aged 67 / The above MARY FERGUSON died 12-10-1965 aged 81. 

220    AGNES BENSON died 30-7-1951 aged 41 dearly loved wife of JAMES FERGUSON

129    JAMES MATHEW WILSON died 24-6-1951 dearly loved husband of MINA KERR / The above MINA KERR died 2-11-1971 aged 74 yrs. 

Mid West Section B 

57    In loving memory of HUGH REID CONN died 17-9-1948 aged 64 and his dear wife BARBARA DYKES died 15-3-1960 aged 70 also their daughter MARY TAYLOR WILLIAMSON died 9-11-1939 aged 15 years. 

Mid West North B 

271    AGNES BRODIE GILLIES beloved wife of CHARLES NOBLE died 31-10-1960 / The above CHARLES NOBLE died 4-4-1966. 

257    JOHN MCKENZIE GRIER died 13-8-197- aged 63 beloved husband of ANN NOBLE

173 *** In loving memory of MARGARET WILSON died 23-1-1957 aged 48. Dearly loved wife of ALEXANDER DALE /until we meet. 

Mid west North C 

417     Erected by SUSAN MIILAR in loving memory of her father ROBERT MILLAR died 27-5-1963. My beloved sister ANNA died 15-5-1963. My beloved mother FLORA SMITH died 14-3-1958. My brother in law ROBERT DEANS died 30-1-1958 beloved husband of the said ANNA. 

Mid West North D 

106 In loving memory of ROBERT BLACK died 15-3-1968 aged 48. Beloved husband of MIMA CONN.   

North Section

Elizabeth KERR died Oct 9 1924 age 78 yrs

In loving memory of Janet Caldwell KERR who died the 2nd of November 1954 beloved wife of George Latta BARCLAY who died May 7 1967.

126  Erected by William Auld in memory of his beloved wife Susan Thom d. 24 Feb 1887 age 31 also Mary Stevenson Auld their daughter d. in infancy. The said William Auld d. 19 June 1932 age 81 also their son Alex McGowan d. 22 Aug 1949 age 70. William Thom d. in Canada 7 Jan. 1950 age 67 years.

273  Erected by
Samuel Hunter in loving memory of his son George d. 24 August 1876 age 4 mths his beloved wife Jeanie Glen d. 3 Sept. 1905 age 55. The said Samuel Hunter d. 25 Aug. 1915 age 70. His father George d. 29 Dec 1874 age 50 his mother Elizabeth Hunter d. 31 Dec 1863 age 37. His sister Alice wife of Henry d. 14 March 1880 age 36. Her son George Samuel d. 6 June 1879 age 13 years.

287  In memory of
John Robertson Crawford of Crawford Lodge who d. 4/6/1917 age 79 and his wife Ann Howie d. 2/5/1901 age 48.

Ardrossan Parish Churchyard at Museum in Saltcoats


167-Erected by William Reid in memory of his wife Margaret Shaw who died May -1855 in the 71st year of her age and of their children, Margaret died in infancy 1807 / Jane died in infancy 1820/ Crawford died in infancy 1830 and Robert who died Jan 19 1835 age 19yrs/ The above William Reid died July 2 1863 aged 77 yrs/His son Thomas Reid died Dec 19 1889 age 80 yrs / Also his daughter Margaret Reid relict of Andrew Barclay died June 14 1896 aged 82yrs 

181- Erected by Leslie Hamilton in memory of her husband William Hamilton, Shipmaster who died at Gibraltar 12 Jan 1844 age 47 yrs/And their son Gavin who died Nov 22 1848 age 24 yrs / The above Leslie Hamilton died 19 July 1887 in her 90th year of age. 

184-Erected by John Cunningham in memory of John Conn who died May 2 1832 / William who was lost at sea 1836 / Elizabeth died May 22 1941/ His wife Margaret Hogarth who died Mar 21 1842 age 54 yrs.

103  Erected by Jean McNeil for her husband James Logan d…………..Jean McN…..d. 24///1/1…………Jane b. 20/18……….d. 1804 James Logan b. 18/10/1868 d. 20……..Jane b. 11/8/1807 d. 11/12/1870 her son Alex. Logan d. 1903 age 77  And

William Allan farmer Muirlaught to his father John Allan d. 1/3/1827 age 73 and his mother Mary Logan d. 25/3/1822 age 60.    

This stone is erected by John Reid weaver in Tower Lodge in memory of his father Patrick Reid and Janet Henly his mother also John his son age 4 y and………and Robert 10 y., Janet 19 also John Reid ma……. D. 23/3/1783 aged about 26. Elizabeth Miller spouse to John Reid d. 10/3/1827 age 65

Kilwinning Bridgend

A053  Erected by Abraham Wales in memory of his beloved daughter Annie who died at Garnock View, Kilwinning 14/3/1930 age 17.1/2 years.  His father John Wales d. 9/8/1929 age 78years and his mother Mary Dean d. 10/2/1884 age 33.  The above Abraham Wales d. 16/8/1850 age 73 also his wife Mary Morrison d. 28/11/1954 age 77.  Not lost but gone before.

B035  William Gibson d. Glasgow 13/12/1900 age 88 his wife Mary Kerr Love d. Glasgow 7/12/1901 age 76.

B296  William Love d. 12/12/1918 age 74 wife Elizabeth McNeil d. 19/3/1909 age 61

C395  Erected by
James Deans and his wife Elizabeth Sturgeen inloving memory of their daughter Jessie Howie d. 28/3/1911 age 17 years and 8mths.  The above Elizabeth Sturgeen d.26/9/1913 age 52.  The above James Deans d. 16/10/1950 age 75  In loving memory of our dear father Robert Greesen d.6/9/1945 age 56 and mother Annie Deans d. 13/7/1957 age 71.

C576  In loving memory of
John Dean beloved husband of Grace McGowan d. 9/10/1941 age 76

D037  Erected in memory of our dear mother
Mary Thomson Deans d.28/2/1942 age 69 and dear father John Deans d. 4/11/1926 age 55 also their daughter Mary d. 25/2/1919 age 4 years also their daughter Catherine d.15/7/1955 age 52 beloved wife of David Lambie. Their son-in-law James Hughes d. 7/5/1956 age 48 beloved husband of Annie W Deans

E102 James B Love in memory of his wife Elizabeth Wyllie d. 14/10/1928 age 37

E103 James B Love d. 26/12/1960 age 70 husband of Martha Montgomery d. 18/12/1980 age 77.

E125  Erected by
Andrew Deans in loving memory of his dear wife Janet B. Howat who d. 16/5/1922 age 32. Also her parents Ephraim G. Howat d. 4/8/1938 age 75 his wife Phillipa Jenkin d. 15/8/1937 age 72.  The above Andrew Deans d. 12/4/1956 age 73.

        Erected by Margaret B. Logan in memory of her beloved husband John Logan, farmer who died at Byrehill, Kilwinning 24th Apriul 1876 aged 52 years also their son William Logan who died at Byrehill 18th September 1890 age 30 years. The above Margaret B. Logan died at Balcarras, Ayr 21st March 1903 aged 77 years also their son John Logan formerly of Hoccom, Bridgnorth who died at Damhead, Symington on 18th Jan 1936 age 73 years also their only daughter Jane Logan or Dunlop who died at Ayr on 25th May 1938 age 79 years. Also their grandchildren William James Dunlop died 31 March 1895 aged 10.1” years Annie Logan died 6th September 1898 aged 8 days Jane Logan died 10th July 1901 aged 1.1/2 years Margaret Bryce Dunlop died 6th June 1902 aged 15.1/2 years.         

        Erected by Alexander Frew Kilwinning in memory of his son Alexander aged 3 years 3 months and his daughter Helen Scott aged 5 years 3 months also his wife Jeanie Ralston aged 50 years The above Alexander Frew in his 86th year died 5th January 1939 Also his daughter Lilias died 24th April 1949 age 72 interred in Ardrossan also his son-in-law James Thorburn A.I.C. died 26th April 1929 aged 49 years cremated at Lausanne beloved husband of Jean Frew and the above Jean Frew died 11th March 1966 aged 78 years.        

        Sacred to the memory of Lillias Dyet. Corsehill who died the 29th of June 1844 age 72 yrs / Also of her sister Sarah Dyet who died on the 1st of June 1852 age 88 yrs and of their sister Margaret Dyet who died on  the 28th of February age 77yrs and Janet Dyet who died at Mayfield Stevenston August 1863 age 69yrs 

        Erected by James Barr in memory of his wife Margaret Richmond who died ------1881? Also their children  John died 16th of Sept 1862 / Charlotte the 3rd of Jan. 18— Illiegible child also Stephen died 12th of Mar 1881 age 2 months. Grandchildren of the above James Barr / Thomas Reid died 1895 age 9yrs / Kate died --- Age 6mths / Peter died the 28th of June ---- age 18yrs The above James Barr died at--------- Hill 10th Dec 1916 age 75yrs. 

        In Loving memory of James Binning who was accidently killed at Dalry Junction 17th August 1905 age 68yrs/Also his wife Janet Yuill who died at Motherwell 6th June 1908 age 71yrs / William Dougal died 23rd Feb. 1965 age 87yrs and his wife Janet Yuille Jeffrey Died 11th June 1970 age 92yrs. *(Binning/Yuill married Oct 24 1856 Hamilton Lanark)

Kilwinning Abbey Cemetery

35  In memory of John Templeton who died Windyhill 22/12/1891age 78 his wife Ann Dinning d. 16/3/1880 age 58 their sons William age 26, James 21 and David 2.1/2

John Howie farmer Towerland d. 4/1/1865 age 52 and his wife Mary Stevenston d. at Glasgow 3/1/1900 age 90

75A  Erected by
William Service, Smith in memory of his father James Service d. 1788 age 75 also William Dunlop coalhewer and Mary Montgomery spouse.  William James and Mathew Dunlop their sons lie here also lie the remains of Marion Ferguson d. April 1801 age 70 likewise Janet Dunlop spouse to the above William Service d. 12/10/1807 age81 also Sarah Service spouse of David Logan d. 30/12/1819 age 72 also above William Service d. 7/1/1827 in the 82 year of his age and David Logan d. 2/7/1827in the 83 year of his age. 
Erected by
Alexander Service in memory of his daughter Isobella d. 23/8/1851 age 12.

76  Erected by
Robert W Service in memory of his grandfather John Service Postmaster and Registrar d. 7/5/1887 age 75 and his grandmother Agnes Niven d. 3/10/1883 age 70 their family Alex d. 21/8/1884 age 32 Y., Agnes d. 14/11/1880 age 37,Isobella d. 9/1/1913 age 67, Jeanie d. 31/5/1919 age 81 and Janet d. 9/2/1921age 68.


Erected by John BOYD to the memory of his mother Agnes STEWART who died 3rd of September, 1790 age 52 yrs/ Hugh BOYD his father who died 18th of May, 1812 age 71yrs/ James BOYD his brother, interred at Irvine and Margaret BOYD his sister, interred at Kilbride/ Renewed by James DUNLOP, Esq. MRGVS Down Patrick, Ireland

Erected by Mathew DALE in memory of his wife Jane MARTIN who died 5th of June 1878 age 38yrs / Also of their children Isabella who died 3rd of Dec 1870 aged 11 months. James who died 25th of Mar 1877  aged 1 yr/ Also of his Father Alexander DALE who died 9th of April 1863 aged 54yrs, and of his Mother Barbara GILLIES who died 8th of Feb. 1870 age 51yrs./ And of his daughter Sarah Martin who died 18th of Nov 1901 aged 28yrs/ The above Mathew Dale died on the 18th of April 1902 at age 63yrs.(It’s possible that Alexander Dale’s parents were Matthew Dale and Marion Barr m. 1807 Irvine) 

Erected by Margaret DALE in memory of her husband John HOWIE who died –Sept 1854 age 37yrs/ Also their daughters Marion who died 8th of July 1845 aged 2 yrs / Ann who died July—1845 aged 4 yrs/ Margaret who died --?The above Margaret Dale died 19th of Jan 1890 aged 80yrs. 

Erected by Jane DICKIE in memory of her husband Hugh DUNLOP, late farmer , Legget who died 30th of Nov 1858 at age ?/Also of his son David who died July 26 1845 aged 2?/ The above named Jane DICKIE who died 21st Nov 18—at age --.(Hugh Dunlop and Jane Dickie married Nov 4 1804, Dreghorn) 

Inscription on Stone eroded above the following : Erected in honour of their children./ (looks like) Richard DICKIE who died the 22nd of April  1766 age ? and 3 months / James DICKIE who died 25th of /? Aged 8 months / Hugh DICKIE who died June 1782 in infancy and Robert who died the 16th of Sept 1789 at the age of 16ys

Also here lyes the corps of ------Dickie who died June 20th --------------------/And also Janet LOVE his spouse who died April 1805 aged 71 yrs. 

In loving memory of our father Joseph FREW who died the 15th of Mar 1903 and our mother Sarah STEVENSON died 9th of May 1913/ Also of our brother Joseph FREW who died the 20th of Jan 19 19?5 and our sister Jeannie FREW who died Jan – 1946?

At Rest  Erected by Robert HOWAT and Agnes McKEAN in loving memory of their son Peter who died 31st of July 1883 age 21 yrs 9 months/ Annie died May 8th 1873 age 2 yrs and 9 months.

(this is a beautiful large stone with no other inscriptions on it)  

Erected by John KERR in memory of his wife Janet WHANNEL who died 6th of May 1875 age ? 

Erected by Jean REID in loving memory of her husband Alexander THOMSON who died at Dreghorn the 22nd day of January 1885 at the age of 49yrs / The above Jean Reid died on the 24th of March 1919 

Erected by James FAULD to the memory of his wife Margaret OLIVER who died ? age ?   

(this stone carved by hand)

Here Lyes the Corps of  Mary THOMSON spouse to Thomas RONALD, weaver in Kirk-land  (balance of carving illegible) 

In memory of James GARVEN merchant  in Dreghorn died May 31st 1847 aged 55 yrs and his wife Mary SMITH who died 27th Sept 1865 aged 68 yrs/ Also their daughters

Janet who died 29th Sept 1836 aged 12ys also Agnes who died 18th of March 1866 aged 32yrs.

(separate stone adjoining the above)

Also their son James who died at Invercargill New Zealand the 2nd of August 1877 aged 35yrs/Also the daughter Mary who died 10th of May 1908 aged 77yrs. 

To the Memory of Elizabeth, wife of Alexander MONTGOMERIE  Esq. of Annick Lodge Died the 13th of February 1839 and of her beloved daughter Frances who died 25th Sept 1858. 

In Memory of Susan FRASER wife of William Eglington MONTGOMERIE of Annick Lodge died the 13th of October 1884 age 84 yrs and of their daughter Elizabeth MONTGOMERIE who died Feb 20th ---- 

Erected by William WILSON farmer in Southhook and Janet McCreath KENNEDY his wife in memory of their children viz/ George seventh son died April 1851 aged 15 months / James third son died July 1851 age 10 years/Also their eldest son John Kennedy WILSON of the ------(Illegible) aged 41 yrs./Also Archibald Cuninghame WILSON who died at Glasgow , his 34th year and Interred at Kilmaurs/ The above William Wilson born at Crosshouse Farm, Parish of  Kilmaurs 1811 and died at Southhook Farm in this Parish Jan 1884 in his 73rd year / And his spouse Janet McCreath Kennedy was born at Prestwick 1812  died at the Church Manse in the Parish of Kilmaurs W. when on a visit -----1886 in her 74th year. 

Erected in Memory of Janet ROXBURGH who died 6th of Jan1824 in the 28th year of her age./ Also James VALLANCE their son who died 18th of Jan 1824 aged 15 months./ Also his mother Janet BROWN who died 4th of Jan 1854 aged 79 yrs/ Also the above William Vallance who died 18th of July 18—aged 74 yrs 

Erected by William KERR Esquire of Cunninghamhead who died __________

Also his son Richard Kerr who died __________________Elizabeth Agnes KERR wife of Richard Kerr died ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________Janet Robina Kerr / Christina Mitchell Kerr died _________ (deaths illegible) 

Erected by Alexander McDougall RALSTON of Warwickhill  and Margaret FULLARTON his wife in memory of Stewart Murray Fullarton Ralston their fourth son

Died ______/Alexander McDougall Ralston born died at Warwickhill_______/Margaret Fullarton wife of Alexander McDougall Ralston born 11th Feb 1800 died 4th of Nov 1882 age –

Rosetta Fullarton McDougall Ralson  died ----/ Margaret McDougall Ralston died ---- 

Erected by Hugh LAMBIE and Helen TANNOCK his wife in memory of their children viz/ Margaret who died 15th of July 1855 age 4yrs/ Helen who died the 23rd of January 1856 age 8 weeks/ Helen who died the 20th of June 1870 age 9 yrs/ James Tannock who died the 20th of August 1870 age 7 yrs./ Jane who died the 30th of August 1870 age 8yrs/Mary who died the 1st of Sept 1870 age 5yrs/ Also his mother Margaret CLARK who died 9th of June 1844 aged 54 years and of his father Hugh LAMBIE who died 13th Dec 18—aged –Also their grandson Thomas L. Lambie  who died at Govan 1885 age 41yrs?/Also of Jessie who died July--- aged 33 yrs/James Tannock who died the 9th of Feb 18--Age 23yrs. (Hugh Lambie and Helen Tannock m. April 18 1851 Dundonald) 

Erected by David DICKIE farmer in ________in memory of Margaret GUILLEN? His spouse who departed this life July 1788  aged 26yrs/Their son  (illegible)/ Also his second spouse Jean_MOUR__who departed this life October ____/An of our children who died in infancy/ Also the above David Dickie who died  16th of June 1807 aged 54yrs

(Stone badly eroded and upper section illegible) Janet LOCKHART h--mother  who died  1795 aged 33 yrs/ Also Agnes LOVE second spouse to the above named Thomas CLARK who died the 22nd of October  aged ?9years. 

Erected by John McGAVIN Parochial Teacher Dreghorn  in memory of his wife Anne LAWRIE who died 24th Sept 1849 aged 48yrs./ And his daughter Jean Porteous who died Sept 1st 1849 aged 6 yrs./ Also his son James Porteous who died 24th of Feb 1852 age 21years/ Also in memory of John McGAVIN  Junior, late merchant in Calcutta who died at Ayr 7th of April 1870 aged -- Years./ Sacred to the memory of the late John McGAVIN

For many years School Master of Dreghorn who died at ____ ____ ___ Scotland 1871 aged 73 yrs. 

Here lies the corpse of Ann FARRIE the wife of Robert WILLON in Dreghorn who died ____1786 aged ?9 years /Also Robert WILLON who died –Sept 17—age 68years. 

Erected by James WILSON and Margaret REID his wife in memory of their daughter Margaret, who died 21st  Feb 1877, aged 9 years/ their son James who died March 1878 aged 18 years.


Erected by Samuel BOYD in memory of his brothers Robert BOYD who died Jan 28, 1870 age 82yrs and James BOYD who died Dec 18, 1874 age 82yrs/  Also Elizabeth GRAY relict of the above/Also James BOYD died 10th October 1882 age 90ys/ Susan BOYD relict of Thomas CAMPBELL died 28th of July 1895 in her 90th year./Beloved Ones Farewell

C67  ***  Erected by JACOB WILSON in memory of his wife ELIZABETH HENDERSON died 7-8-1896 aged 36  years.   

Erected by Abraham Wales and Rebecca Malcolm his wife to their children Rebecca d. 7/5/1872 age 18 Catherine d. 19/7/1872 age 16, Abraham d. 30/7/1876 age 25, James Mantell their youngest son d. 17/11/1884 age 23 the above Abraham Wales d. 13/9/1888 age 65, John Bruce their 3rd son d. 7/2/1895 age 37. Robert Malcolm d. 16/8/1903 age 77 William Miller son d. Bourke, Australia 28/6/1932 age 79 


145     Erected by WILLIAM DOUGLAS in memory of his son ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS d 10 Jul 1853 aged 18yrs also his daughter MARY DOUGLAS d 9 Mar 1855 aged 11 mths also his wife ELIZABETH GOUDIE d 12 Feb 1874 aged 59 also his beloved daughter JANET d 19 Feb 1876 aged 18yrs 9 mths. Above WILLIAM DOUGLAS d 12 Feb 1878 aged 65.   


#3. Alexander CUNNINGHAM b 12.1.1840 d 2.3.1927, w Mary THOMSON b 8.3.1838 d 4.9.1915, Jemima C d 13.1.1940 a 61y, Mary Logan C. b 16.7.1860 d 6.5.1955, son Alexander C. b 19.11.1866 d 18.2.1939 ( w Sarah SHERRIFF b 2.5.1875 d 15.11.1956, Thomas Sherriff C. b 25.9.1905 d 9.3.1972), s Hugh C b 1.3.1869 d 22.11.1950 (w Maggie BROWN b 26.6.1873 d 2.3.1959); (on reverse) Lt. Col. John Hugh SMELLIE D.S.O., O.B.E., R.E., b 15.2.1874 d 17.7.1931 (w Agnes b 3.1.1878 d 22.10.1961)

Section A:

#12. (sunk in ground) Alex BROWN, Bottoms and Mary THOMSON 31.5.1764

#13. Alex BROWN b here 7.4.1810 d Dalry 18.10.1889, w Mary WILSON b here 26.7.1814 died Dalry 14.1.1905

#24. Mrs Eliz BROWN 5.5.1791 (w of Rev Mr. Thos MAXWELL, min of Parish) (Underneath on left) Rev. Thos MAXWELL 14.3.1796 64y and 38y of his ministry.

#25. by Robt SIM, 13.7.1821 22.7.1903, w Martha BROWN, 2.3.1828 29.5.1895, da Margt Picken, 14.2.1850-6.10.1851, da Mary Jane 13.10.1860-1.10.1873, also Mary Jane BROWN 3.2.1877-20.7.1898 (da David and Agnes H. SIM), Jessie CAMPBELL 20.8.1907 2d (inf of Jas and Nannie SIM)

#26. by Robt SIM, mo Janet CRAWFORD 18.12.1850 65, fa Robt 25.7.1870 85, 2 sis inf, da Janet 27.3.1875 12, da Barbara 24.4.1875 15.

#27. by Wm SIM 23.4.1903 75, w Helen BROWN 24.3.1886 56, da Helen WILSON 2.6.1860 6.2.1862, s David 10.4.1851-27.11.1878 (w Maggie AULD 1.4.1880 27)

Section B

#30. Alex FERGUSON 2.1.1836 67, w Annie WYLIE 20.3.1878 78, chn Robt and Bobina, inf, Ellen, 12.10.1851 21, Annie 25.2.1861 27, Margt 25.6.1887 68, Jas 4.1.1880 53, Mary 9.4.1907 69; Agnes BROWN 23.5.1872 58 (w of Alex Ferguson, s Alex 21.5.1885 39, s Wm d Philadelphia 23.3.1886 37); Grace STEEL 25.12.1896 73 (w of Archd Ferguson, chn Mary and Archd inf) (on back) John FERGUSON, d Post Office Builkings 20.5.1902 34, 1s of Archd Ferguson.

Section C:

#53. Margt BROWN 1748, (on back) Alex BROWN, church officer

#55. Jas BROWN

#56. by Jas BROWN, Horsemuir 15.9.1872 77 and w Margt BROWN 1.12.1866 73, chn Jean 24.4.1837 22m, Wm 13.9.1837 2y7m, s And d Corsehill 13.10.1893 75, da Margt d Springwell Place 29.9.1911 83.

#62 Wm BROWN 24.3.1853 86, w Agnes WALLACE 28.2.1847 72. *(on FamilySearch married 7 Dec 1799 Fenwick)*

#65. I D 1660 C W John DEANS and Eliz BROWN 1728; And DEANS and Agnes MITCHELL 1755; John DEANS of Peacockbank 29.3.1805 86 (w Margt BARBOUR 19.5.1780); And DEANS of Peacockbank 1809 (w Jean REID 1789)

#82. by John GEMMEL, farmer Knowhead, fa John 4.12.1796 70, w Janet BROWN 10.3.1821 73; also David GEMMEL (on back) Jas GEMMEL 18.3.1831 20 (s of John GEMMEL, jun late of Knowhead 16.8.1832) also his son d 19.6.1831 18.

Section D:

#119. Margt BROWN, Clerkhill 1718, Janet BROWN, Clerkhill 1833 44.

#121. Robt CALDERWOOD, Horsemuir .1.1727 21, John GEMMELL, Leahead .3.1821 83. This memorial is placed here to Leahead Parish by his grandson Dr. BROWN

#130. Jas CARRICK, merchant, .5.1869 49, w Janet BROWN .2.1899 81, das Janet .3.1850 3y3m, Eliz .5.1857 16, Mary .4.1863 14, Isabella .4.1863 20 (w of John CAMPBELL, s Wm .2.1864 17m)

#133. Wm CALDERWOOD, Hillhouse .9.1731 51, Janet CALDERWOOD 27.6.1700 82 (w of And BROWN, Clerkhill .9.1809 93) And BROWN, Hillouse, writer here 1820 81, And BROWN, esq, Hillhouse and Clerkhill.

#134. by Jas CALDERWOOD, Margt DALE .3.1791 38 (w of Wm CALDERWOOD, farmer Gallowberry .12.1803 85) Jas CALDERWOOD 1847 90 (w Ann WYLIE) Dr And BROWN, Hillhouse.

#138. John BROWN, Blacklaw Hill 21.12.1759 44, w Janet CUTHBERTSON 11.5.1782 73, s John 10.5.1778 38, John of Blacklaw 26.10.1816 75, John of Blacklaw 1.8.1896 99, w Mary KERR 27.2.1870 70

Section E:

#173 John LAUGHLAND .3.1829 by Margt BROWN, da Jean 28.10.1842

#180. by John HIGHET w Margt BROWN 31.3.1830 78

#191. by Jas ORR, farmer Cankerton 4.6.1859 43, w Mary BROWN 7.12.1845 25

#193. Gabriel DUNLOP, cattledealer and farmer Peacockbank, 2.12.1811-31.12.1852, w Grace BROWN 8.6.1819-4.5.1890 bd Cathcart cemetry, s Gabriel 25.11.1845-20.11.1849, fa John 12.2.1784-2.11.1830, mo Agnes WATSON 1788-1843, 2da Agnes 6.12.1847-18.4.1907 bd Cathcart cemetry, 1 da Margt 8.12.1843-25.12.1922 bd Cathcart cemetry.

#195. David BROWN, cooper, 1w Margt SMITH, 2w Janet PARKER 1787

#196. David BROWN, farmer Torranyard, 22.9.1808, by sons David, Thos (s Thos (1) 1832 11m, (2) 1833 2, (3) 1845 16m, elder s David 31.5.1892 71)

(on back) by Wm BROWN 3.7.1870 47, fa Thos, blacksmith, 5.5.1858 67, bro Robt, surgeon 28.2.1852 26, da Margt 4.3.1865 15m.

#197 John BROWN by bro-in-law And BROCKET, mason

Section F:

#207. by Hugh GIBSON 17.6.1885 62, Eliz BARCLAY 26.12.1894 61, fa Jas 25.9.846 53, mo Mary BROWN 22.6.1863 70, s Jas 26.9.1892 23, s Thos 23.10.1897 20, da Jessie 8.6.1901 21.

#218 by John WYLLIE, Mosside, 8.4.1868 84, w Marion GILMOUR 9.7.1845 53, da Marion 28.1.1854 17, also Elis BROWN 18.12.1865 35, (w of John, jun of Mosside and da Mary 4.10.1866 7)

#230. Jas BROWN clothier Goosehills 10.5.1772 71, w Margt BELL 20.3.1787

#249. Alex BROWN mason 15.9.1850 54, on back Mary BROWN 18.4.1797 11

#251. by Jas BROWN wright 11.10.1871 55, fa Jas 18.8.1835 80, mo Margt PICKEN 14.10.1853 70, sis Jean 14.3.1899 80

#265. J.BROWN 1710

#280. by Matthew BROWN mason 1.4.1848 72 and w Mary KING 13.4.1854 55, da Marion inf

#283. And GALT 22.12.1861 53, w Harrriet BROWN 30.4.1887 76, s Jas 5.1.1845 8m, da Henrietta 19.11.1847 8, s alex 25.8.1904 66, 31y postmaster and 26y registrar here (w Jessie FERGUSON 21.2.1922 80)

#319. And BROWN factor Bankhead Cottage 9.6.1805-9.6.1882 by w Jane THOMSON 6.4.1928 98

#327 by Jas GILLIES, gardener 12.9.1881 85 and w Janet BROWN 2.5.1878 74,chn Allan 6.10.1842 6m, John B 26.5.1856 22, Mary 17.4.1870 37 (w of And JOHNSTON) James 8.2.1873 41

#329. by Charles SKEOCH spindle manufacturer, mo Margt LOGAN 25.2.1864 67, bro John 25.1.1852 27 (s John 21.10.1857 8), bro Jas 7.10.1870 49, sis Eliz BROWN d at Glasgow 18.12.1878 37 (w of Jas SINCLAIR), bro David 7.8.1887 49 (w Eliz WYLLIE 19.2.1918 75, s Jas WYLLIE 26.1.1876 4 1/2. s Charles 19.11.1884 4 1/2, da Agnes 28.10.1890 8)


77 JOHN WILSON d 10 Sept1883 aged 62 yrs MARGARET FERGUSON wife of above d 26-7-1897 aged 74 yrs 

181 WILLIAM JOHN KILPATRICK dear husband of JANE ELIZABETH WILSON d 25-3-1966 aged 57 & their son JAMES KILPATRICK d in infancy 9-1-1940.   


1 Erected by JANET BOWIE in memory of JOHN WILSON, freeman in Newton Nov 1802 ? aged 68 yrs his wife JANET GAIRDNER who died 1 July 1818 aged 77 yrs. Her grand parents, also her father and mother, Lieut. ADAM BOWIE who died 24 Sept 1824 aged…. And MARION WILSON who died 31 Dec 2838 aged 73, also her sister MARY BOWIE who died 11 May 1881 aged 69 yrs.   


394 Erected by JOAN JUNOR in memory of her husband ALEXANDER DEANS d in Ayr 16-11-1878 aged 30 also their children JOHN, FREDERICK & ISABELLA d infancy also their son ROBERT DEANS d in Castleton on the Hudson, USA 15-2-1901 aged 30.   


156 In memory of JOHN GOUDIE d 11-7-1841 aged 7 ? and his daughter ELIZABETH d 15-1 18[4]4 aged [3]4 

308 In memory of JOHN …….. d Dec … 1880 aged … JANE BEATON d aged… JANE GOUDIE d 24 Feb 18.. daughter JANE 13 Aug 185. Gdau AGNES G GOUDIE d 4 May 1856 aged …



135 (3 graves) Erected by ROBERT LOCKE Rozelle in memory of his mother CHRISTIAN GOLDIE d at Rozelle 26 Feb 1855 in the 84 year of her age. 

15      Erected by JOHN GOUDIE Burns Cottage to the memory of his son JOHN d in infancy. The above JOHN GOUDIE d 1 Jul 1842 aged 84 also FLORA HASTINGS his spouse d 20-9-1843 aged 79.   


76      Erected by DOUGLAS McGEACHAN Loans & MARY GOLDIE his wife. MARY GOLDIE d 13-5-1869 aged 54 yrs. DOUGLAS McGEACHAN d 29-5-1849 aged 70. 




#40. Marble pillar. IMO Robt Wallace, South Auchenbrain, Mauchline 16.3.1911 68, chn John 28.5.1888 7, Jessie d Clavadel, Switzerland 22.6.1905 27 int Davos Platz, w Eliz Drummond 29.12.1939 91.

#52. Er Wm Wallace, cattle dealer 16.2.1915 64 ILMO w Helen Taylor 24.4.1900 45, chn Jean 13.3.1891 1&9mths, Wm 31.3.1891 3&9mths.

#126. Er Wm Wallace d San Francisco USA 11.3.1911 77y, IMO fa John 21.11.1893 85, bro Thos d Chicago USA 21.11.1894 63, s Mary d Hamilton 22.12.1896 57, mo Agnes Watt d Peebles 24.12.1899 92.

#143. Er James Wallace 11.1.1930 67 IMO w Elsie Maria Laing 9.1.1912 41, da Isabella d inf, 2w Christina Skinier d Aberdeen 20.2.1930.

#196. Er Joseph Wallace 31.5.1937 94, IMO w Eliz Ferguson 3.11.1906 71, s Jas 12.3.1937 73.

#201. ILMO Jas Brownlee, grocer 19.3.1899 69, s Thos 9.7.1875 6, w Marion Wallace 26.1.1919 65, da Mary 10.1.1949 66, 2da Marion 12.1.1956 70.

#227. Er Hugh Baird 27.3.1933 72, IMO da Jas 5.2.1903 76, mo Martha Murdoch 7.11.1905 72, w Mary Wallace 25.3.1931 62.

#247. Er Wm Wallace fr IMO w Eliz Webster 12.5.1891 84, s W;m 16.10.1899 66, da Eliz 14.12.1905 70, da Jan 8.11.1909 69. 

#283. Er Wm Wallace, Highaird 20.12.1895 71, IMO w Jane Stirling 12.9.1888 76, bro And 18.2.1890 70; And Blackwood, fr d Highaird 31.3.1902 60, (w Margt Lithgow 12.5.1920 77y) another having to do with Auchenbrain

#176. Agnes Mair d North Auchenbrain 28.3.1888 53 (hus John Morton Dykeneuk, Sorn) John Brown 8.3.1889 87; Helen Mair 21.12.1908 76; Geo Gibson 21.2.1928 80 (1da Agnes 31.8.1923 50, w Margt Mair 11.11.1933 92)



#14 Robt Young farmer Auchenbrain 4.8.1842 80 w Jean Lindsay 17.2.1853 79.

#150. Jan Wallace 9.1.1822 63. hus John Brown, mert 2.3.1839 85.

#177 Christ da of --Wallace...Cairnhill...March 1788

#215 R and J Lambie IMO mo Eliz Wallace 4.5.1861 62, sis Mary 18.5.1842 1&4mths, sis Grace 12.5.1844 16, Wm 10.7.1854 10, fa Jas 18.11.187276, Jas Lambie, clothier 6.8.1878 48.

#216. Jas Wallace farmer Auchenbrain 15.4.1868 63, IMO fa Robt, farmer Mauchline Mains 8.1.1837 85, mo Jean Boyd 18.6.1842 85, da Jean 14.10.1853 7, s Jas 15.9.1857 9.

#230. Wm Wallace farmer Highaird, IMO fa John Wallace gardener Barskimming d..ag 54..

#268. Eliz Bicket d Catrine 21.4.1873 82, hus Wm Wallace mert Catrine 15.6.1860 72. (Ours)

#269 broken Er John Wallace

#287. IMO John McGaan, cloth mert, Mauchline 31.7.1841 53, w Jan Wallace 14.10.1851 69, s John 7.1.1846 28, da Jane 8.5.1847 30.

#298. Er Robt Wallace IMO Thos Wallace--in Glasgow 17.2.18[50] 19.



#106. In wall. Er Wm Wallace, d Damhead 24.9.1871 66, IMO 3s Wm 10.12.1847 3, 1s John 22.11.1862 23, gda Nicholas Taylor d Millside 17.3.1865, w Nicholas Steele 19.8.1864 51, 3da Jean 24.9.1864 14; Wm Wallace d Damhead 5.7.1868 20.

 Old Dailly Churchyard


Here Lyes an Honoured ----- Adam BOYD of Pinkill who departed this life ---1596 age 39yrs Sacred to the memory of Spencer Boyd ----- of Penkill who departed this life---A.D.1807 age 39 *(Both Lairds of Penkill)  

Also in memory of George Martin, Schoolmaster Old Dailly who after an imprisonment of 4 yrs 4 mths suffered in Grassmarket Edinburgh on Feb 22 1684, also two other covenanters one of whom according to tradition was shot while herding his cow at Killoup and the other was struck down on his own hearth at Black---?and buried near this spot.

Also in memory of John STEVENSTON OF Camrigan? A man of faith and prayer who suffered much for his conscientious adherence to Scotland’s Covenanted work of Reformation.  Born 1656-Died 1729 

M. Eileen ECKSTRAND of Penkill Castle 1908-1986 In Sorrow-In Pride-In Loving Memory

Dalrymple Churchyard

Erected by William BONE of Broomlands, Irvine in affectionate remembrance of his father and mother who died at Broomlands, Irvine.  Quintin BONE died 2nd of Feb 1874 aged 75 yrs, Ann RAMSAY who died 5th of Aug 1886 aged 76 yrs. Also of his children, Ann Bone wife of George WYLLIE died 19th of Feb 1873 age 30yrs The above George Wyllie died 27 Sept 1874 aged 38yrs. Thomas BONE died Glenhead Straiton 14th Dec 1869 age 17ys The above William Bone die at 13 Alderston Ave, Ayr 19th Nov 1916 aged 68yrs. Elizabeth WYLLIE daughter of the above George Wyllie died at -----Irvine 26th Jan----







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