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John Steele

Whispers of Horse Island


Following on the success of The Tragedy of HMS Dasher, which sold out twice, the sequel, They Were Never Told -The Tragedy of HMS Dasher,  and Burning Ships,  authors Noreen and John Steele have launched their latest book Whispers of Horse Island. Royalties are being donated to Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Horse Island, a small craggy island situated in the Clyde estuary displays a rich scenery and range of birdlife. Only half a mile from the Ayrshire coast, the island's intriguing history is uncovered with tragic tales of tempestuous seas, shipwrecks and lives lost. The Earl of Eglinton's grand plans ruined by a horrendous canal boat disaster.

Now managed by the RSPB , it is a haven for birds. The visit to the island by the authors is a delight to read. Noreen and John have collected a fascinating store of information, observation and anecdote about this little known Island.

In paperback (88 pages. Many photographs.)

To order a signed copy send your cheque/P.O for 7 99. Post free. UK (overseas add 20%)

From :   N & J Steele 104 Eglinton road. Ardrossan. Scotland. KA22 8NN.

To contact Noreen or John

 E-mail j.steele2 @ talktalk.net  (remove spaces first)

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